Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Mornin' Read - Picture Prompt

Good morning!

Here is a picture that prompted me to write a little short story for you off the top of my noggin. 

“We were so close, Robert. I just knew we’d convince them we could be good parents and then…”

“Then my ex wife had to mess things up,” Robert sighed and held onto his man tightly. They’d wanted to adopt a child for years since they’d started living together in fact but every time they got close to the end of the process, something stood in the way of their goal to have a happy family.

Damn woman!

Despite all the wrong she'd done to him, Robert couldn’t hate her. Maybe she had a right to foul up his happiness after he’d married her without actually loving her. She acted as though she’d understood but now, she was only being a pain in the ass. Asking for more than their agreed amount in the divorce and thank goodness there were no kids involved. She might’ve stopped him from seeing them. Now, she did whatever she could to destroy his happy home life just because he’d left her. Some kind of way, she’d interfered with their chance to adopt a beautiful baby boy to call their own. The courts in their small town already frowned upon same sex couples so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that they wouldn’t allow two men to adopt a baby.

Nathaniel wiped the moisture from his eyes and lay on Robert’s shoulder. Seeing him hurt like this caused him much anger. So much he wished he could muster up enough hatred for his ex to retaliate. “Robert, what do we do now? I still want to have a baby in this house before we get too old to take care of one.”

Robert grabbed his face and kissed his lips. “Don’t give up hope, baby. If we have to leave this bigoted city, we’ll do it. Our dreams of having a family will come true. I promise you!” 

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