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Day 8 Michael's Bash - MA Church

Okay, part two of the post about m/m aliens! Woot, let's listen to MA Church!

Hey y’all, and welcome back for part 2 of Taz and Reed’s interview. My name is M.A. Church, but call me Michelle. Julie Lynn Hayes and I are writing a series of books that start with our novella Be My Alien. We’ve subbed the book and are just waiting to hear something. *fingers crossed* We plan for the rest of the series to be novel length.
So, when we left last time, Taz and Reed were… what? *looks at Sharita* Oh my God, they did what? Are you kidding me? Oh man, Sharita, I’m sorry! I knew Julie and I shouldn’t have… huh?
Julie: Damn, we missed it. I bet nothing we saw was as hot as them two.
Michelle: *grins at both Sharita and Julie* So you got to see the stripes, Sharita? *snort* Yeah, I know.  Hehehe. Love me some sexy aliens. And oh, look who finally decided to show up. Hey boys, come on in. We were just talking about y’all.
Reed: *looks at Taz* Michelle has that look in her eye.
Taz: So does Julie. *whispers* Do you think they know?
Reed: *shrug* So what if they do?
Taz: You’re right, let them know. I think they know everything about us as it is, don’t they?
Reed: They know stuff about us you wouldn’t believe… *shakes his head*
Taz: *coughs discreetly* Maybe they should go to another strip show? Take her with them? *points at Sharita*
Michelle: *glances at both Sharita and Julie* I think we can take a hint, can’t we, ladies? C’mon. Oh wait. *turns back* First round’s on you. *holds out her hand*
Taz: *turns to Reed* I don’t see anything on you?
Reed: *grumbles as he reaches for his wallet* Later, babe. *hands them a few bills* Stuff some g-strings for us, willya?
Julie: You got it, tiger.
Taz: Wait, he’s not—
Reed: Let it go, babe, just let it go. Wave bye-bye to the nice ladies.
Taz: *waves even as he climbs back onto Reed’s lap* Now where were we?
Reed: Talking to the readers. That’s where we were. Remember?
Taz: Oh yes. We told them how we met. Did we tell them about ourselves though?
Reed: What do you mean?
Taz: Well, I’m from the planet Trygos, the most important planet in the Trygos galaxy, and only one of two planets capable of sustaining life. The other planet is Haatmiess. When Trygosheans put someone down, they say they’re like a Haatmiess, which is considered a major insult. My full name is Fabrintazo, Taz for short. I’m about 5'11" in your earth measurements, and I have a wiry, muscular build. My hair is a mixture of red and orange and brown and it’s long and luxurious, and reaches below my shoulders.
Reed: That’s very true. He often twists it into a braid and lets it flow loose over his back. He’s very acrobatic and he loves heights. Which scared the hell out of me at one point in the book. Taz has cat green eyes and purrs when he's pleased. *smiles* I make him purr often.
Taz: Yes, you do. Reed’s full name is Reed Hatcher and he’s about my height and build. He has very light brown hair that tends to bleach out in the warmer months and he has the most beautiful hazel eyes. Oh! And he has this cute little dimple in his cheek too. The one on his face, not the other one. Though that’s cute, too.
Reed: *blushes* Babe, too much information.
Taz: *grins* And he’s a business owner, too. A very important man in his world.  *nods head* And in his business, he has a back room that sells very special things. I like the back room.
Reed: I actually have a degree in elementary education, but I never taught. My parents moved to Florida and I ended up here in New York.
Taz: Thank the stars you did! *frowns* Should we tell them about Vorlod?
Reed: What’s to tell? The bastard’s no longer here on Earth and can’t bother you anymore.
Taz: Well, he was the reason I was here on Earth to begin with.
Reed: We should save that story, though, don’t you think? Can’t spill all the beans, now can we?
Taz: *glances around the floor* I don’t think we spilled anything.
Reed: *rolls his eyes* You’re right, we didn’t. What was I thinking?
Taz: *eyes him suspiciously* Are you having fun with me?
Reed: Not yet, babe, but I intend to, I promise you. Should we leave or wait for the ladies to get back.
Taz: That depends. Are we going to make love?
Reed: You betcha.
Taz: *grins even broader, stripes appearing on his neck* Then let’s go now and, how did you put it, avoid the rush hour?
Reed: *tries not to laugh* Close enough. *fastens their lips together, he rises, Taz clinging to him, and they make their way from the room. Moments later, the ladies return*
Michelle: Oh shoot, they’re gone.
Sharita: Where do you think they went?
Julie: *laughs* I can guess, I bet you can too, eh, Michelle?
Michelle: *laughs too* Three guesses, and the first two don’t count. I swear, keeping those two supplied in lube…
Julie: Is a full time job.
Michelle: Oh well, I guess we’re done here now, right? *waves* Bye everyone!
* * * *
Hope y’all enjoyed meeting the characters from Be My Alien! For my giveaway I’m doing a PDF copy of Nighttime Dreams, my latest release. The first book is called Nighttime Wishes. https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-nighttimewishes-790160-143.html

The second book is Nighttime Dreams, and there is one more book in the series coming soon: Nighttime Promises.

