Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Under the Gun gets Contracted and UPDATES

Greetings all. 

This is Michael, speaking to you directly for the first time in a while. Busy with posts, blog tours, writing and promoing I hardly have time to just let you know whats going on, but tonight I'm taking that opportunity.

Over the weekend I spoke to one of the masterminds behind No Boundaries Press about a story I worked out earlier in the year called Under the Gun. It was for a subcall I answered from another pub and I really wanted to find a home for it.

Well, I queried which is something I usually don't do without finishing the story and they liked it and accepted it! WOOT!

So now my muse, David Taylor aka Camdyn Hardy will get a voice along with Malik Day aka Tyson Beckford. Over the weekend, I'll share a little bit with you in the Saturday Sips. Also, my free read will return too.

In other news, I sent in a submission for Captain of his Heart to a publisher fingers crossed on that and for those of you wondering, I didn't finish Nano on time but Closely Guarded should still be finished this month. 32k in and we have about 10-15k to go. 

Also, the Professor didn't make the cut for pub I sent it to but it is on the lists for revise/edits that happen in the new year. Vertigo and True Meaning Two are in full scale edit mode with Sizzler and XOXO respectively. Hopefully both will be released in late Dec Early January.

Well, thats it for now. Make sure you stay tuned hear for more great guests and reads. My next guest is Lily Sawyer. 

Have a good night!

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