Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Sips - Closely Guarded

Good morning! Havent done the Saturday Sips in a while so why not today? Here's a little from my novel I just finished. I'm editing it and submitting soon.

Agent BA Pointe aka Darien Moseley leads a double life. A musician by day and when not playing, an agent in a special organization called PROTEKT. He’s called upon to travel to Russia where he investigates the death of a dignitary and protects the son from Nikolay harm.

Kimball Emerson is BA's partner and joins him on the mission. The two men have been best friends for years and now going on this mission stirs up old feelings. Still they have a job to do but the emotions are running high.

Will the two complete the mission despite their attraction to one another?

Unedited excerpt

Just as he began to really enjoy the design, his eyes settled on the gorgeous man coming towards him with a rather stoic look on his face. Next to him, a tall, lanky, brunette of male variety, dressed in a black suit and holding his hand.

“Gentlemen and lady, please meet Nikolay and his partner Ivan.”


Both men were extremely beautiful. They bowed their heads slightly forward. BA accepted the handshake of Ivan first then took his time with Nikolay. The son smiled and raised an eyebrow. “And you are?”

That voice, alto and with the heavy Russian accent caused goose pimples to form on Darien’s arms and legs. God this man was so gorgeous. The pictures did him no justice. Green eyes, blond hair, feathered at the top and straight at the ends. He seemed a little short especially compared to his partner and even to Darien who wasn’t tiny at five nine. He wore a black suit but his tie was undone.

“BA Pointe, Sir. It’s lovely to meet you,” Darien smiled and held onto his palm a little longer than he was supposed to.

“You as well, Mr. Pointe.”

They finished the introductions and greetings. Nikolay fixated his eyes on Darien a little more, drawing up his pouty lips and smiling at him. “Let us take a seat please. Would anyone like anything to drink?”

All proceeded to do as Nikolay asked.

Nadiya returned with a small cart to serve them all.

Darien sat next to Kimball directly across from Nikolay.

Oh this would be especially hard to keep himself under control even though he promised the chief and the others he would.

The man is too delicious to ignore.

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