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Saturday Sips - The Power of Muse and Inspiration

Here's a little more about my Weekend Dirty Dozen choice for the week!

Blurb: No such thing as vampires!

William Chatterley is an up and coming author looking for a partner after many dead end dates. Finally, he believes he’s found a suitable mate in Andrew and they see one another.

The vampire Jude is weak from being without love in his life. When he sees the author, he desires him right away but his companion is a stumbling block.

How will he get passed it and when he does, will the mortal want to be his partner? What will he choose? Will Jude convince him to become his eternal lover?


During the date, the two of them talked little about Andrew’s profession before delving into William’s new success as an author. He never really liked talking about himself because he thought of it as boasting, especially when he’d achieved so much in such a short period of time.
“Fascinating,” was what Andrew said with widened eyes and a bright smile that could light up a small community. The man seemed generally interested in everything William had to say. Young Chatterley wondered if he were doing it just to get him into bed. In actuality, William didn’t think it would be terrible if they went on and took that chance. It had been awhile since his last sexual encounter so the first night of protected copulation looked rather promising.
After Andrew picked up the tab, they departed the pub and started to stroll towards St. James hand in hand, still chatting about William’s career.
The wind briskly moved through the trees, causing William to pull the collar on his jacket and Andrew to slip his arm around his shoulders.
“Thank you,” he nodded and gazed into Andrew’s blue eyes.
“You’re welcome. It’s a little chilly to be walking through the park tonight. Why don’t we have a drink back at your place?”
“That sounds good,” William shivered, tightened the scarf around his neck, and pulled his gloves out of his pocket. “I don’t live far from…” The author stopped and started to look around him.
“What is it?” Andrew asked with a confused expression. “William?”
“I’m sorry, Andrew, I just get the weird feeling we’re being watched. Maybe it’s just my imagination,” he chuckled and shook his head. “I’m a writer, so…”
The blond smiled. “It’s quite alright. I don’t see anyone but if you do, make sure you let me know,” he chided. “Which way is your place?”
“Ah, that way,” he pointed west. “Not far from here at all but, I mean…you sure you don’t want to take a stroll? I really like taking late night walks in the park.”
Andrew’s brows furrowed. “William, it’s cold. You’re chilly, I can tell. It would be better to go in.”
“Just for a bit, hmm?” He grabbed onto the other man’s hand. “It’s very romantic and…I wanna kiss you.”
Andrew grinned and pulled him close, placing both hands on his cheeks. “And I want the same, inside your flat, on your couch.”
Chatterley returned the grin and moved closer before darting away from him. “You have to catch me first!” The writer started to run like a child, towards the grassy field with the handsome blond following him.
In all honesty, he couldn’t understand why he was suddenly so attracted to the park. What was there that he needed to see? Did something draw him in?
Always the one that had to see things to believe them, he needed to find out. There had to be some reason he desperately needed to go into St. James after ten thirty at night.
With the wind at his back and the small beads of sweat forming on his brow, he continued his run on the damp grass.
William could feel something wanting him there, but what was it?

* * *

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