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Day 8 Michael's 70k bash- Julie Lynn Hayes

Good morning! I've made a slight change to the schedule and added an author as well. Today, I'll be having on Julie Lynn Hayes and her partner in crime, MA Church together. Tomorrow will be Tara Lain and Blak Rayne. I've also added Rayne Delight to our already talented bunch! Whew, okay, here is Julie first!

Thanks so much, Sharita, for having us here today! We love visiting with you, even if Chicago is chillier than we’re used to. Poor M.A., her blood is really thin from being down there in Mississippi. Me? I just have low tolerance for the cold. Oh wait, who are we, I can hear some of you ask? Let me back up a mo and start again.

I’m Julie Lynn Hayes, she’s M.A. Church, heretofore to be known as Michelle. Just call me Julie. We’re here today to talk about our first joint project. To be honest, it isn’t published. Not yet. But we’re excited about it, so we’d like to tell you about it. And since it hasn’t been accepted yet, we’d like to offer something else in our giveaways, namely a selection from our backlists.

Let’s start at the beginning. I totally blame Michelle for hooking me on aliens.

Michelle: *snort* I corrupted her, or so she says.
Julie:  *laughs* That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. It wasn’t until I read your most excellent book, Nighttime Wishes, that I first encountered your fixation on beings from other worlds, and… wait, hold on a second. What are you two doing here?
Reed: Don’t blame me, I was just following Taz. He said we needed to come here, and I guess he’s right. Look, you’re talking about us. That’s a bit cheeky, don’t you think?
Julie: What? Cheeky? Hey, Reed, I was going to say nice things, how does that make us cheeky? Michelle, a little help here?
Michelle: Oh no, don’t drag me into this. Besides, I think you’re doing just fine on your own, Julie.
Julie: Gee, thanks. *sneaks a peek at these two lovely men* Wow, what gorgeous guys we’ve created, I have to admit.
Taz: Reed, I appreciate these two humans and their efforts to talk about us, but I feel that we can handle this ourselves, don’t you?
Reed: Indeed I do. So why don’t you two ladies find something else to do? Maybe go to a strip club or something?
Julie: *look at Michelle, and she shrugs *
Michelle: Well, if they screw this up, it’s on them. I say we go look at pretty men. You’re driving, though.
Julie: *walks out door mumbling under her breath* Don’t I always?
Michelle: *pokes Julie in the back* But you like driving. Am I going to have to listen to this all the way to Atlanta next year???
Purses are grabbed and a door slams shuts.
Reed:  *whispers* Good Lord, are they gone?
Taz: *looks around the corner* Yes, thank the stars. I swear, those two… So… *Taz rubs his hands together, a gleam in his eye* Looks like we got free rein now. You ready to start?”
Reed: Yes, more than ready. They’ve gone about things the wrong way. Did you even hear mention of the title?
Taz: No, not a word.
Reed: *shakes his head* Women!
Taz: *cocks his head and regards Reed* My mother is a woman, Reed.
Reed: *snorts* I know, I met her, remember? So’s mine, by the way, and thanks for asking…
Taz: But I didn’t ask?
Reed: *sighs* It’s just an expression. *mumbles under his breath* Damn, need to get that book. Bad. Hey, babe, where do you think we should start?
Taz: How about like this? *he climbs onto Reed’s lap and lays his head on Reed’s shoulder, purring*
Reed: Oh damn, seriously? *takes a deep breath* I thought we’re here to talk? You know, about us?
Taz: *purrs louder* Go ahead and talk. I can hear you. *begins to rock in Reed’s lap*
Reed: Oh jeez louise, that’s distracting… *clears throat* Um, okay… we met… we met… oh yeah, it was almost Valentine’s Day. I was working late ‘cause I didn’t have anything better to do. You know how it is when you’re single and it’s been a while… that day means less than nothing.
Taz: It didn’t mean anything to me either.
Reed: Well, to be fair, you never heard of it ‘til you got here.
Taz: Oh yeah, I guess that’s true.  *squirms a bit on Reed’s lap* I’m just lucky I was in the right place at the right time.
Reed: I think I’m the lucky one, babe. That’s what they call karma.
Taz: Karma? What has this to do with driving?
Reed: *groans* Later, I’ll explain later. So anyway, I had to meet a customer at the Empire State Building after work, and that’s where I met Taz. He knocked me off my feet, literally.
Taz: What can I say, you caught my attention? My night hadn’t been going very well. I had just been dumped, then I saw you. I really didn’t mean to knock you down, you know.
Reed: Oh, I wasn’t complaining. I ended up on the floor with an arm full of sexy male. *blush* Well, at the time I thought I had an arm full of sexy male. Little did I know just what I was holding.
Taz: *giggle* You should’ve seen the look on your face the first time my stripes showed up! I mean, you freaked out, but still, for a second there… I don’t have the words!
Reed: *shakes head* It was probably the same kind of shocked look I had when that tail of yours put in an appearance.
Taz: *rubs cheek against Reed’s jaw* That reminds me, when are you going to let me
Reed: Whoa now. Let’s not go there, babe. You give that away, Julie and Michelle will both want to skin you. It’ll be a race to see which one of them gets you.
Taz: Silly women. Neither one of them gets me. I’m all yours… *licks his way up Reed’s neck*
Reed: All mine, you’re right. Um, um…. Oh yeah, the title. Be My Alien. Pretty cute, don’t you think?
Taz: Mmhmmm, you’re very cute.
Reed: Not me, the title *blushes*
Taz: Oh, that’s not bad. Those two earth women seem to be able to put words together rather nicely, don’t they?
Reed: Better than me at times. Oh babe, you gotta quit that, or I might…
Taz: I’m wearing those special—
Reed: Oh lord, from the shop? *groans* Oh yes, my shop. I have my own business, I should mention that. A Touch of Class. Here in New York. I mean there… I mean… Taz, please be careful, you’re right over my—
Taz: I know, Reed…  I know… *silences him with a kiss*

