Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 4


I'm back on board with the Wednesday Briefs.

Here is are the prompts:

"Love means never having to...." or the alternate prompts of:

use: peanuts, consideration, candelabra or

"I would have gone to .... except that I...." or

"Penny for your thoughts" or

"Frankly, my dear, I don't...."

Now here is my small story an alternative scene from the story I'm editing, Vertigo 2 Devotion.

David stared at his longtime partner like a man possessed. He couldn't help the jealousy boiling inside of him, tearing him up inside, making the demon he was come out every moment he watched Hayden with his good friend, Berrows.

"This sickens me," he groaned and rolled his eyes, attempting to lose the anger in a hurry. He'd promised Luc, Jessie, Berrows, and Libertina he wouldn't allow the green monster to appear now that they'd made the arrangement complete. However, it was just too hard to do that. Knowing the person you loved, the man you'd spent most of your immortal existence waiting on, molding into the walker the dark lord desired, was enamored with your best friend. "Pfft!" Some friend. "He should be more respectful of my feelings!" That didn't make sense. Since when should a demon care about feelings and as Luc said, they can't love anyone. 

"Then why does it hurt so much to see this...why..." David balled his hand into a fist and tore his eyes away from the scene. While still brooding he heard footsteps come closer and then a soft hand on his back. 

"A penny for your thoughts, lover?" That calm voice soothed him but did nothing to dispel the anger in his cold heart.

"Read them," he snapped. "You're good at the mind reading aspect now, remember?"

* * * *

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Sara York said...

Wow, there's a lot of emotion here. Love it.