Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome Again to Sara York

Good morning!

Welcome to Michael's!

Today we're welcoming back Sara York. Today is her birthday. Woohoo and like I did on my birthday two days ago, we promo our books.

Here is her blogpost for today!

Today is a day to celebrate because today is my birthday! Since it’s my birthday I’m going to talk about something I love. Male/Male romance books. I love the freedom found in Male/Male books. In man on man books the characters are already outside of social norms so you don’t have to comply to social norms like you do with M/F books.

I’m sure there are some M/M books where the characters are stiff and caricatures instead of fully fledged out people but usually they are deeper and their struggles more realistic. I’m slowly picking my way through reading a few great M/M authors. I loved Carol Zampa’s Candy Z and GA Hauser’s Happy Endings.

I’ve got a ton of books on my Kindle but I’m rather slow at reading because I only read for a short time at night. Lee Brazil is one of my favorites and I loved Em Wood’s Jack’s Way. So I’m going through my list but slowly.

While I’m reading I’m also writing. I just signed a contract for Selling It and Zane’s Inferno comes out in the His Hero Anthology on January 16th. I’m writing more suspense into my M/M stories. I started writing suspense back when I first typed my very first manuscript. Now I’m combining the two in books like Selling It, Torn to Shreds and Not That Type of Guy.


Zane's Inferno—when burning, hot lust ignites into raging love.

After being trapped in a fire, Zane Wilson is shocked by the heat directed his way by Nick Dubois, the fire department's top paramedic. Nick comes on to Zane, kissing him in the bunkroom and surprising the hell out of him. The next day, Nick shows up at Zane's house and the fireworks really begin. The sex is rough and hot, not at all like anything Zane has had before.

Their relationship began because of a fire then almost ends because of one. When Zane is trapped in a forest fire and almost killed, Nick moves in and doesn't leave his side. But a jealous ex is setting up Nick...and gunning for Zane. Will they survive they survive the firestorm created by their relationship, or succumb to the flames?

Hope you enjoy this blurb and look for His Hero on January 16th.

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