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Saturday Sips - True Meaning of Love 2

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Today's sip comes from the story I'm editing, True Meaning of Love 2. I'm very proud of how I fleshed out a novel length story once again other than African Sun which I never seem to have an issue writing 50k and up. 

However, this story is so dear to me, that might be why. To find out more click here.

Now, here's the sip.

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London sat at his dining room table, mulling over more plans for the club. He decided to set up there, close to his picturesque window to catch some fresh air instead of in his stuffy office.
The table was set with the black china trimmed with gold; all the appropriate silverware on top of the napkins. The centerpiece, a vase filled with lovely red roses but only for one.
London was sitting across from it, feeling saddened by his situation of being in this huge house all alone. At times he thought the place was much too big but he’d always wanted a house with space since he came from a big family where they couldn’t afford anything. That always pushed him and made him work harder to obtain a home where he could enjoy but along with a partner. He never intended to be solo this long and this days, it was becoming harder to focus on his life’s work without a true man. James had tried to be that one but in London’s estimation, that was an accident waiting to happen.
During his whole adult life he was more concerned with work instead of finding a partner. As his work load increased after college in hospitality and public relations, his desire to find someone waned. At one time, he’d pretty much subjected himself to the decision he would always be a loner and bachelor. Now that he was past 40, he was having second thoughts. He wanted a lover to carry on his legacy and last name. Someone who could spend his final days with and enjoy good company.
Again, he looked over the set of papers, reading numbers and making changes. He’d been doing this for the last hour with very little success. Obviously, his head was not where it should’ve been.
Having his ex lover, James around wasn’t a big help since all he thought about was how satisfying it would be to get in bed with him again, no matter how foolish it was. Faust was a very good man but they clashed on several occasions because both were stubborn and wanted to control everything. The businessman wondered how he’d be able to co own the club with James knowing they’d most likely butt heads quite a bit. It was one of the few reasons London decided to call off the relationship. That, and his desire to have someone that cared for him exclusively.
James was more of a free spirit. When he tired of having someone around, he’d usually let it be known immediately. He wasn’t the hanger on like a lot of London’s past male companions and truthfully, London missed having a boyfriend that depended on him. Both James and London were alpha’s so of course, they’d clash when each of them wanted to take the lead role in the relationship.
Now, London desired someone he could nurture and love. He had fantasies he wanted to fulfill and he needed a man that would go along with them with little complaint. Davies wanted to be needed. 

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