Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome Back Remmy Duchene

Good morning! Welcome to Michael's!

I'm happy to welcome back one of my favorite writers to my blog. Remmy Duchene. Please give Remmy your undivided attention!

* * * *

I have acquired a taste for all things naughty. I am into the taboo of our day--man love. There's nothing better than it, right? To each their own. Here's some music to slow things down--get you in the mood. I am Remmy Duchene and Kylie Minogue.

Desires. What do they mean to you? At this point in your life, what are you looking for? Some love, some lust, some a little of both. What's your catch? Do you want vanilla or chocolate? Do you want it from behind, or eye to eye? There are many forms of desires--many ways to get what you want. When you're with someone you click with, there is no need to be shy. There's no need not to show what you want--take what you want. Here's what I want you to do. There is no need to be scared--no need to be shy. With a lover, the situation is ideal but if you're alone, it could still be fun. This is only if you're with a lover.

Stand across the room from your lover. Make make sure he's naked and laying with his back against the headboards. He cannot touch you, all he can do is watch. Make his mouth water as you strip slowly. To heighten the fun, do it with your back to him. If he touch you, punish him--spank him, put a cock ring on him--whatever the punishment, it must be sexy and leads to his orgasm.

Show him from across the room what he's about to have--make him wait as you tease him. Lick your lips, stroke your cock, pinch your nipples. When he starts squirming, walk over to him, kneeling, facing away from him.

Tell me--what's sexier than craving your man? What's sexier than seeing the desire burn in his eyes as he looks at you, making you feel like the sexiest piece of ass on earth. Trust me, dear, readers, it will work.

Now, class, homework for next class--I want you to write me--tell me about your sexiest, must scandalous affairs. Because lets face it--we all love other people's dirty laundry.

I am Remmy Duchene...Can you keep a secret?

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BLMorticia said...

TY for being with us Remmy!