Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome Back GA Hauser!

Good morning! Here is a promo for my good friend GA Hauser's latest book!


Blurb for Having it All!

In a town where having it all is what everyone strives for, Mark Richfield and his son Alex, already seem to be living the highlife in LA. But are they?
Jack Larsen, Mark’s closest friend begins to fantasize having Mark play Dom instead of his absolute submissive behavior. This dream becomes an obsession for Jack as he tries to lure Mark into a one on one evening.
SWAT Lt. Billy Sharpe is adjusting to life as Alex-The-Superstar’s sugar daddy and bodyguard, dealing with constant tabloid gossip, paparazzi and life post-Angel Loveday, his partner, who has since moved onto another relationship.
In the bizarre crossroads where the Hollywood elite intersects Gay men, life is never easy, nor simple.
Come join Mark and all your Action! Series favorites as they learn Having it All is really about finding trust, hope, and true love. 

Sample chapter for Having it All!

When Billy approached they stopped and looked his way.
One young man asked, “Can we help you?”
“I didn’t mean to disturb you. I’m looking for Alex.” Billy did recognize some of Alex’s co-stars now, seeing them smirk at him. Obviously they knew who he was as well.
“You here for his big scene?”
Billy didn’t want to act as if he was unaware Alex had a ‘big scene’. “Yes.”
“Keep walking. There should be a light letting you know if the taping is live.”
“Thanks.” Billy touched his off duty holster as it felt heavy on his hip. He glanced back at the group as he went, seeing them laughing, not knowing if he was the butt of the joke.
A sign reading, ‘on air’ was above the door. It was not lit at the moment. The door was solid, so Billy couldn’t see inside. He inhaled deeply and opened the door.
The room was nearly pitch black and instantly Billy was given the illusion of a forest or park. A few people who saw him come in were standing behind cameras and monitors. Two people whispered to each other and then smiled at Billy. The tabloid press had been thorough. Billy didn’t need an introduction.
A woman with headphones on put her finger to her lips.
Billy nodded. He searched for Alex.
“Quiet on the set! Demo taping. Gavin’s lake scene! Take two!”
Billy crossed his arms, trying to figure out what this shooting was all about.
Alex appeared, drenched in blood. The image upset Billy unreasonably because he had seen it too many times in reality, on the job. From where Billy stood he could see Alex on a monitor, close up. He inched nearer and spotted Alex in his fangs. It made him smile. Alex was one hell of a sexy vamp.
Alex looked around the fake forest in paranoia. He stripped off his shirt and stepped out of his shoes.
Billy felt his face grow warm and looked at the real Alex, away from the monitor to see what the hell Alex was going to do.
Alex removed his pants and socks, stuck his thumbs into his briefs, had a last look around, and stripped.
Billy choked and tried not to make a sound. His eyes grew wide in shock. The badge tattoo was invisible, so Billy knew it had been hidden with makeup.
Alex walked slowly into the pool of water, a light reflected on it, looking like the face of the full moon. Full frontal, nothing hiding Alex’s amazing anatomy, Alex splashed his face and chest, washing the blood from his skin.
Billy didn’t know whether to be furious or hot. At the moment he was both. How dare they! How dare they take advantage of him and exploit him? He’s twenty-two! He has no idea what will happen to him if his naked body shows up all over the internet.
Like father like son. Billy clenched his jaw and his fists. But Mark was forty. He was old enough to decide these things and his career was not just starting.
Alex harkened like he heard something behind him. He ran out of the lake and into the trees.
A woman’s voice said, “Hang on, Alex.”
Billy watched the scene being replayed on the monitors. One screen had Alex’s body close up, revealing his endowment shamelessly. The other was more distant, as if they were trying to be modest. “You gotta be kidding me.”
The two assistants turned to look at him.
“Looks good, sugarplum! Okay people, that’s it.”
Lights lit up and everyone in the room moved. Billy was stunned to see so many men and women in it; behind cameras, sound equipment, wearing headphones, holding clipboards…
He walked closer to the fake lake. Someone was picking up Alex’s shed clothing. Alex appeared in a robe, an assistant wiping off his heavy makeup. Alex put his fingers into his mouth to tug off his fangs, working them free and handing them to an assistant.
Billy moved into Alex’s field of vision so he would realize he was there.
It worked because Alex spotted him, his face brightening.
