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Final Day Michael's 70K Bash - Raine Delight

Good morning! Welcome to the Final Day at Michael's! Woohoo, it's been fun. We close it out with a fab author, Raine Delight who writes some hot paranormal erotica romance! Here she is to talk about her series for Devon Falls!

Step into Devon Falls
Raine Delight
Welcome to Devon Falls, a little town that loves paranormal and romance. I created Devon Falls as a town where love and fate collide with paranormal creatures that we read about daily. From shifters of all kinds to dream walkers, all paranormal are welcome in Devon Falls. When I began writing about Devon Falls, I was never anticipating the response readers gave me overall on it. They clamored for more books on the people there and many have said they want to know where it is to visit. *grins* Hate to say it, Devon Falls is all my imagination but the people there welcome you whenever you open one of the books.
The official introduction to Devon Falls found in most of the books in the beginning is this:
Welcome to Devon Falls, founded in 1784 by the four founding families with one goal: to find a place where they can live without the threat of their “special” gifts coming to light. The Stevens families were master bakers from France and had an affinity to magic, the Dracon families ran a hotel in London and were shape shifters of varying degrees, Sinclair family mastered the art of building in Germany and were able to dream walk, and the Craven family were master musicians from Russia and were able to manipulate the elements. Each family contributed something different and with each family’s gift, they soon found the freedom and contentment in the new town they called Devon Falls. As the years went by, each family grew and expanded and soon love gave way to some very special matches every few centuries. Now the time has come again in Devon Falls as this year some very special people find their path to love, passion and a blinding romance that will leave them breathless.
Welcome to Devon Falls and be amazed at the love that finds some of the most unlikely of people.
Each Devon Falls book except the last five are centered on a holiday. The books are stand alone but loosely connected either thru plot or characters. I recommend reading them in order to understand recurring characters and how they are entwined with each other.  I also decided that each book gives a little hint of what the next one may be about main character wise. *grins* I want readers’ to try to figure out who may be in the “hot seat” next. :)
The series goes as follows:
Sticky Magic (Book 1) ~ Christmas Theme (Main Characters- Jenna Stevens and Marc Du Bree)
Red Hot Magic (Book 2) ~ Valentine’s Day (Main Characters: Raven Demarco & Jean-Claude LaFever)
Fiery Magic (Book 3) ~ 4th of July (Main Characters- Alicia Stevens and Damien Dracon)
Haunting Magic (Book 4) ~ Halloween (Main Character-Jaxon Sinclair and Rodrick Dracon)
Moonlight & Magic (Book 5)- Halloween (Main Characters- Dixie Stevens and Michael Barnes)
Upcoming stories:
Mistletoe Magic (Book 6)-Christmas (Main Characters-Grady O’Neil & Fae Lord Kalen) *please note this one will be a M/M story*
A Devon Falls Wedding (Book 7) (Main Characters-Jenna Stevens and Marc DuBree)
A Devon Falls Wedding will finish the storyline of Jenna and Marc’s romance and introduce the Craven Family Siblings to the readers. One chapter closes and a new one begins when I focus solely on those four siblings.
The Craven Siblings are as follows:

Maxwell who is a Fire Elemental (Oldest)
Selena who is a Air elemental (Middle child)
The twins- Jorge (Earth elemental) and Lynx (water elemental). The twins might be one book but until I begin that one I am not sure. I am seeing something with that one but it isn't clear yet in my head.

Book 8- Heaven’s Fires-featuring Maxwell who is a Fire Elemental (Oldest)

Book 9- The Air We Breathe- featuring Selena who is a Air elemental (Middle child)

Book 10- Rock Steady- featuring Jorge (Earth elemental) (Twin to Lynx)

Book 11- Waves of my Desire- featuring Lynx (Water Elemental) (Twin to Jorge)

The Elemental Magic arc will finally end the series with a total of 11 books in total. We will meet the elemental mage siblings, The Cravens famly, in the upcoming A Devon Falls Wedding. I anticipate these will be out in late 2013 or 2014 and suggest you follow my blog ( or facebook (AuthorRaine-Delight) page to get sneak peeks and other news on my work.
All of Devon Falls books are through Secret Cravings Publishing and you can find them at Amazon Kindle, All Romance Ebooks, Bookstrand, Barnes & Nobles and other fine online retailers.

**Sounds like an awesome series! Raine is giving away copies from her backlist and swag to a lucky commenter!

Devon Falls 1: Sticky Magic
Paranormal Erotic Romance (M/F)
Secret Cravings Publishing

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Tagline:  A chance meeting at a sweet shop...Can it be love?

Blurb:  Jenna Stevens wasn’t looking for love nor did she believe it would walk into her life one holiday season. Marc du Bree needs to find his destined mate so he can take over the family duties from his father. Meeting Jenna, Marc finds the connection he has been searching for. Can he convince this gun shy woman that his love is indeed true?
Adult teaser:
Groaning, Marc couldn’t believe the erotic picture he saw with Jenna sliding her hands up around his cock. Closing his eyes in the ecstasy of her touch and talented tongue had him almost coming right then and there if not for sheer will power on his behalf.

“Please, sweetheart, enough, or I am going to come all over myself.” Marc huskily said as he pulled her up along himself.

Jenna leaned down and kissed him sweetly as she sat up and positioned herself over his straining cock. She tenderly slid down inch by inch, and his hardness was welcomed in the velvet wetness of her pussy, gripping him in anticipation only he could deliver. Groaning, Marc restrained himself from slamming into her as his eyes started to light up again.

Soon, he was encased in Jenna’s pussy and as she began to get her rhythm, Marc teased her nipples with light tugging and teasing, forcing a husky, desire-laden groan from her. “Let it go, mia cara. Let me feel you come over my cock.” Marc said as he heard, then felt, her orgasm scream through her. Feeling her pussy walls tighten and grip his cock had Marc thrusting faster until he moaned with desire as his orgasm literally overflowed Jenna’s pussy.

Panting softly, Jenna slumped over his body, exhausted and still trembling from the effects of their joining. She turned her head and kissed Marc’s shoulder as she tumbled into sleep.

“Ahhh, cara mia, you delight me.” Marc said as he ran a hand from the nape of her neck to her hip. Making sure she was comfortable, he tumbled off to sleep as well, content in knowing she was right there beside him forever.

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