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Wednesday Briefs #15

Here is more from BL's blog story using the prompt "If I were you..."

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The following morning Cade finally woke up from his long night. “Ugh.” The aches and pains in his muscles didn’t allow him to move. His eyes flickered and mouth tasted like he’d swallowed the Sahara desert.


Groaning inwardly, he shifted slowly to attempt getting up but to no avail. His head pounded as if he’d been hit over the head with a mallet. Cade consumed so much of that cheap champagne the night prior and ultimately he paid the price.

Hating the little light creeping in the window, he yanked the sheets over his head, wishing he could turn back the clock to last evening. Just how much did I drink?

Yeah, how much? It gets bad when you can’t fucking remember how many glasses you threw down your throat. Thank goodness someone…

“Oooh shitt…” Cade panicked. Memories started flooding back into his mind as they were on instant replay. “Bobby.”

Yep, Bobby was there to help him while he called earl over the toilet, but what happened after that? Suddenly alert, he pulled the covers back and through tired eyes glanced around the room. This ain’t my place! Where was he? It wasn’t Mike’s either. Did Bobby bring him home to his apartment last night? He’d sworn he’d never been to Bobby Leslie’s place since he came back in town but seemingly he was here now. Gotta be. Oh God, I made a fool of myself.

Cade slinked back under the covers hating himself for the stunt he pulled. He was with Bobby Leslie, the man of his dreams and he ended up puking his guts out sick as a dog. Most likely, Bobby had to bring him home and carry him to his bed. Did I throw up anymore? 

“Yuck…” Just thinking about it made his stomach churn a little more.

Cade picked a fine time to get drunk as shit; at a party with all their friends and Bobby Leslie in attendance. “Just kill me now,” he muttered under his breath, sliding further under the bedspread.

Perhaps if he closed his eyes, he might be dreaming. Instead of suffering from the hangover from hell, he might wake up in the stables, lying in a batch of hay. Maybe he’d drifted off after the morning’s chores and decided to succumb to a short nap to get ready for the rest of the day.

Disturbing him from his thoughts, the door creaked and shut quickly making him jump. “Cade my man. You among the livin’?”

Bobby’s voice rang like a manacing alarm in his ears. Cade hadn’t fell asleep after chores. He wasn’t grabbing a cat nap. The nightmare of being in Bobby Leslie’s bed feeling like shit had just begun.

* * * *

“Cade?” Bobby slipped in quietly with a glass of orange juice and some pain pills for Cade. He was sure the poor man was suffering from a hangover and probably needed to sleep some more but he couldn’t leave him alone. The least he could do was come check on him and see how he was faring. To him, this was the beginning of their relationship together.

“Hmm?” Cade groaned but refused to pull the covers from over his head.

Bobby chuckled and set the items on the sidetable. “I won’t bother pullin’ back the drapes ‘cause you’ll probably snap on me like a rabid dog. How ya’ feelin’ hun?”

“Like a train hit me and kept goin’.”

Understanding Cade’s plight, Bobby nodded and sat down on the empty space beside him. 

Recalling the sight of Cade’s nearly naked body, he shivered and moistened his lips. His blue eyes drifted to Cade’s slender torso and bulged out when he noticed the man’s morning wood standing proudly under his bed sheets. “Poor baby. You’ll be alright, chere. Brought ya’ some juice and some painkillers to help ya’ get better.”

“Thanks, Bobby. I’m sorry for makin’ a fool of myself last night. I appreciate you bringin’ me home and takin’ care of me.”

“You’re welcome, love. You wasn’t in no kinda shape to drive after drinkin’ that cheap shit. I cursed Mike out about buyin’ that stuff. It smelled like rubbin’ alcohol.”

Cade weakly chuckled but still didn’t come from under the sheets.

“Cade, you’re welcome to stay here for as long as ya’ need. Mike already called ya’ daddy and told him you was stayin’ at my place after havin’ too many drinks. I’m sue he got one of the other hands to cover for ya’ on this mornin’s chores.”

“Yep and he’ll have my head about it when I see him, too.”

“Maybe but you a grown man nah. You ain’t no kid. I’m sure there’d been plenty a time when he did the same as a young buck. I know I did.”

“Mhmm…” Cade finally showed himself and reached for the glass.

When he did, Bobby couldn’t help but stare. Their fingers brushed against each other while he handed him the juice and pill bottle. Just that one touch sent eletric shocks straight to Bobby’s dick. God he’d do anything to kiss this man despite the fact he hadn’t washed or brushed his teeth this morning. Didn’t matter. Cade still looked absolutely delectable.

Seemingly he felt it too. He looked startled but threw the pills in his mouth and drank the contents down. “Thanks Bobby. I owe you one.”

“Aw, it’s nothin’ babe. I’m always willin’ to lend a helping hand, especially to you. Let me leave ya’ alone to grab some more rest. You got all day.”

“Yeah, I…I guess so. Hey, um, can we talk later?” Cade slinked back under the covers but didn’t break their heated gaze.

“Sure, Cade. Whenever you wake up I’ll be here.” Reluctantly, Bobby got up and stepped away from the bed. “If I were you I’d get plenty of sleep. I’m sure Ol’ man Spencer got some plans to work your ass when you return home.”

Cade only nodded and turned back over.


Bobby sighed silently and made his way out the room. Anticipation killing him about what they’d talk about when the man finally recovered from last night's hangover.

Carrying him home, undressing him, and putting him in bed had been torture for Bobby. He wasn’t able to sleep knowing Cade Spencer was passed out in his guest room.

Fuck, if only the man weren’t so drunk!

Hope you enjoyed, here are the other's flashing this week and thx BL for another great chapter!

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Tali Spencer said...

Oh man, I can't wait for these two to have their talk. But you sure do write drunk and sexy well. :D

Nephylim said...

Oh wow. It must be love if he wants to kiss someone who'd been puking all night and hadn't cleaned their teeth :)