Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 12

I love doing the Wednesday Briefs! Here's some more from The Professor using the prompt, Oh my God is that?

Psych came to an end and many of the ladies were in front of Parker’s desk just talking to him about nothing. Jelani sat in the first chair and waited his turn while looking over his own drawings. He’d overheard the crazy comments. Openly giving their phone numbers out while offering to take him out to dinner. He didn’t accept any of them, giving the excuse he didn’t fraternize socially with students.
Why not?
This raised an eyebrow for Jelani but he hoped the man wasn’t very interested in women. Still, he felt the plan he had in mind would work despite what he’d said.
Finally, the Professor asked them to leave. Once he closed the door, he shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Sorry about that,” he grinned. He pointed to the book Jelani had in his hands. “I see you remembered.”
Of course anything for you!
Jelani cleared his throat attempting to wake up from his lust filled haze. “Um, yeah, yeah, I did. It’s the first time anyone has really taken an interest in my art.”
Jelani got up from the desk and took one of the chairs nearest to Parker. God this would be torture being so close and not able to reach out and touch him. “Although I don’t really mention it much but…” he bit his lip. “People aren’t all that interested in what I do outside basketball anyway.”
Parker stared at him blankly. "Pity."
Jelani only nodded and looked behind the professor’s short stands of brown hair, he tilted his head. Jelani noticed two small gold hoops through his ears.
Oh my God, is that?
What did that mean? Could it be a small sign the professor had a wild streak? He could only hope. “Um, so…you seem to be popular already with the ladies.”
Parker smiled and perused the drawings. “Yeah but I’m not all that interested. I really don’t feel all that comfortable being around students in a social manner. It starts rumors and besides, this is only a temporary job. I’m only here till June.”
Jelani cocked an eyebrow and suddenly his buzz wore off at the mention of leaving. 
No you can't!
“You mean, you won’t take the position if Dr. Tinley retires?” This bothered him even though he might be gone to the NBA anyway.
“No, I’m most likely not going to. I don’t like being tied down to any job.” He crossed his legs. “These are really good, Jelani Cooper. You’re very good at it. This one’s my favorite.” When he showed Jelani he pointed to a picture of Iron Man.
“Oh yeah,” he chuckled. “I loved Iron Man too. I drew that, years ago though.”
“You really are talented and since you love drawing, an animator would be the perfect career for you. You could do digital animation as well. There’s always a need for animators in movies, TV, books. What are you majoring in here?”
“Um,” Jelani rubbed his neck and sighed. The right answer would be basketball and sex but in reality, “Communication Design with a minor in English.”
“Fantastic,” he grinned. Parker sat down the book and his jovial expression turned serious. “But from what I’ve heard you’re just barely getting by, Jelani. Your marks are very important if you want to obtain gainful employment. As we talked about yesterday, you can’t rest your laurels on the fact you’ll make the NBA. C’s and D’s with a GPA of 2.0 won’t get you a great job my friend.”
“Yeah, I know. I wanna get better. I've got a couple of tutors.” Jelani looked away from the Professor and sighed deeply. He hated that no one really helped him with his schoolwork. Sometimes he wished he wasn't so damn dumb. 
Too bad they do my work for me.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this already up? Like an earlier chapter in the story?

S.Lira said...

I think I did repost on accident. This story is still in edits. :/ SORRY!

Anonymous said...

Thats okay! Just glad im not going crazy i had some major deja vu going on haha