Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Mornin' Read

Monday Mornin's read is from my short in this anthology called Photogenic. 

Have a look!


I sat down at my desk, in my studio, looking over some shots I’d taken of a famous rock star drinking his milk. It was so innocent and yet so dirty all at the same time.

Too bad he’s straight

As I continued to go through the shots, my phone buzzed on my desk. I picked it up, looking at the LCD screen. The number belonged to my friend Marcus Fahley who went to high school with me back in the, ahem, a long time ago. We gravitated to one another because we had similar tastes in music, fashion, and art, not to mention, we were the first young men to openly admit we were gay. That was not a popular choice either, considering that we were teens in the late seventies when it was even more taboo to like men than it is now.

Marcus had called to tell me he’d landed a job for me to shoot Cosmo’s  Man of the Year photos. This was particularly good news considering I’d just heard about my mortgage payment being increased by over two grand. I mean, I made great money but still, who wanted to shell out that kind of extra cash.

The model I’d be taking shots of was none other than Christian Forbes; the hottest twenty-three year old on the planet right now. He was the name on everyone’s lips from Calvin Klein to Versace to Abercrombie and Fitch. The man was hot stuff and I’d be getting the chance to look at the gorgeous specimen up close and personal. Maybe, we’d even get a chance to get to know one another. One could only hope or maybe I was asking too much. Either way, at least I would get to gawk if nothing else. He was so pretty looking. Usually men that lovely did nothing for me but Christian was a unique exception.


Later on after my conversation with Marcus, I had to do my homework on my subject. Usually, I tried to find out anything interesting about my models because I felt the pictures could tell a more complete story of who the person was through props or actions to accompany their poses.

In the case of my rock star subject, Darren Bellwood, I found articles where he revealed how much he enjoyed drinking milk. So, even though he was doing a centerfold for a metal magazine and not an advertisement for the beverage, I had him drink a glass while posing so he could give the people an idea that he might be just as clean as he was dirty. Now, I wasn’t responsible for what he did after that; letting it drip down his chin. I’m sure that raised a lot of eyebrows but hey, I only take the shots.

As I Googled his name, Christian Forbes, I discovered the man was a big fan of baseball, was from the Midwest, and was a former Marine just as I was, who was honorably discharged.

“Hmm…” I said, reading over the article while sipping on my coffee. There weren’t that many interviews done with him, but the ones I found were very informative, not to mention, in those few articles, I didn’t see anything about a female companion which meant there was a very, small possibility that he may be gay or at least curious.

One could only hope…

Although the spoken words of this fine, young, man were few and far between, the snapshots he’d done were in abundance. There were so many photos of Christian either dressed in jeans and a tank or in formal wear. Not to mention, ones of him only donning underwear or nothing at all leaving me there salivating over him. Christian was every bit of gorgeous, more so than any man I’d ever laid my eyes on. He really was quite photogenic. It didn’t matter what he wore. The camera simply embraced him.

“Wow,” I mouthed when my eyes dropped to the muscle that was underneath the cloth that around his waist. After staring awhile, I gawked at another black and white picture, lying across black satin sheets with his eyes closed, head against the pillows, and his legs spread wide open. “Damn…”

Christian’s snapshots created a hard on that, at the moment, wasn’t under control. I had given up on my sexuality for quite a long time ago after I’d lost my last partner to AIDS but every once in a while, I’d be aroused enough to do the five knuckle shuffle. This would be one of those occurrences.

I leaned back in my chair, rubbing my manhood through my khaki pants, still staring at his picture on the screen. The visions of him, kneeling in front of me, while he massaged my erection. His blue eyes met mine. “Mmm…” My eyes rolled in the back of my head. My breathing quickened as I pulled my cock out of my trousers. The head of it was swollen, pre cum oozed from the slit. I licked my hand, encasing my shaft, beginning to move my skin back and forth. “Damn…Christian, look what you’ve done to this old man, huh?” I lowered my lids, dreaming of him pleasuring me since I was sure this would be the only way I’d enjoy Christian.

If there were a small chance he was gay, he wouldn’t want an old fart like me anyhow.

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