Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 10

Good morning! Welcome to Wednesday Briefs.

Here's a little more from the Professor with the mentions of food in the scene!

When he got everything set on a tray, he walked it into his bedroom and sat next to a still tired Jelani who slept soundly. He pressed his lips onto the side of his face and nuzzled his ear.
“Mhmm,” Jelani smiled and chuckled. “Good mornin’.”
“Good morning, love.” Parker kissed his lips.
Immediately, his student opened his eyes. “I like when you call me that, Parker. Even though you claim there’s nothing going on here but Dom sub play.” Jelani shifted to sit upright.
Parker grinned and picked up a piece of toast, placing it in between his lips. “Yes, yes, I’m sure that makes you happy. There's a lot of people I call love who I care for.”
“Of course you do. For those same friends, do you make breakfast in bed, give them carte blanche to touch you and give them a special moniker?” Quickly, he chewed the bread.
Smart ass.
“That’s only for yesterday…” The professor grabbed the fork. “Okay, so you mean a little more and you do…I’m into you, very much so. Now we've got that established, why not go more into the rules and what we both want.”
“You already know what I want.” He accepted the tray from the professor.
“Not everything, Jelani.” The instructor ate a piece of the meat.
“I want you, Parker. I want every part of you and everything you want I want.”
“Stop it, you. Don’t tempt me,” he chided. “You have your boundaries I know.”
“Well yes, but when we talked last night on the way home, you mentioned how you loved mind play and manipulation more than spanking or umm…” Jelani gulped hard.
The professor smirked and cocked an eyebrow. “No, not into fisting, love. All I want inside of you are toys and me. Fair enough?”
“Good,” he breathed a sigh. “I don’t think I want that sort of fun but I do love cuffs, ropes, ties, chains, blindfolds, candles, food, and spankings with the hand. Not so sure about whips or paddles.”
“Nah, I don’t do those last two.” Parker shook his head. “This is good that you’re telling me exactly what you’ll accept and what you won’t. Now, I know what to buy at the store,” he laughed.
“Ooh, can we go together?” His eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store.
“Not the first time, but I will take you eventually,” he grinned. “I have some things I wanted to grab as a surprise. You made it easier for me now.” The professor sat on his lap. “Let me help you with this.”
Jelani opened his mouth and accepted the piece of melon professor gave him. While Jelani attempted to eat it, Parker covered his mouth with an engaging embrace.
“Mhmm, professor. I swear, more time like this and I won’t wanna do anything!”
Parker rubbed his lithe body against Jelani’s. He cradled his head in his hands, caressing it gently. “Ah but you’ll have to. There won’t be any skipping practice or anything like that…” he smiled, “Unless I say for you to do so. You can’t make those decisions on your own and I expect you to be attending and attentive in every class, got it?” He placed a strawberry in his mouth. “Want some?”
“Mhmm.” Jelani moved his hand.
“No!” Parker took the students hands and raised them over his head. “With only your mouth, lover.”
“Yes Sir.” Jelani moved closer and his mouth dropped open.
Parker leaned in, pushing his lips into Jelani’s. The moment their mouths connected, Professor Macaulay felt the surge of energy in his midsection. They both bit the fruit but didn’t separate with Parker forcing his tongue in between the student’s lips.
“Mhmm, you taste and feel so good, Parker!”
The instructor felt the same. He wanted nothing more than to be between Jelani’s legs again before they went to school. Parker’s cock throbbed when it met Jelani's. Thrashing tongues and pants followed, urging him to take a little more time to be inside his young sub.
“Jesus!” The professor grabbed the latex next to the bed. “Jelani, I want to be inside you again. We've got some time before class.” He tore it open.
“We can have more than that if we cut today!” The student pushed upwards, his hardened muscle massaging the crevice of Parker’s buttocks.
Professor Macaulay sensed he was really close to eruption. He bit his lip while sliding the condom over his length. Again, he engulfed Jelani's lips while angling himself to pierce his young lover again. “As much as I want to we won’t be ditching class. I promise you we’ll have more fun tonight after practice, hmm?”
Only because I want to.

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Tali Spencer said...

I can't wait to see what toys the Professor brings home for instructing his student. :)

MA Church said...

*Rubs hands* Oooooh, a trip to the store! ;)


Nephylim said...

Only because he wants to... riiiiight :) These two are going to be fun. Jelani is going to challenge Parker in ways he never imagined, I think. Love this