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Saturday Sips - I Like Em Pretty Almost Complete - R Excerpt

Good morning! 

Merry Xmas to everyone. 

Just wanted to update all of you on the status of I like Em Pretty!

Almost finished!


Me and Shar had to do more research and got a couple of kinks worked in the story so we can proceed with the last few thousand words.

The story is over 60k now and looks to be about 65-66

Far cry from the 45k we anticipated!

Shar was bust working and Xmas shopping so there was no Saturday Sip this past week.

Since its Xmas, I'll share a little more with you today

Blurb: New Orleans is supposed to be the big easy. One night changes everything for Frankie Choteau.

New Orleans. A city rich in tradition, diversity, and on the comeback trail from hurricane Katrina. Francois “Frankie” Choteau, a resident of this town, a cop with a hot temper and low tolerance for bs. Kajika Fortier, a transplant from Oklahoma came here looking for a dream and unfortunately it’s turned into a nightmare. On a hot summer night, they meet and cross paths during a very difficult situation. Despite this, the attraction between them is evident and loneliness for both men is a fate worse than death. They’d both like a chance at happiness but the cost might be too high of a price to pay.

Here's a little of the very long love scene in the book!

Unedited Rated R

Frankie set the bags down in the corner by the window and waltzed back over slowly to embrace Kajika. Wanting him, he wrapped his arms around his waist and buried his nose into his neck, smelling the CK One he’d come to love. He smelled so good as always, good enough to taste and lick. “Kajika, I want you now,” he growled and nuzzled further down until he reached his collarbone. He added a series of generous licks along with soft bites on his skin, leaving small red marks on his honey tanned flesh.
“Ooh Frankie. I been waitin’ for this…for…oohhh shiit…baby!” Kajika grabbed the back of his neck and caressed it, rubbing the tension from his muscles.”
Hands roaming all over Kajika’s lithe frame, he pressed him against the wall and crushed his body with his own. In a swift move, he switched from the soft pecks on his flesh to subtle tongue tangling. Passionately, they explored each others mouths while both attempted to begin remove clothing piece by piece. Kajika went first, pushing him away so he could yank his own shirt over his head. Once he revealed the top of that gorgeous body, Frankie wished to go further down and enjoy the taste of his new man but damn did he want to be inside him. That would have to be enjoyed a little later.
While their mouths were still connected, Kajika unbuttoned his jeans, one by one, seductively as if he was putting on a show. When they fell to the floor in a pool around his ankles, Frankie noticed he wasn’t going commando as he usually was. Surprised to see boxer briefs, he stared at him starry eyed while Kajika toed the pants off and removed his loafers. “Wearin’ underwear these days?”
Kajika grinned and wrapped his muscular arms around Frankie’s neck. “I needed to wear more so it’ll give ya’ more to take off. Plus ‘member what I said about playin’ at ya’ pace?”
“God babe you are too much!” Frankie’s whisper throaty and his groin filled a little more with each touch of this man’s body. Especially now with his hands groping Kajika’s backside, searching for the small puckered hole he’d dreamt of licking and sucking for the longest of time. When he found it, he couldn’t resist, moistening the tip of his finger and probing the tight space to prepare for his entry.
“Mmhmm, Frankie, want cha’ there. God do I want cha’ there!”
“And I wanna be there…now…” Frankie brushed his lips against Kajika’s until his lover captured them between his own and bit the bottom lip. Kajika’s teeth on him sent a rush of heat to his midsection and his nipples pebbled underneath his t-shirt. Wanting to pick up the pace, he gripped Kajika’s arms and brought them down between them, guiding him forward until they reached the edge of the bed. Impatient, he gave Kajika a gentle shove and he bounced off the mattress, driving the pots of the bed into the wall.
Hope our next door neighrbor ain’t home!
In reality, Frankie could’ve cared less. Surely whoever was in there would be getting quite an earful now and for the duration of time they stayed here. He toed his shoes off and hovered over Kajika, rubbing his crotch against his, making himself harder by the second. His breath caught in his chest and heart pounding, he leaned into him, pressing his lips on top of Kajika’s.
Kajika pulled his shirt up and ran his hands over the small of his back, digging his nails into his skin while pushing upwards to meet his hard thrusts. He wrapped his bare legs around Frankie’s waist, binding Frankie to him. “Ooh God Frankie, don’t make me wait any longer damnit. I want you inside me!”