“Billy!” He raced over to him and grabbed his upper arms. “What are you doing here?”
When Alex’s robe flapped, Billy grabbed the edge and tugged it closed. “Get dressed. Now.”
Alex backed up, looking wary. His smile fell to suspicion as he moved away.
Billy looked around and tried to figure out who was in charge. He was seething mad. A woman with dark rimmed glasses and a clipboard was ordering people around. Billy waited for her to finish what she was in the middle of. When she stopped to read her notes, Billy said, “Are you the one responsible for this crap.”
She spun around and met his gaze. “Who are you?” Then her expression changed immediately. “Never mind. Lt. Billy Sharpe. In the flesh.”
“I’m not the one in the flesh.” Billy tilted his head in Alex’s direction.
“Mark sent you.”
“No. But I’m glad he’s not happy either.” Billy asked, “Ya got a name?”
“Charlotte Deavers.” She extended her hand.
“Oh, the director.” He shook it. “This is your idea, isn’t it?”
“Snookims, I wish I had an hour to look into your baby blues and debate it, but I can’t.” She started to leave.
“Hang on.” He grabbed her arm.
She smiled tightly and looked down at his hand. He released her.
“I don’t want his cock exposed. No way.”
“How much work do you think I would get done if I listened to every complaint from a boyfriend or girlfriend about a racy scene? Hm?’
“I do not want his cock exposed on national TV.”
“We don’t care what you want.” She headed to the door.
“This isn’t the last of this conversation, Deavers!”
Charlotte waved dismissively and vanished.
Billy turned around to see Alex, fully dressed, glaring at him. “What the hell are you doing?”
Avoiding the stares of the crew, Billy closed the gap between him and Alex. “No way.”
“You really think I can’t decide for myself what I do?”
“I said no. You will not show full frontal.”
Alex scoffed at him and started leaving the room. Billy grabbed him the same way he grabbed Charlotte, only harder.
It caused Alex to whirl around in anger. Alex pointed a warning finger at Billy. “You are not my father. Get over yourself.”
Billy reacted to the sting. He had never seen Alex this enraged. “Alex.” He shook his head, softening his tone.
“I have work to do.” Alex jerked out of his grip.
“Hang on.” Billy stopped him.
“Why did you come here? Did my dad make you? Huh? You and he seem to know what’s best for me suddenly.”
“It’s not like that. Or maybe it is. Do you want your cock exposed? Huh? Like he did? All over the net? On Youtube? Huh?”
“Yes! Who cares? You think I’m embarrassed by my body? I’ll walk nude down Santa Monica Boulevard.”
“Don’t you fucking dare!” Billy could hear Steve and Mark’s warning to him when they first started dating. They warned Billy Alex was a handful. Billy had shrugged them off.
Alex began stripping off his clothing, his expression defiant.
“Stop. Now.”
Whipping off his shirt, Alex jerked off his boots, one at a time.
“Alex!” Billy looked around. The room was emptying but it wasn’t empty.
Alex dragged his pants down his thighs, having no briefs on, and ripped them off his legs.
“All right! You made your point!” Billy picked up Alex’s clothing.
Showing no hint of modesty, Alex threw open the door and stormed off.
“No fucking way!” Billy gathered all of Alex’s clothes up and raced after him. “Get your ass back here now!”
Without looking back, Alex gave Billy the finger.
“Son of a bitch!” Billy sprinted after him as Alex began to cause a stir, encouraging whistles and catcalls. Billy stopped Alex, standing in front of him, trying to block the view. “Okay. I get it. Get dressed.” He tried to push Alex’s clothing at him.
Alex kept walking past Billy, in the direction of the exit.
“Alexander Richfield!” Billy thundered. “You walk out that door and we’re through!” It was a threat Billy was terrified to make. His chest heaved as he gripped Alex’s clothing, his boots.
Alex stopped short. Billy could see his back expand with a deep breath.
The time it took for Alex to make his decision was an eternity for Billy. He was exerting his authority over this young man like a parent. All of Alex’s co-stars were witnessing it. How much pride did Alex contain? And the strangest thing Billy thought of, was, how can Alex burst the bubble of that security guard Buddy? The man thought Alex was such a sweet young guy.
Alex did a one-eighty, his eyes overflowing.
Billy rushed him and dropped the clothes at Alex’s feet, hugging him. “Baby. Baby…” Billy felt his eyes burn, kissing Alex’s cheek. “I had no right. You’re a man. You make your own decisions. Forgive me.”
Alex’s body shook with his sobs. Digging his fingers into Alex’s long, thick hair, Billy kissed those salty cheeks covering Alex’s nakedness with his body. “Get dressed. Please, baby.”
Alex nodded, wiping his face.


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