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Wednesday Briefs # 8

Good morning. Here is more from my story in progress, The Professor using the prompt 

"If I can't have you..."

Love the disco reference. *giggles*

Parker walked in and stood at the door, allowing the last couple of kids to run in. Everyone got used to the teacher's rules of being there on time as he’d stated in the beginning.
Jelani had no issues with that. He was there, in his prime seat with time to spare.
Wouldn’t want to miss my favorite class.
All his classes seemed a tad easier with Parker’s help but this one he enjoyed the most, mainly to watch Parker.
If I can't have you...
Jelani continued to study his favorite instructor, head to toe, every move, every little quirk about the man he wanted more than anything. 
Getting Parker to see him as a potential partner became first priority in his mind. 
Grades, basketball, and everything else became secondary, almost unimportant in Jelani's life.
“Alright class. Good afternoon, looks like everyone’s here.” He unbuttoned his jacket and placed it over his chair. The ladies in the room made small noises and Jelani joined them with silent sigh.
“Mhmm…” Just looking at Parker was a joyous occasion but he ached for more. 
Being tutored by Mr. Macaulay was like torture.
“What we’re going to discuss today is attitudes.” He wrote the word in huge letters on his whiteboard. “Now, when I say that I don’t mean mood, I’m speaking of viewpoint and how you think about things.
This isn’t what we talked about.
Jelani raised an eyebrow as the professor kept writing and pulled out his spiral. Everyone knew when Parker continued to write that they should be taking vigorous notes. Most likely a test or quiz was to follow.
“So, when we talk about your mental disposition on things, we mean how you feel about certain issues. Can you change your attitude at the drop of a hat?” He called on a name and pointed at one of the individuals.
Jelani ogled the man some more while attempting to jot down what Parker had already written.
‘Changes, disposition, emotions.’
He circled it and kept one ear on the lecture. Jelani looked at those words over and over and recalled a conversation he had with the professor last week. Parker mentioned how he'd started to feel differently about an important decision in his life but he wouldn’t expound.
Jelani really wondered about that statement, but out of respect, he decided not to press.
“Right, and…Jelani Cooper? You and I talked about a change in attitude right? You’ve had that haven’t you?” The teacher stuffed his hands in his brown slacks.
The basketball star nodded, “Um, yeah, I…”
Parker sat on the desk empty desk in front of Jelani. “Yes, and tell the class what that’s been about.”
“Well, I’ve started thinkin’ more about my education and how much more important it is in the long run.”
Not really but that's the answer you want me to give. 
The instructor flashed a wide grin. “Fantastic. And Jelani, why do you now feel that your marks are just as important as your athletic career?” He rubbed his hands together and met Jelani’s brown gaze.
Because you told me so.
Jelani wrinkled up his lips and swallowed hard. He was being put on the spot by his instructor. “Because I may not make it or anything could happen to stop that and, I’d like to have something to hold on to other than basketball.”
Parker tilted his head forward and his lips pursed. “Jelani, other than basketball and an unfortunate injury, is there anything that would alter your decision to play?”
The student continued to gaze into Parker's brown eyes. Why was he asking him these questions? What was he trying to find out? Jelani fiddled with his pen. “Um, yeah, an opportunity for somethin’, I…I been waiting for.”
“Which is?”
“I…” His heart started beating faster. “Somethin’ different and new. I’d rather not go into detail,” he squirmed in his seat. “Maybe I can tell you later.” He felt embarrassed and drummed his fingers on the desk.
“Very well, my good friend. Be ready to tell me when we meet after class, right?”
“Yes Sir,” he smiled wryly.
Parker nodded and got up from the desk. “Students. Your attitudes, your stance on things can change when you least expect it. Maybe it was from something you’ve seen, or heard. Or maybe because of…someone.” He turned to look at Jelani and smiled.
The student’s eyes widened and he clenched his fists. What had he said to the professor that made him think?
Hopefully it’s what I’ve been waiting for

 * * * *

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