Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 5

I'm doing the Wednesday briefs again and these words spoke to me. I'm using my characters from my story that still begs for a revise and edit, The Professor: Out of Bounds, an m/m interracial romance.

independence, master, control

Although I'm older now, a college student, on my own without much help from my parents, I don't crave my independence. Professor Macaulay is my master, he controls me, rules my world, and I love it. "Damn!" How would I be able to explain this to my friends? My family? What would they say when I tell them how much I enjoy being controlled by a teacher who I outweigh by about thirty pounds. I'm two inches taller, and I got a mean streak. However, when he's around, I turn into a harmless kitten. I'm literally silly putty in his arms. When he tells me to jump, I do it. When he says open your legs for me, baby, I do it and happily too, without complaint. 

Though it hurts like hell when he shoves that hardened muscle in between my thighs, I want it over and over again. I crave that slow burn. I get hard just thinking about it. I take pleasure in the pain when he pushes that ten incher into my not so tight hole. The sadistic fuck even likes to double penetrate me if he's in the mood. And I love it, every minute of it. I wouldn't want anything less.

Does that make me any less of a man? I don't think so. I like my sex rough and Professor Macaulay gives me everything I desire and more.

* * * *

Ah I really want to work on that story again. Here is the other briefers participating today!

Tali m/m


Talismania said...

I want you to work on that story again, too. This sounds deep and lovely, a story about submission and also surrender. He doesn't just like his sex rough, does he? He likes it to put him somewhere he can't get to any other way. :)

MA Church said...

And I really, really want you to work on this, too!!! It's everything I crave in a story.


Julie Lynn Hayes said...

You should work on it! Great start, would love to see more!