Bryan, a simple country sheriff, is ready to shoot someone and hide the body. One particular homophobic FBI agent is really pressing his buttons. Along with that he finds himself in the middle of an FBI investigation revolving around a recent UFO crash landing, is questioned about a missing friend targeted by the FBI, and makes first contact with the very alien the FBI is hunting.

Daroshi, a Ma’Rairan warrior, has fulfilled his obligation to his species, and is ready to mate. As second in command he monitored the rescue of his captain who crashed on Earth while collecting his mate, and witnessed the confrontation between a country sheriff name Bryan and his captain. Impressed by how courageously the brawny human male handled meeting a fully armed alien warrior, Daroshi asks permission to take Bryan as a mate.

Neither male is ready for the problems that come with Daroshi’s decision, nor the passion that explodes between them.

Ziang and Daroshi transported down into Bryan’s backyard. The night was pitch black, the moon hid behind layers of fluffy clouds. Branches in the trees danced soothingly to gentle breezes. An abundance of shrubs moved silently in the quietly swirling wind. Bryan’s small house was set away from the main road and deep in the woods, alone and isolated. Much like the owner.
“Interesting set-up he has.” Daroshi looked around. “Bit cut off, though.”
“That’s good for us. The last thing we need is more attention, and that FBI agent showing up,” Ziang said. “I want this to go clean and fast.”
“True. Of course, if he did show up, we could give him to Haya.”
“I don’t like the human, but I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy.” Ziang tapped the communications device on his wrist, loading in their landing coordinates. “Since Bryan is a law enforcement officer, set your weapon to low stun, just in case.”
“Ziang, I don’t want to stun him if it can be avoided.”
“Neither do I, but Shawn’s words keep replaying in my head. Most bullets won’t hurt us, but then, Bryan isn’t most humans. I’m sure he has other weapons in his house that could be dangerous.”
“But their weapons are so primitive.”
“That may be, but primitive can wound just as easily as advanced. Set your stunner to low, and use only if needed.”
“Yes, sir.”
“I’ll distract him, and you unarm him, if necessary. I know you don’t want me touching him.”
“No more than you’d want my hands on Shawn.”
“Understood. And no, I wouldn’t.”
“Should we activate our invisibility?”
“No, it’s dark enough. If we just appear, we may scare him even more.”
They crept around the house, moving carefully though the darkness. Both activated their face shields for night vision. They blended with the night, silent hunters that became one with the darkness and shadows; predators with a mission. The prey was inside, unaware of what was closing in on him. Ziang opened his wrist weapon and pinpointed Bryan in the house by his body heat. He motioned for Daroshi to follow him to the back of the house. They’d enter through the back door in the kitchen. As they passed the open window, Daroshi came to a stop when he heard Bryan’s comment about his hand and a big red dildo.
His body came alive and his tentacles jerked against his back. A low growl of desire slipped out. Ziang immediately sliced his hand through the air, calling for silence. Daroshi couldn’t help himself; the very image of Bryan working a dildo up his ass inflamed him and sent his desire for the human spinning out of control. Daroshi respected this human’s bravery and his dedication to an often thankless job, but now there was more. He could scent Bryan’s arousal. The scent was unlike anything he’d ever smelled, sharp and musky. From the depths of his soul the word mine exploded in his head. He wanted Bryan with a passion he hadn’t felt, ever, and he’d do whatever it took to ease him into his new life.
In his excitement, he made a rookie mistake. As he passed the window, he didn’t bend down low enough to conceal himself.
* * * *
Bryan sat at the table, waiting for the cookies to bake, when he heard a low growl, quickly smothered, outside the window. He’d heard something very similar, and not long ago. It wasn’t a sound he’d ever forget. Every hair on his body stood up, adrenaline spiked, and his heart kicked into high gear. A cold flush spread though his body. From the corner of his eye, he caught the blurry shape of something moving under the window. He glanced at the back door and his stomach cramped. It was unlocked. There was no way he could lock it before the intruder busted through. And if he was right, and what was out there was what he thought it was, a wood door wasn’t going to stop it. Plus, the window was open.
Calmly he stood and reached for the drawer by the stove. His off-duty weapon was stored there. He grabbed the taser, too. Why was the alien back and sneaking around his house? If it was the alien that Shawn left with, why not just show itself? He’d seen it before, so why act like this? He’d seen lights in the nighttime sky shortly after Shawn left with his alien, but he assumed they were monitoring the situation, to make sure all was okay before they left. It never crossed his mind they were watching him. Why would they be watching him? Another unsettling thought hit Bryan. Had something bad happened to Shawn? If that was Shawn’s alien, and he wasn’t sure it was, had it returned to let him know? But that was silly; he couldn’t communicate with it like Shawn could.
What the hell was going on?
The handle on the back door turned slowly. Bryan tried to slow his breathing; he was sucking air and that wasn’t good. The door eased opened, an inch at a time. He held his ground as the door opened and he found himself staring at a seven and half foot alien… again.

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