Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 7

Good morning. Here is the Wednesday briefs for today. Another snippet from the Professor: Out of Bounds

The flat screen TV volume stayed down, tuned in to CNN with Parker’s favorite, Anderson Cooper reporting some news about the latest crisis in Afghanistan. The modest full size bed barely fit him since he was so tall but it would have to do. He had the curtains slightly open to let in some moonlight with the lamp on the night table turned on. Too bad I don't have a night light. Although a grown man, Parker still felt most comfortable with one on in the room. 
He’d only taken his suit jacket and shoes off at this point. Although he had to be at SIU for the first class at eight a.m., he still didn’t like to go to sleep early since he wanted to read into the wee hours of the morning. In his mind, he only needed six hours to be fully rested and refreshed.
 In all honesty, he couldn’t sleep anyway. The opportunity to teach at SIU excited Parker. After all, a new venture in a place he’d never been to; Chicago had always been on the bucket list and now he’d be finally seeing it up close. Well, at least he had it on the radar to take a trip into the main area on the weekends. He made Lainna promise to show him around as an exchange for this favor he was doing for her. The psychology professor also did it for himself, especially since he hated staying in one place for too long. She called him a drifter, a gypsy, because of this. Of course, he lived up to that title.
After he finished perusing the magazine, he grabbed the TV remote and turned the volume up to ogle his favorite newscaster. He smiled and his brown eyes twinkled while listening to every word. He made himself comfortable upon the messy bed he'd already inspected for dirt, stains, or bugs. Since none were found, he considered it suitable. Thank goodness the stay here was only temporary.
Fully engrossed in he program, Parker admired how his lips moved and silver hair. The fine lines on his forehead and crows feet made him look distinguished. He recalled meeting the man in New York a couple of years ago and having a deep conversation with him about the situation in Iraq and how Obama was doing on his promises to pull out the troops. Too bad the man was committed to his boyfriend. Parker worked his charm that night and because he was respectful of monogamous relationships, he stopped himself from being overly flirtatious.
His loss.
Professor Macaulay always grinned at the memory of talking to Anderson and had no problem telling everyone of their heart to heart. It was however his opportunity to meet someone he respected and admired. That glorious evening was all he had to hold on to at this point.
Parker could be described as a loner. He’d been holding out for several years since his last relationship failed, stating proudly he wouldn’t get involved with anyone new until Mr. Perfect came along and since he hadn’t, he had no issues staying to himself. He preferred to stay closeted since he refused to flaunt his sexuality.
Parker kept his worldwide trip first and foremost in his mind. But for now, teaching at SIU, taking the place of an old elderly teacher temporarily replaced it. Surely he wouldn’t meet anyone at the college he desired to be with.
Looks as if I’ll be taking that trip alone

Hope you enjoyed. Here are the other authors briefing today

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Tali Spencer said...

The slowly building tension here is going to explode in a big way, I'm betting. Parker is an interesting character and I love professors!

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Just one question - is he at SIU-E or SIU-C? lol Call me a nerd!

MA Church said...

The tension is getting to me, lol. I hope you stay with this for a nice long while, it's a good story!