Sunday, October 9, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - True Meaning of Love

Good Morning!

This tension filled six comes from my first novella, True Meaning of Love.

Part 2 will be due out by Xmas.

London marched behind, his younger lover kissing him on the cheek.

“Baby…please, understand, if  people come to my place tonight and they aren’t happy, it could ruin my reputation.”

After finishing the contents of his glass, Brandon said, “London, your rep is more important than your love for me, your partner.”

“Hon, don’t say that, you know whatever you do is more important to me than anything I do at the club.”

“Then why not entrust James with the party and come to the gallery?”

“Love, I just explained to you that I can’t.


An Open Book said...

I am sensing an explosive moment is about to erupt- great dialogue

Dawne P

Nina Pierce said...

A little conflict ... I like it.

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Oh, I love me some conflict! Nice!

Sandra Bunino said...

Great conversation. Sounds like they are trying to avoid an argument. Sometimes you just have to have it out. Great six!

Cara Bristol said...

Sounds like they have some issues to work out. Like the terms of endearment between them.

Dee Carney said...

Uh oh. Lover's quarrel.

J.C. Martin said...

Well written lovers' tiff. Good dialogue. :)


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Nichelle Gregory said...

How will London make it up to Brandon? I want to know! :)