Friday, June 1, 2012

Author Sharita Lira writing as Michael Mandrake

Good Morning, this is Sharita Lira otherwise known as crazy author, Literary Triad, aka Michael mandrake, BLMorticia, and Rawiya.  Recently some questions were raised as far as my true identity so here it is from the horses mouth. 

Many readers and fellow authors already know me by one of the three, but they don’t know Sharita hardly at all.  That couldn’t have been more evident when I went to Gay Romance Literature conference last October in new Orleans. I attended, walked around with my badge on and introduced myself, and I got the, huh, who is Sharita?

Then I mentioned Michael Mandrake.

OOHHHH, yes, hi, with a smile. Nice to finally meet you. *laughs*

Now, I’m not bemoaning that, just commenting and really, that’s the way I want it. Sharita is only the “head” as I’ve nicknamed myself, the one with the fingers since the muses can’t type, but believe me, they come up with all the ideas!

Am I trying to hide? Certainly not, but it’s fun saying I’m someone else other than the housewife with 2 growing kids. I'm an artist, a creator, with an overactive imagination that’s decided to place all the blame or glory, either one, on three personalities. *jokes*

I love being able to say I’m Michael Mandrake. Oh, there are a few readers who’ve commented on the bio about Michael actually being a black woman. In all reality, it shouldn’t matter who I am in real life but rather, what kind of writer I am and am I good enough to be considered as a talent.

I suppose I am since my books have been bought. No, I’m not a bestseller, yet… *grins* but I hope to be someday. Or is that one of the 3 will be a bestseller? O.0

Regardless of being Sharita or one of the muses, I’m very happy with what has happened in my career and no, I don't hide behind anyone and never will.

Thanks to all the people who've read my books and continue to support me. I'll try to keep you entertained, or is that Michael? o.O


Anonymous said...

When I first started writing gay novels, the guys made me an honorary gay man. However they took away my card and toaster oven when I said I don't care for Glee.

S.Lira said...

LOL I don't care for it either to be honest.