Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Sips - True Meaning of Love 2

Good morning! I'm very excited about the upcoming release of True Meaning of Love: The Complete Portrait. It will be self pubbed and released sometime in July or August.

Here is the blurb: The complete story of London Davies and Brandon McFerry from True Meaning of Love One from XOXO publishing.

London Davies, successful British businessman, tired of one night stands and empty relationships, seeks a partner he can mold and mentor as well as love. Brandon McFerry, an artist, down on his luck, looking for one chance to be with the target of his obsession. When the two meet at a gala, the sparks fly immediately but will the two men be able to carry on a satisfying relationship, despite being from two very different worlds?


Two weeks later, the opening of Fantasia finally arrived. Several of the biggest celebrities from the States and Europe attended, making this a big spectacle, one covered by several media outlets from around the world.

It also made getting an invitation very close to impossible, but because Brandon’s friend got a job working the event, he obtained a ticket.

This night marked the first evening Brandon had been out of his apartment in several weeks. He’d made sure he wore his best suit: black silk, with a wide lapel. He’d worn it to another friend’s gathering a couple of years ago and never had another occasion to wear it until now. Brandon hoped the hard work and effort he put into looking extra attractive wasn’t for naught.

Melton, his close friend who’d given him the invite, actually made sure the painting got in before Brandon did, so it would be in a safe place.

Brandon hurried across the street, walking as quickly as he could through the thick throngs of people, looking to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous entering the building. He finally noticed the line of lucky patrons that had to stand back and wait for the VIP’s to go in first.

He sighed and checked the time on his watch while he studied the front door, as did everyone else. Melton had told Brandon to meet him at the doors so he could introduce him to London Davies right after his speech.

“Finally.” He pulled his jacket around his neck and shivered. Although the night air was chilly for this time of year, he refused to wear a coat, letting the suit speak for itself.

Brandon pursed his lips, already plotting what he’d say to the older man he’d been infatuated with for the last two years. He smiled to himself. “I’m usually not one to jump into anything so quickly—but for you, I’ll make an exception.”

He stuffed his hands in his pockets just as his phone beeped, signalling a text had come through. It was Melton’s message, telling him to come closer so he could get inside a little sooner.

Brandon grinned. “Thanks Melton, I owe you one.”

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