Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sheila's Monthly Post

Here is Sheila's monthly post!

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A Quest

I love reading the classics.  There has been a plethora of fairy tales rewritten with an erotic edge.  Beauty and the Beast comes readily to mind.  Partly because it is my favorite fairy tale but also because there are so many ways it can be retold.   There has also been many rewritings of Pride and Prejudice (my favorite Jane Austen book) and spin-offs of it.  Most recently has been Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  Other of Jane Austen stories have also been given a horror edge to them.  I haven’t read them since I hate being scared and horror stories scare me. 

But I started thinking what classics have been rewritten within the m/m romance genre.  I just finished reading Deanna Wadsworth’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow based on Washington Irving’s story of the same name.  (See my Author’s Spotlight this month for a conversation and giveaway with Deanna.)  I enjoyed it.  I liked how it became a m/m romance because in the original story there was conflict between Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones over Katrina but let us imagine if Katrina was not the bone of contention between them but their feelings for each other.

I have found a m/m romance of The Three Musketeers (my favorite classic) and a sequel but I’ve yet to read them.  When I do I’ll let you know how they are. So I am going to begin a quest to find more classics that have been retold as a m/m romance.  If you know of any, let me know.  When I find them, I will let you know.  So stay tuned.  My quest is only beginning.   

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Avadonja said...

Interesting quest. I'll keep my eyes open.