Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Sips - Under the Gun

Greetings fans!

Welcome to the Saturday Sips, actually a day late but hey, we stay busy.

Only me and Rawiya are sipping this week.

She just got done with first draft of her longest book, Smooth like Latte and I am about to finish Under the Gun for NBP.

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Here is another excerpt
Subject to change due to edits

It had been two weeks since they sent Malik home on general discharge under the DADT policy that should’ve been demolished, but since the government took their own sweet time fully abolishing it his drill sergeant got what he’d wanted.

In all reality, the guy feared for his job. He not only hated that Malik was gay but also that he was so good at being a soldier. Malik had passed every test with flying colors and well on his way to being promoted. Now, because of what had happened, he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his dream of being a high ranking officer. Doing right was only good for one thing. They couldn’t discharge him dishonorably which meant he wouldn’t lose most benefits. He just wouldn’t be able to serve. There was a silver lining to this though. He’d be able to pursue the alternate career of being in law enforcement or a private investigator. At least he’d be able to have access to a gun. That remained rather important to him since he loved the feel of steel in his hands.

Because he hadn’t found work yet, he had to move in with his parents who weren’t happy about his discharge but were relived he wasn’t deployed. Still, they made sure they let him know that his “choice” to be a gay man was a detriment to him and he should shed his devilish ways in order to be the son they expected him to be. 

These fourteen days had been hellish too. Malik couldn’t wait to get his own place in San Diego or another part of California. He had money saved but not enough to move to San Fran so he preferred to at least stay with his folks till he found employment. He hoped the discharge wouldn’t be an issue. He’d been talking to his lawyer and he promised him that if it did, there would be a call to Malik’s old superiors.

After he finished folding his laundry, he thought about going somewhere to let off some steam and get all the violent thoughts out of his head.

Why not a trip to the range?

He could pretend the targets were those idiots that beat that kid and his old drill sergeant. Why not? Who would that harm? It’s the safest way to let out some aggression without landing in jail.

Just as he was about to leave his room, his mother came in. “Son, why don’t you come to bible study with me today? It might do you some good?” She stood by the door and held tightly to her purse.

Malik sighed and shook his head. He really did love his mother but the last place he needed to be was at a bible study. He cleared his throat. “Mom, I’m on my way somewhere to get a clear head. Maybe I’ll join you the next time you go okay, just not today.”

“That’s what you said last week, Malik and the week before that,” She interrupted and tilted her head. Mrs. Day stared him down.

“Mom, really, I don’t wanna-”

“Malik, you listen to me. If you would care more about your religion, you wouldn’t be in this kind of situation in the first place. You need to start puttin’ God first in your life. Bein’-” she stopped and stuttered. “Desiring a man is against God’s word. You don’t wanna go to hell do you?”

Malik rolled his eyes. He had answers for that but she was up in age and he didn’t want to cause a heart attack. He bit his lip and shifted weight onto his left foot. “Mom, please don’t lecture me. I was born this way, okay? I love men, I never will…”

“Don’t…don’t…” Mrs. Day closed her eyes and put up her hands. “I don’t wanna hear those words in my house. It ain’t right, Malik. That is the choice you made and…I mean, you never tried to look for a woman.”

“Mom, I’m not attracted to women. Never have been. Listen, mother, with all due respect, I was born this way and my choice to act on it. I could’ve stayed closeted but why hide who I am in order to make you or Dad happy? If God’s gonna judge me because I like to lie with other men then so be it. For now,” he grabbed his keys for the rental car, “I’m gonna live my life the way I want to. Bye Ma.” He walked passed her and out the door.

“Malik! Malik, you come back here!” She yelled from atop the staircase.

Former Lieutenant Day didn’t bother to turn around. He’d never just flat out ignored his mother until today but he felt this to be as good of a day as ever. She got on his nerves and if he would’ve stayed there, it would’ve been an argument. Malik blew raspberries after he closed the car door. “Fuck… I need a drink but to the range first to let out some mad energy.”

Hope you enjoyed. Look for it to come out in March.

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