Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Briefs #16

Wow, BL is really getting a lot from this one picture!

Don'cha just love inspiration?

Here is more of her story for the Wednesday Briefs using the prompt, sunset.

“Ugh…” Cade’s body screamed in protest when he tried to turn over. Every bone and muscle made him wish he hadn’t drank a thing. “At least my head doesn’t hurt!” Cade cursed himself for getting so wasted. “I might never drink alcohol again!”

Still grimacing, he sat upright and glanced around the room. For a second, he forgot he was in Bobby’s apartment and when it came back to him, he smiled lightly knowing the man of his dreams had taken care of him. Yeah, he was embarrassed but what could he do now? At least it wasn’t someone he didn’t care for or worse, he could’ve ended up going home alone.
Thank goodness for Bobby!

Cade reached over and grabbed the glass of water. The minute it hit his throat, he sighed in contentment over the taste. Nothin’ like water after drinking booze all night. The next thing he needed was coffee and perhaps a small meal to coat his stomach. Just then, his belly grumbled and jumped when he mentioned food. Okay maybe not.


Bobby’s voice woke him out of his reverie. After finishing his beverage, he sat up and smoothed his hair on his head, hoping he looked somewhat presentable. “Yeah Bobby, I’m in here.”

Slowly the door creaked and Bobby peeked his head in. “You good, babe?”

“Um, yeah, as good as I’ll ever be. Thanks again for bringin’ a drunk bastard home and takin’ care of him.”

“Ah no prob, Cade. Anything for a friend, especially you.”

That last portion of Bobby’s sentence perked Cade’s ears. Me? After all these years the two of them had known one another and never knew of the attraction. Cade knew his excuse, too much of a chicken shit to say a word. “Thanks Bobby. I dunno how I’ll ever repay you.” Cade gazed into those sea blue eyes, loving the way they matched his shirt and well fitted jeans. Damn he wanted to strip Bobby down and see that hot body underneath all the clothing.
“You owe me nothin’, hun. I was doin’ my duty.” Bobby sat down at Cade’s side and lightly traced the side of his face. “Been wantin’ to be this close to you for years, Cade. Never had enough gumption to tell ya’ either.”

Cade chuckled nervously. “You weren’t the only…wait…” He stopped to think for a second. Bobby Leslie gay? He’d never made any indication about his attraction to men. Was he telling him all this time, he actually was? “You…”

“Yeah Cade, I am and have been ever since I was a teenager. I just couldn’t come out and tell anyone. I know now I should’ve and told everyone else to go fuck themselves!” The anger showed in Bobby’s voice.

“I know what you mean.” Yeah, Cade did. If ol’ man Spencer found out he was sleeping with guys, he’d have a heart attack. He shuddered at the thought and looked back at Bobby. “We both got meddling family members.”

“Had, Cade. At least in my case. Good ol’ dad is gone. Got to see his boy play football. That’s all he ever cared about too.” Bobby kicked off his shoes and lay in bed next to Cade and faced him. “Momma can’t fathom it. Says I just ain’t met the right girl yet. Somethin’ should tell her by nah, I haven’t wanted to meet the right girl.”

“I hear ya.” Yeah Cade knew that all too well. His parents had been bugging the hell out of him to get hitched to any nice girl and have grandkids. He’d avoided it for so long. It was time to fess up and tell them his preference. “So you told your mom and…”

“And she doesn’t wanna believe it. I’m sure if I was younger she might want the pastor to send me off to one of them bible camps er somethin’ so they could beat the gay outta me,” he laughed. “Shame that folks can’t understand, being gay is only their stupid label. I’m a man, I’m human and I’m attracted to men more than women. So the fuck what?”

“Yeah!” Cade nodded in agreement and continued to stare at the man longingly. God he wanted to ravage Bobby Leslie right now and make up for lost time. “Damn, Bobby. I wish I had your courage to tell my folks but I just can’t, man.”

“Yes you can, Cade Spencer and you will, you know why?” Bobby scooted closer to Cade and cupped his chin.

Cade gulped hard and slinked away, recalling he hadn’t showered or brushed his teeth. 

“Cause’ I’m right here to hold your hand through it. We’ve lost too much time livin’ for otha’ folks, Cade. Right bout nah, we need to live for each other.”

