Friday, November 30, 2012

Final Day of Michael's 70K Bash - Michael Mandrake

Good afternoon! This has been a wonderful experience to have all these awesome authors stop by and do posts, promos, and giveaways to you the readers! Its been AMAZING and I'd like to thank each and everyone of them for being her to celebrate 70k with me!

Let me do a little promo of my own on the next book to come out after I Like Em Pretty in late December. It's already written so expect it to come out perhaps in early to mid 2013 from No Boundaries Press!

Under the Gun was a different avenue for me. I mean, yes two alpha males looking for love and partnership but the eroticism was a different turn for moi, the stuffiest of the 3 muses. Never would I have dreamt to have two men so into guns and making it part of their sex life but that's not the main story or the plot. What makes Under the Gun Hardy and Day stand out is how these PI's are conflicted in every case with subjects that relate so closely to their own personal hangups. They're faced with tough decisions every day that put their reputation as a new PI agency on the line. This couple battles as one to assist those in need and come to grips with issues in their own lives while having a little fun in the process. This is Hardy and Day, Under the Gun. 

Hardy and Day return in their first ever case as a couple and working team.

After Malik has successfully completed the tests to be a PI, Camdyn moves him into his home and office, changing everything to suit his new lover. Malik is still dealing with disapproving parents but this doesn’t stop him from enjoying his newly found relationship.

Their first case? A millionaire checking out a potential man for his daughter. He wants him followed, everything checked to the letter before he allows them to marry. What Hardy and Day find out is something close to each one of their hearts. A man, still looking for acceptance because he is actually gay.

Because of the sensitivity of this case, both Hardy and Day are faced with a difficult decision. Do their job as PI’s and out him to the father thus breaking the girl’s heart? Or helping the man understand his life course is not a choice but instead, how he was born and to accept it?

Unedited excerpt

With a smile on his face, Malik pressed the disconnect button. Just the sound of his lover’s voice made his cock strain against his zipper. He couldn’t wait to be in Camdyn’s arms again, caressing, kissing, licking, that beautiful tanned and tattooed body from head to toe. Malik was taken hook, line, and sinker by the private investigator and wouldn’t allow anything to stand in the way of their happiness.
In a rush, he grabbed the last of his things he’d left behind when moving out in haste. Too bad his parents wouldn’t come around about his orientation and choice to wear it proudly on his sleeve.
“Malik!” Louise Day yelled from the bottom of the staircase. Even though his mom and dad weren’t about to change their minds, he still loved them.
They brought me into this world after all!
“Comin’ ma.” Malik zipped his duffel and sprinted down just before he bumped into his mother. Her stern brown eyes caught his gaze.
“Malik, I hope you change you mind about coming to church with us next Sunday. We want you to talk with Pastor Johnson.
Upon hearing that, Malik grimaced and gripped his bag tighter. “No thanks, mom. I won’t be up in time. Cam and I…”
“No, no, don’t!” She held up her hands in front of his face and shook her head furiously. “I don’t want to hear about your−”
“Lover? He drew up his lips and rolled his eyes. “Look mom, I told ya’, there’s no changin’ me, okay? I was born gay and always will be. I’m in love. Why the hell can’t you be happy for me?”
“Don’t talk to your mother in that kind of tone, Malik,” she scoffed. “You’re sinning against God, willingly. You need to repent for your sins.”
Malik looked away from his mother and down at his shoes. “I do everyday mom and I also thank him for bringing me a man who loves me. My Lord and savior is Jesus Christ and he loves everyone, regardless of what sexual orientation they are.”
Louise shook her head. “Jesus doesn’t like homosexuals. In the bible it talks about Sodom and Gomorrah and men lying with men. He doesn’t appreciate that kind of behavior, Malik!”
As she continued to talk, Malik drifted away from this conversation and to the days that lie ahead. He needed to get his head into passing the exam to be a PI so the Hardy and Day PI company could officially open. Right now all he could do was help Camdyn with paperwork and that bored the hell out of him. He needed to get home and study.
After I have some fun with my man.
“Malik…Malik… are you listening to me?” Louise grabbed his arm and shook it.
He acknowledged her with a nod. “Yes ma’am, every word.” Malik kissed her cheek and walked in the other direction. “I’ll call you soon, m’kay? Tell dad I said hi.” Quickly, he closed the door and ran out the house to jump into Camdyn’s black Corvette.
Damn he needed to get away from his mother something fierce right now before he exploded. Never would he disrespect her but he could care less about her ideas about God and his supposed hatred of fags.
My God loves everybody!
Attempting to get the intense talk from his mother out of mind, he turned on the sound system. Right away, Camdyn’s country music disc blared from the speakers, making Malik wince. “Ugh, oh no, baby. Your choice in music won’t do right now!” When he arrived at a stop light, he pushed eject and reached over into the CD holder on the sun visor. He couldn’t see what he put his hands on but he hoped it was something to get his mind off Momma Day.
When the sounds of Lamb of God’s guitars blasted through the speakers, he smiled wide and tapped his fingers on the steering wheel. “That’s more like it.” He placed his sunglasses over his eyes and sped away the moment the light changed.
Malik had been a metal music fan since his early teens thanks to his best friend in freshman year of high school who turned him on with some classic AC/DC and Alice Cooper. Mom and dad had a problem with his choice of listening material but Malik never let it bother him and attended concerts with Bryan until they graduated.
Seemingly Eldon and Louise never liked too many of the choices Malik made but they’d have to get over it.
It’s just the way I am and they’ll have to accept it.

****Hope you enjoyed the bash. Today i'm giving away a copy of Under the Gun  and TM2 to 2 lucky commenters. We'll announce all winners on Sunday!


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