Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Mornin' Read - Picture Prompt

Good morning!

Saw this photo yesterday on FB and loved it. Here is a Monday Morning free read for you.

Vic and I enjoyed every moment of our bachelor party that Nathan had thrown for us. He pulled out all the stops, ordering strippers, Cristal, and caviar making us look like rock stars. 

I guess it was to be expected. Me and Vic had been through hell and back in our relationship. Ten years of denying our attraction to suit everyone else, living lies, almost losing something very precious to the both of us. It seemed appropriate that we would be finally tying the knot in our homestate of New York in front of our family and friends. 

I'm still not sure why the world wants to continue denying our right to say I do.

***Hope you enjoyed. I could write on the picture longer but I'm about to finish V2!

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