Thursday, December 22, 2011

Xmas Read My Daddy's Christmas Wish Part 4

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Here is my Xmas read. If you've read it so far, I hope you've been enjoying it.

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“I see you like me a lot, Jared. Now that you are past shocked, we can sit down and talk about your daddy’s wish.” Santa waived his hand over towards my sofa.

Slowly, I put down the poker and strolled back to the couch. Once I sat, he sat on my left and crossed his long legs. Buster gazed at Santa long and hard just prior to leaning down and placing his paws over his head.

“What did you do to him?” I shot Santa a quick glare and crossed my arms over my chest. Despite the fact this man did more than arouse and intrigue me, I wondered why my poor dog couldn’t bear the sight of him. 

Mr. Claus slid his arm around my back and gazed at me with those piercing blue eyes. “Ah no worries, just told him not to bite me or I wouldn’t be giving him any Christmas gifts this year.” Santa’s freehand drifted down to his crotch and he gave it a quick tug.

At the sight of that I gulped hard and my eyes widened. God why was this man who claimed to be Santa Claus so sexy? I’m so hot and horny for this figment of my imagination that I don’t know whether to remain in my dreams or wake up. I know once I do he’ll be gone.

Santa laughed, “Jared, you’re not dreaming.” He grabbed my leg and squeezed tightly.

I jerked, thinking immediately I’d wake and get up from the couch and move the covers from over me but I didn’t. I felt his hand and he hadn’t gone anywhere. “This isn’t real I’m just in a deep sleep that’s all.”

“You’re already wide awake Jared! I’m your Santa Claus that your dad wished for years ago. Listen,” he shifted his body to face me and took both of my hands inside his. Santa planted a kiss on the backside of my palm. “Dad made a wish before he died years ago. When he sat up in bed and gazed at me sitting on the mantel, he asked for me to bring his son a nice man who’d take care of him and make him happy one day. Your father knew you might not find that someone right away especially since you decided to come out so early in life and wanted a partner who did the same. I knew Harold wasn’t the one. I wish I could’ve stopped you from that mistake before it started. He couldn’t handle it from the start. Still, I was happy that you didn’t because it gave me a chance, Jared. In all honesty, I hoped you’d never have that someone. I wanted to be your man, Jared. I’ve watched you since birth. Seen you grow into such a handsome man; intelligent, thoughtful, quite the catch. Why no one would want to be with you is beyond me but, their loss is my gain.”

Dumbfounded, I could only look at him and not say a word. My dad wished for me to be happy with someone? That wasn’t much of a shock since he took it so well when I told them but all of the statements he made afterwards about how he watched me and knew about Harold. This couldn’t be happening. What was in that Chinese food I ate?

Mr. Claus laughed again “Nothing, Jared. That was good food you ate. I’m telling you the truth. You’re not dreaming or drunk. I’m the man you want and I gave up being Santa just for you.”

I cocked an eyebrow and drew up my lips. “There’s no way. No one just comes to life after being a statue, claiming to be Santa Claus. I’m not sure how you got in here but…”

“I’m the miniature that’s sat on your mantel for years, Jared and I’m not going anywhere. I’m here to be your lover. You notice these eyes, you cannot deny their not the ones you’ve looked into for most of your life.” He brought my hands to his face and rubbed his skin against mine. “I’m real, through and through, babe; a living and breathing being.”

“Not human though.”

“No, not human. Immortal.”

“A demon?” This I had to ask to see whether I should run away screaming or not.

“I’m an angel that’s made a deal with the gods to be here with you. We all get this chance, Jared and someday, I’ll tell you more about it but now, I wish to fulfill your wish for Christmas this year.” Santa smiled and I swear I saw a twinkle in his eye. He moved in closer, gripped my bare shoulders, and massaged them thoroughly. I couldn’t help but whimper under his touch. The strong hands were doing a number on me and I just couldn’t refuse especially since I’d been so lonely. I closed my eyes and fell completely under his spell. In moments, Santa’s soft and pouty lips met mine in a hot embrace. Claus’ mouth tasted like Winterfresh gum, I don’t think I would’ve expected otherwise. Instinctively, my hands roamed over his bare chest with my nails tangling in the fine black curls. His tongue forced its way inside my mine and I accepted it, greedily, sucking, biting, and devouring it as if he were my long lost lover. Santa’s dropped his palms down to my waist and pulled me into him. Once our hard cocks met through the flimsy material, my breath caught and I gasped from the warm sensation in my boxer briefs. We broke the kiss and instantly he made a trail from the corner of my lips down the side of my neck, planting light nibbles and sucks along the way. I winced a little from his teeth on my skin, still it felt amazing. I didn’t want him to stop, I desired more.

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