Thursday, November 15, 2012

70 K Party Roster is SET! Nov 19th-30th

Ah good morning!

The 70k party roster is set with 14 wonderful authors I cornered, tortured...


No really, I didn't do any of that. BL did...


Anyways, here they are and all of us, meaning me, BL, and Rawiya will post the 19th-21st to give away a book and also a GC worth $25 to Amazon!

Thanks again to all of our vic... I mean fellow authors and friends.

Here they are!

1. Sara York

2. Raine Delight

3. Kharisma Rhayne

4. Author GA Hauser

5. Sue Brown

6. Tom Webb

7. Patricia Logan

8. Tara Lain

8. Angel Martinez

9. MA Church

10. Shannon West

11. Julie Lynn Hayes

12. Cassandre Dayne

13. Avril Ashton

14. Blak Rayne


GA Hauser said...
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GA Hauser said...

thanks for the invite! You know I always love to hang out with you!