Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Thought - Finding the Right Voice

I’d like to blog about something writing related that all author face. Finding the correct voice.

Now, for those of you that don’t know me, I’m Sharita Lira but I write under 3 pennames. Rawiya, BLMorticia and Michael Mandrake. I won’t bore you with a bio since the voice I’m referring to today is Michael so I’ll just say if you want to find out more please have a look at all my links at the end of the post.

When a writer speaks of their voice, they’re not talking alto or soprano.*laughs* In my opinion, they’re speaking of the style in which they write. Every author has a different style so no 2 authors should be the same. Sure, we have similarities. One may be a lot more sensual as opposed to the other that might be a lot more erotic.

Now, imagine the author having to do this with his or herself. *raises eyebrow* The voices that speak to you in certain kinds of stories may clash between pennames. You find your sensual writer has now become you more erotic writer. Maybe your snarky one as made your more long winded and eloquent voice more of a bad ass. *shudder*

I confess, I’m a newbie so I still struggle with this. In certain stories, Michael might pick up BL’s style of smart ass and Rawiya might sound more like Michael. Is this okay? Erm, in some instances yes but not always. The key is making it work for a particular story or character.

In short, Michael Mandrake writes long winded, eloquent, stories about people in love. If humor comes into his tales, it’s more of a dry humor, like the second book, A Second Chance, has a character that would typically be a BL type of man. Captain in Training, Daniel DeClerc. He, along with his new partner, Farris are both smart asses, but because the story is about 2 cops who are facing the challenge of loving after losing a partner in the line of duty, it works.

What about the latest one, Vertigo? The intimate scenes between Doctor Curry and his new lover might appear to be more like something Rawiya would write. He turns into more of a romantic since he thinks he’s found his soulmate. Make sense? Hope so.

So in closing, if you’re a writer with penames or even an author with one or your own name, have you found your correct voice? This, I’m sure, takes time to master and I haven’t done so just yet, but I know as I get better, they might not clash as much. However as you can see, sometimes that works.

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