Sunday, May 6, 2012

Men of May Bloghop May 4-6 CONTEST Win Under the Gun

Greetings. Welcome to the Men of May Bloghop! I thought for my post I'd tell you about the characters who inspired me to write Camdyn Hardy and Malik Day from Under the Gun.

Ready? Oh I know you are. *AHEM*

Camdyn Hardy: Hard nosed alpha looking for a partner in life, work, and love. He's tough but has romantic side of him he'd like to explore with that very special man. Camdyn rarely takes no for an answer, he's aggressive, and loves to have sex whenever and wherever. 

My model is David Taylor. Former porn star turned mainstream actor. His claim to fame is those distinct tats and beautiful blue eyes along with the gorgeous bod. God I wish he'd go back to porn!

Malik Day: The man has been through some things in his young life. Never been one to stay in the closet, hard nosed, military man kicked out of the armed forces due to DADT. Malik has a soft side as well and loves to play with guns. 

My model for Malik is Tyson Beckford. This hottie's claim to fame is his body, sexy eyes, and that killer grin. Oh and he has tats as well. He's been in a few movies but the one performance I recall is the video with Tony Braxton Unbreak My Heart. LORDY! HOT!

So know you know who they were. Aren't they good looking together? *swoon* Please make sure you visit these other fab authors today as they post about some of their favorite male topics!

CONTEST: If you'd like a chance at Under the Gun leave your email and tell me which of my names wrote the story in your answer.  I'll pick the first one who answers to get the ebook prize!

Blurb: Camdyn Hardy is a former cop who has his own private investigator business. Due to a misunderstanding from a client, he gets into an argument with his lover Tay. Right after, they breakup Camdyn is left alone to think about his future as a PI and his love life.
Malik Day was recently discharged under the DADT policy and is looking to get his life on track The main reason he joined was because he dreamed of being a ranking officer. Now that it’s been taken away, he desires to start his life anew and find someone to share it with.

After two weeks the men meet at a shooting range and find out they have a lot in common. Once they engage in a one on one match, they proceed to a bar to have drinks and get to know one another better.  They both discover their affinity for guns as well as Camdyn’s need for a new partner at Camdyn & Associates. Malik is intrigued but afraid to ask him and decides to wait till they are closer. Camdyn is excited about this prospect as well but waits for Malik to say the word. Finally, in an erotic encounter, true feelings are revealed.

In subsequent books, the story continues where the twosome begin their work and love relationship. Together they’ll take on cases investigating cheating husbands or wives, companies with defector employees all the while trying to maintain their newfound commitment to one another as well as having a little fun in the process. 


Anonymous said...

Ah, this one sounds nice! I like this hop already...


Kassandra said...

I think you wrote Under the Gun under the name Michael Mandrake.

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Camdyn sounds delicious!!! I think you wrote Under the Gun as Michael Mandrake :)

scrapbookmom79 said...

oops my e-mail is

Anonymous said...

You wrote this under Michael Mandrake. Great pics

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You used Michael Mandrake for this one :D

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Juliana said...

Weel others have answered but Under the Gun was written by Michael Mandrake...

JoAnna said...

It was written by Michael Mandrake but I'm not the first one to answer. Oh well. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Great blog hop! Michael Mandrake wrote the book.

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Michael Mandrake wrote Under the Gun.

booklover0226 said...

The answer is Michael Mandrake.

I know what I'm adding to my wish list..oh, yeah, and the book, too!

Tracey D
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Yummy pictures!

bn100 said...

Michael Mandrake


PaParanormalFan said...

Hello Rawiya,

I hope you are doing well & had alittle of that break & relaxation you were trying to get.

I would Love a chance to win your generous giveaway of "Under the Gun", which was written under your Michael Mandrake name....but unfortunately I'm not the first to answer.

Take care & Stay Naughty,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)
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