End of part one, to be continued…

****Julie says Under 25 comments, 1 winner, between 25 and 50, 2 winners, over 50 4 winners, anything from my backlist. 100 comments and someone gets a $15 Amazon GC. Sooo leave your email and tell EVERYONE you know to comment! 

Here is her latest book...

Blurb: Scott’s a young man at the end of his rope—rejected by his lover, disrespected by his parents for being who he is, life doesn't seem worth living. When he unexpectedly wins a trip to Hawaii, including an invitation to a special Christmas party, it seems like the solution to everything. The final solution.

Grigori’s a demon with ambition—that ambition being to rise in the hierarchy of Satan's minions.  When he senses that something of the supernatural sort is happening in a strange house in Hawaii, he smells opportunity, and he's on it!

Christmas in Hawaii just got a whole lot hotter!

Excerpt:  What he saw was the most beautiful man he’d ever seen in his entire life. At least, not in person. He didn’t count the pretty men that he lusted after on the movie screen. Those men didn’t count—they were actors, they were playing a role, and they were far away, while this man was right here and right now.  And quite beautiful.
He had the most liquid brown eyes Scott had ever seen, like pools of melted chocolate. The longer he stared into them, the more he lost the ability to speak. But at the moment, conversation seemed to be optional. Scott decided he’d just watch this veritable god pass by, and maybe just drool over him a little. Or a whole lot. And then turn and watch him walk away, and sneak a peek at what was undoubtedly an amazing ass. It would be a very lovely final image to take with him.

Except that it didn’t work like that at all.

The man didn’t walk by him. He stopped directly in front of him. The gorgeous stranger held out his hands toward Scott, palms up. Scott felt the rhythm of the native drums echoed by his pounding heart. That and this man’s proximity.  Both were wreaking havoc with his brain. Both brains. Without hesitation, Scott slid his hands inside the other’s.

Walking backwards, Grigori drew Scott along with him, onto the dance floor. This had been an entirely impromptu move on his part. The insistent pounding of the drums echoed in his own heartbeat. He felt incredibly alive, exhilaratingly so. And irresistibly drawn to Scott, for reasons he didn’t bother to analyze.
 They fell into step together, an impromptu tango with a distinctively Hawaiian twist. Scott was grateful for the dance lessons he’d taken. They’d been intended as a couple’s exercise, something to sweeten his and Todd’s relationship, but Todd had backed out at the last minute. Since they were already paid for, the practical Scott had gone alone. And now his thriftiness was paying off.

Scott now knew the beautiful man’s name—Grigori. He’d whispered it into Scott’s ear, just before he’d kissed that ear softly. Scott had mumbled his in return.

Despite having taken the lessons, Scott was unsure of himself at first. But under Grigori’s skilful tutelage, he found himself gradually relaxing. He followed the subtle cues that Grigori’s fingers imparted to him, as the tango worked its sensuous magic upon him.

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Julie Lynn Hayes was reading at the age of two and writing by the age of nine and always wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Two marriages, five children, and more than forty years later, that is still her dream. She blames her younger daughters for introducing her to yaoi and the world of M/M love, a world which has captured her imagination and her heart and fueled her writing in ways she'd never dreamed of before. She especially loves stories of two men finding true love and happiness in one another's arms and is a great believer in the happily ever after. She lives in St. Louis with her daughter Sarah and two cats, loves books and movies, and hopes to be a world traveler some day. While working a temporary day job, she continues to write her books and stories and reviews, which she posts in various places on the internet. Her family thinks she is a bit off, but she doesn't mind. Marching to the beat of one's own drummer is a good thing, after all. Her published works can be found at Dreamspinner Press, and MuseitUp Publishing, and she has also begun to self-publish at various places on the Internet.


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