Monday, June 25, 2012

Truly Beautiful People - Gay Pride Chicago 2012

Good morning! Instead of doing the Monday Morning Reads, I decided to chat about my night at Pride here in my hometown of Chicago.

It's always lovely to see people of all colors get together to celebrate something important and that's not more evident when attending Pride every year. 

The rainbow flags flying high, people in beads as if they're down in Mardi Gras and for Chicago this is like our big party for the year, to celebrate the positives in the gay community. 

Of course, the underlying sentiment has always been equality. In the state of Illinois, gay marriage isn't legalized but civil unions are part of law. It's lovely how the politicians always want to show their faces at these events but not do what's right. Make marriage for the LGBT community LEGAL!

It's fabulous that the town wants to bring everyone together to celebrate pride but why should it only be one time of the year? You should be proud of who you are everyday and the city would truly be joining the cause if they made gay marriage legal in Illinois. 

Happy Pride to everyone who recognizes the pride in the community. Continue to support the cause to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states.

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