Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Briefs # 14

Morning! BL is playing this week for the Wednesday briefs. Hope you enjoy the snarky muse.
She's writing gay cowboys right now and couldn't resist!

Here is the first part from BL’s story posted Monday.

Cade stumbled away from the table, empty glass in hand. Shit! Shouldn’t have had that last one! His friend Mike warned him about having too much champagne but hey, he wanted to have some fun and forget about his no good ex, Jesse.

I’ll be payin for this in the mornin!

“Whoa there hunny, where you off to?”

A hand caught his backside, keeping him from falling on the hardwood floors. Cade grasped the firm shoulder of his longtime crush, Bobby Leslie. The bile rose in his throat. Cade swallowed hard to keep from up chucking on this man and embarrassing the hell out of himself.

“Uh, need to go to the john, Bobby,” Cade let out quickly, attempting to keep his stomach from erupting. Inhaling Bobby’s strong scent, he lay on his shoulder, feeling woozier than before.

“I’ll help ya’. Don’t think you’re sweet ass will make it that far.” Bobby threw his beer can into a garbage basket.

Cade only nodded, hating himself for getting this drunk in front of Bobby. He’d loved this man for the better part of ten years. All through high school and college till he dropped out to help his daddy with the ranch. He never had the nerve to say a thing and now, here was his chance and damnit, he’d be lucky to get a fucking word out with the champagne making its way up his throat.


“Looks like you gon’ blow any minute nah, chere.”


Bobby’s southern accent rang in Cade’s ears. God he loved that taut and tanned body, the azure blue eyes that resembled the Pacific. The man was sex on a stick. Cade wanted to be fucked by him six ways to Sunday but didn’t have the balls to tell him.


“Hold on nah, babe. We’re almost there, then you can puck yer lil’ guts out!” Bobby assisted him all the way to the toilet and guided his head over the bowl.

Cade dropped to his knees and promptly hurled. His stomach did flips, erupting like a volcano.

“Damn, babe! Too much of that cheap shit!” Bobby softly rubbed his head, tangling his long fingers in Cade’s curls.

Cade stopped for a moment and closed his eyes, wishing he’d heeded Mike’s warning. He relaxed under his touch and sighed deeply. What an embarrassing time for him right now.

I wonder would he still like to go out with me?

* * * *

Watching the poor man call earl, Bobby continued to stroke Cade’s head. Damn those wavy brown curls under his fingers sent shivers up his spine. Why hadn’t the man told him anything about his feelings? Their mutual friend Mike did it for him and asked Bobby to make an appearance at this party.

Good man that Mike.

Yeah he was, playing the matchmaker when either he or Cade should’ve talked about their emotions for one another but Bobby’s insecurities about being gay stood in the way of a 
potential relationship.

Bobby Leslie, former star defensive tackle at TCU couldn’t be a fag! No way no how! The coach would’ve kicked him off. His daddy would’ve disowned him and mom would’ve have asked Pastor Giles to beat and or pray the gay away. Worse, he would’ve never made it to the NFL and played six years for the Cowboys before he tore his ACL. Besides, no one in football came out the closet while on a pro roster. Bobby Leslie certainly wouldn’t be the first one and embarrass the hell out of his family.

Too risky!

Even though he suffered in silence, he continued to keep it under wraps until he saw another football player do it just a year ago. Thank God for that man and the divine intervention. 

Bobby waited long enough to find happiness. Now, he finally had his chance.

With the man who couldn’t hold his liquor!

Glancing at his lover to be, his lips curled into a smile and grabbed the empty flute from his hand. The scent of cheap bubbly offended his senses. His grin immediately turned into a frown. “Damn Mike, if ya’ needed some money for proper champagne!” Bobby tossed the glass into the tub, shattering it into pieces.

Cade jumped and coughed. “Hey what…” Seemingly, he couldn’t get anymore words out and went back to emptying his stomach.

Poor kid.

Although the stench was unbearable, Bobby stayed right there beside Cade until he finished. A helluva way to get a date for the night but they’d known each other for a decade. No formals needed between them. Bobby knew Cade better than he knew most members of his family. They’d kept in touch and stayed friends, just never went any further than that. Now nothing stood in the way of their relationship. Good ol’ dad had kicked the bucket and momma swore not to believe it. No matter, he didn’t live for his folks anymore.

Bobby wanted Cade to be his man and damn everyone else who had a problem with it.

“You done, babe? I’m sure after all that you got it out yo’ system!” Bobby placed his arms under Cade’s and slowly lifted him from the floor. Really, Bobby wanted to pick him up and throw him over his shoulder but he knew that wouldn’t be smart right now.

“I…I think so. I’m sorry, Bobby. I should’ve listened to Mike about that shit.” Cade stumbled again and couldn’t stand up straight.

“S’ okay, chere. You wanna have so fun. Heard ‘bout Jesse leavin’ yah ugh and dry. No worries tho’, ‘m here to pick up the pieces.”

Cade’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?”

“You heard me Cade Spencer! I’m here for ya’ man. Let’s get outta this bathroom and we’ll talk a lil’ more. Gargle some of that there mouthwash to get the taste out cha’ mouth, boy.” 

Bobby guided Cade to the nearby sink and poured some of the minty liquid into a dixie cup. 

While Cade gurgled, Bobby massaged his neck, desiring the short brunette. Touching him like this after all these years excited him. There was so much they had to catch up on from the time they’d lost apart. Now, time to make amends, to make things right between them. Like he’d wanted to do since high school.

There was a whole new world for them as a couple. Bobby and Cade had a lifetime to figure it all out together.

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Cia said...

Hmm... I did like it, mostly because I've been reading cowboys lately too, lol. The accent dialogue was a tad much at the end, and seemed to mix accents a bit. All in all though, a very cute story, thanks for sharing!

Tali Spencer said...

Aw, poor Cade! Not quite what he would have wanted in terms of a romantic setting, but heck. He got his man. :D

Nephylim said...

This was funny. Poor Cade. The story was easy on the brain and left me feeling warm and fuzzy. i really enjoyed it

MA Church said...

I liked it a lot. :) Gay cowboy and NFL... I'm a happy camper!