Frankie only nodded, knowing he wanted that too but he had other plans. This was however their first time making love and he wanted to make it really special. Leave an indeliable mark on Kajika so he wouldn’t leave him for anyone else. Not wanting to stop, he reluctantly pulled away and tossed the shirt from over his head. While Kajika circled his right nipple with his tongue, Frankie struggled with his pants, attempting to take them off without having to move from this spot. When Kajika noticed, he ceased his affections a minute and Frankie achieved his task. He kicked them off the bed and pushed his tongue in between Kajika’s lips once more and rammed the head of his covered cock into Kajika’s buttocks.
“Damnit Frankie,” he growled and massaged his shoulders and back some more. “Stop bein’ such a tease!”
Frankie only grinned happy he was making his lover suffer a little. No question he was just as hot but this would be payback for the episode after his dance routine weeks ago. He fingered Kajika’s long black locks, raking the strands while he tried lossening the holder.
That hair!
Frankie wanted to see it loose and flowing while they made love. It was more than just a turn on, it was a necessity.
Kajika helped him and tossed it aside while they continued to devour one anothers mouths. Frankie stopped again again and peeked at his lover’s swollen lips, admiring the shape and color of them after such a passionate embrace.
Kajika’s wild brown gaze met his and Frankie dipped his head low when Kajika tried to kiss him again. Sike! Frankie loved this little game of cat and mouse. Not so much for his lover, who groaned when he didn’t get what he ultimately wanted. Going lower, he traced Kajika’s flesh with the tip of his tongue, tasting every bit of his skin. Salty, slightly tangy, the bodywash stung a little but Frankie could care less. It didn’t deter his arousal not one bit.
Kajika reached for the table and aimed to grab the supplies waiting to be used.
When Frankie noticed, he promptely grabbed Kajika’s wrists and pinned them to the pillow he was lying on.
“Ugh, Frankie, c’mon… damn you…” The frustration in his voice, he toyed with Frankie’s cock with his toes through the confines of his underwear.
“In a bit, babe,” he responded after biting Kajika’s nipple hard enough to make him yelp.
“Fuck, Frankie!” Kajika struggled with his grip and bucked off the mattress like a wild horse.
“Easy, baby…” Frankie knew he’d have to be inside him soon. His cock strained against the cotton material of his own boxer briefs, causing him much discomfort. Still, he wanted it this way, this long drawn own moment of foreplay to enjoy with Kajika. They’d waited over five weeks and might as well make the most of it. Ignoring Kajika’s complaints, he continued his descent on the man’s body, licking and sucking on every ripple of his abs, biting skin as he went along. He pinched Kajika’s nipples and turned them like radio dials, clockwise then in reverse until the tops of his own fingers hurt.
“Jeezus, I swear too God!” Kajika gnashed his teeth and slid up and down on the mattress covers. Finally, Kajika managed to break free of the hold and gripped onto the other pillow next to him.
“Mhmm, want me, don’cha?” Frankie glanced up at his lover, in complete ectasy and under his spell. When he arrived at his midsection, he sucked Kajika’s cock through the cloth. He released the clench on his nipples and slid the underwear downward to look at Kajika’s dick up close for the very first time. When revealed, Frankie’s breath hitched and he marveled at the beautifully clean cut cock, bare all the way to his balls. He nuzzled the side with his nose and inhaled Kajika’s personal musk. Same scent as what he smelled in his upper body, Frankie continued his afections while he probed Kajika’s tightness with his finger once again.
Still desiring more, Frankie held him down with one hand while the other busied itself inide of Kajika, enjoying the snug space and prepping it for his entry. He wanted to taste that too and exchanged the fingers in Kajika’s anus for his mouth and tongue. Pinning him with both hands, he lifted him up to get a better angle.
Kajika oblidged him and grabbed the pillow to sit on. He plopped his butt on top of them. “God, you’re makin’ me crazy!”
Frankie knew and he could tell by the size of Kajika’s erection, standing proudly between his legs. Regardless, he licked around the small crevice and penetrated it with the tip. To go deeper, he pried apart his legs, dipping inside again, enjoying Kajika’s ass just as he’d wanted to.
Seemingly overly aroused, Kajika massaged his own nipples and exhaled deeply, striving to keep his composure.
Frankie sucked the pucker and blew on the hole before allowing a small dollop of saliva to fall between Kajika’s ass cheeks.  He rubbed them together and gave them a light smack, leaving a red mark.
“God, yes, Frankie. You’re fuckin’ killing me!”
“I know,” he answered and slapped it again. “Payback is a bitch, huh,” 

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