Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Mornin' Read - Moan


Good morning! I'm doing the Monday Mornin' Read but now I've added Moan which means an impromptu sex scene. This is really BL or Rawiya's forte but hey I'll give it a try!

“Slower…” Ryan’s breath hitched and he leaned back in his chair, enjoying the moment with his new man.

Obeying him, Jason lightly ran his fingertips across Ryan’s chest, circling each nipple before taking the tip between his lips.

“Mmmph…” Ryan bit his lip and groaned. His cock stiffened in his pants, already leaking precum from the slit. “Fuckkk…”

“Baby…” Jason smiled and finished his sentence for him while he followed the trail of fine brown hairs to his belly button. Once he got there, he leaned in and toyed with the ring. Still playing with the small golden hoop, he started unbuttoning Ryan’s jeans. The 501’s didn’t go down easy from Ryan’s slim waist but Jason struggled with them till he got them around his man’s ankles. Ryan’s hard cock, moist and swollen, popped out, standing proud in the midst of soft curls.

“Fuckin’ beautiful!” Jason beamed and positioned himself between Jason’s legs.

“Show me how beautiful, baby…” Ryan purred and lay back, letting Jason go to work.

Hot damn! Finally together…

*If you've been following my WIP lately, you know who's on the brain. ;) Hope you liked it!