Cade cocked an eyebrow and nodded. Bobby inched in closer and quickly Cade turned his head. “Bobby, no, I need to wash up er somethin’. I can’t let you taste that bile and champagne in my mouth!”

Bobby laughed and pulled him in giving him a small peck on the lips. “I don’t care, babe.” He stopped a moment and tickled Cade’s sides. “Okay, now that I think about it, you should brush ya’ teeth.”

Cade laughed and shrugged away, getting up out of bed. “Ack. Thanks, man. I know you don’t wanna taste any of what I had last night. Just stay there lookin’ hot for me and I’ll be right back!”

“I’m not goin’ anywhere. Go on, chere’ so we can make up for all the years we lost.” Bobby smiled and winked at Cade.


Cade couldn’t contain his excitement and rushed into the bathroom, grabbing the mouthwash. He had so much energy from the talk he just had with Bobby, he ignored the aches in his muscles.

“There’s a new toothbrush on the sink for ya’ babe. You wanna shower? I’ll come wash your back.”

Cade spit the remnants of the Scope in the sink. “Maybe in a bit I will,” he answered back. He looked in the mirror, hating the way his face looked right now. Red blotches, dark circles around his eyes. He needed some more sleep but right now, he wanted to be with Bobby Leslie. Quickly, he brushed his teeth and after drinking more water, he headed out to go back to his new man.

“Ah, a little better. Thanks again man. I look like hell right now.”

Bobby inched in closer and cupped his chin once more. “No ya’ don’t, babe. You look beautiful. Once you get a good nights rest you feel like yourself again.”

“I might never have another drink in my life after last night!” Cade allowed Bobby to pull him in. Good thing the deordorant is still working. Yeah he still smelled a little like the cheap champagne but at least it wasn’t hard liquor. That would be down right offensive.

“No, you might not want that shit ever again but drinkin’s good sometimes, just in moderation. I know I like to drink every now and then. Good for the soul.”

“You’re right, I suppose. I’ll just make sure to say no more when I’ve had enough.” Cade wrapped his arms around Bobby’s shoulders and lay his head against his hard body. 

“Mhmm…” Cade sighed in contentment, loving the feel of Bobby Leslie undereath his fingertips. This was where he’d wanted to be all along. “Feels good.”

“Yeah it does, Cade. It really does. Been wantin’ this, needin’ this, ya’ know? After all these years.” Bobby stroked the back of Cade’s head and raked his brown curls.

“Yeah me too.” Cade didn’t want to let go of Bobby Leslie for any length of time. He’d been craving this moment with him for almost a decade and he’d be damned if his let the opportunity go by the wayside. “Bobby, I can’t tell you how happy I am right now.”

* * * *
Bobby held onto Cade tightly and massaged his neck. “I am too, babe. You dunno how much I’ve wanted this, man. To be this close to you, holding your body against mine. I dreamed of this when I was off playin’ football.”


“Yep. Spent a whole lot of nights alone. I had a couple of girlfriends who knew my secret and made appearances with me just to quell any rumors. I trusted both of them.”

Cade looked up at Bobby’s face in surprise. “Did you?”

“Naw babe. They knew I wasn’t attracted to them in the slightest. I kissed them, that was all. I never felt a thing either. All I did was think of you the whole time.”

“Wow that had to be lonely!” Cade seemed okay with Bobby’s answer and rested his head back on his shoulder.

“Yeah it was. I remember how I used to watch the sunset at my house by the water, wishing you were there with me. When it got too much, I knew a couple of places just to get my rocks off but, never anything serious.”

“And they kept your secret too?”

“Well I paid them enough to do that,” he laughed. “All my former teamates know now I was just covering up for myself. I’ve never came out publoically though. Now, I think it’s about time to do that.”

Cade kissed the side of Bobby’s face and peered into his eyes again. God those puppy dog brown eyes would be the death of him. “I got you nah. Nothin’ anybody says would hurt my feelings.”

“Damn you’re the bravest man I know. Can you kick me a lil’ of that courage?” Cade leaned into him once again.

“Yeah baby, I can and I will. No worries there.”

* * * *
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Tali Spencer said...

Aw, I love warm fuzzy scenes where men confess their love. This one is perfect. :D

Cia said...

A very very good scene. I was a little confused as to why his body would hurt, but not his head, after drinking wine. Ughs... horrible stuff :P