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Wind Down Wednesday - I Like Em Pretty

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I'm stealing Rawiya's segment since it's about my book anyway and I know she won't mind.

The above video was part of a dance scene I wrote for Kajika Fortier in I Like Em Pretty in addition to the Janet Jackson song I Get So Lonely

I know you're shocked right? Me? The stuffy muse using R&B as a backdrop for a scene?

Er, well, geez I'm not THAT stuffy.


Have a sneak peak at the scene as well as the blurb.

Oh and, I'm about to write the love scene... whew *fans self* It shall be quite entertaining

Blurb: New Orleans is supposed to be the big easy. One night changes everything for Frankie Choteau.

New Orleans. A city rich in tradition, diversity, and on the comeback trail from hurricane Katrina. Francois “Frankie” Choteau, a resident of this town, a cop with a hot temper and low tolerance for bs. Kajika Fortier, a transplant from Oklahoma came here looking for a dream and unfortunately it’s turned into a nightmare. On a hot summer night, they meet and cross paths during a very difficult situation. Despite this, the attraction between them is evident and loneliness for both men is a fate worse than death. They’d both like a chance at happiness but the cost might be too high of a price to pay. 

Unedited excerpt

The game was a bore and Frankie wished he’d come out a lot earlier than now to see Kajika in action.
Maybe I shoulda taken him out to dinner then brought him back here for his performance?
Feeling slightly guilty about it, he leaned back in the driver’s seat and glanced at the club. “Eh well, too late. At least I’m here now though!” In a rush, he unhooked his seat belt and opened the door to a valet who looked him up and down.
“Well hello there sexy. Ain’t seen you here before.” The chocolate skinned man wearing a black bodysuit showed his pearly whites and licked his lips.
Frankie could only grin in response. “First time here.” He dropped the valet key in his hand and kept walking in the direction of the all black doors. Despite feeling the other’s man’s eyes on him, he nodded at the men and one of them opened it, letting him inside. At first glance, the place appeared to be a hole in the wall or like one of those gay biker or S&M clubs. No color on the hallway walls, a single window with a nice looking blond lady, dressed in a short red mini-dress there taking money and tickets. “Hiya sexy. You must be Kajika’s friend. He told me to look out for a hot looking man, caramel colored with beautiful brown eyes. Gimme ya’ hand so I can stamp the back of it.”
Frankie’s face hurt from smiling but he flashed it anyway and pulled on his collar. “Thank ya’, darlin’. So I guess I don’t need a password, then?”
“Naw sugah, you all good. Detective Choteau?”
“Uh huh. Thank you again, chere,” he nodded and another burly man waived him inside.
Once he did, N'awlins Exotica looked like a totally different place. Instead of the dank, seedy appearance it gave off in the foyer, the main ballroom looked classy. Despite his attraction to men and women of the beautiful variety, he’d never entered a strip club and only had interaction with a stripper at a co-worker’s bachelor party several years ago. This would be a new experience for him, being so close to the adult entertainment industry.
Instead of the all black paneling on the outside, the walls were covered in a burgundy with sconces about five feet apart. The floors, made of a hardwood, most likely bamboo throughout, and the tables dressed with the same wine colored cloths were filled with people of every variety, smoking, drinking, and seemingly having a great time.
“Frankie?” A hand gripped his shoulder tightly and a deep voice that accompanied it disturbed him from his trance.
“Yeah, I am. How did ya’ know my name?”
“Aw, honey, Kajika is my best friend. He told me to seat cha once ya’ showed up. Naomi Beneviere.” She held out her hand.
“Frankie Choteau,” he nodded and took it gladly. This lovely woman with a rather sultry voice, dressed in a long purple dress or robe, he couldn’t tell which, grip his hand escorting him through the crowd to a table on the right side of the stage.
“My pleasure and damn you are sexy just as Kaj says you would be!” She eyed him just as the valet had and suddenly Frankie felt like a piece of meat on a rotisserie.
“Thanks doll.” Frankie sat down and glanced at the others already occupying the space. All of them, older ladies that appeared to be senior citizens, dressed for bingo and not for this club. “Um…” He only waved at them, sort of nervously.
The greyest of them spoke, wearing a yellow hat on top of her silver bob cut. “Hiya gorgeous. You one of the dancers? You look like you could be.”
Frankie chuckled and removed his sport jacket. “No ma’am. I’m here to see one of them though.”
“Yeah? Well good for you, sweetie. We’re hopin’ our favorite man dances tonight. We heard Kajika was comin’ in after his lover killed himself. Sad really but at least he’s available,” she winked.
Frankie covered his eyes and smirked. “Yeah he is. Well let’s see if he’s here. I hope so, since I came to see him specifically.” Frankie didn’t want to go into a long conversation with her because he was still too embarrassed. All these ladies looked old enough to be his grandma!
God rest her soul.
“Oh really? Well, you dunno for sure? Ol’ Agnes here is complainin’ she’s ready to go if he’s not peformin’. We come in here right after bingo just to catch him every Thursday and if we’re able, we’ll catch him on Sundays after church dinner. The boy is smokin’ hot!”
“Mhm, he is…” The other ladies nodded in agreement and all gave Frankie denture filled or toothless smiles.
Attempting to stop himself from laughing, he said nothing further and turned around to face the stage. When he did, Naomi reappeared with a Heiniken in her hand.
“Here ya’ go sweetie. It’s on the house as is any thing else ya’ want,” she batted her eyelashes and sat on an empty stool next to him.
“Thanks much, Naomi. Appreciate yer hospitality.” Frankie was glad she joined him at the table with these old biddies. At least now he had someone close to his age group to converse with.
Not that I’ll be talkin’ a lot when Kajika’s on stage.
“Ya’ll doin’ okay, ladies? Everyone good? Been to the bathroom, need water…” Naomi called to all of them.
Frankie didn’t bother turning around. This whole moment was quite surreal. In a club, a strip club at that with a bunch of older women and a transsexual.
Never woulda guessed.
Frankie sipped his beer and grinned, trying to hold it all in while Naomi chatted up the seniors. When his phone buzzed in his pocket, he lifted it out and glanced at the screen.
Ready for me? Kajika XOXOXOXOXO
“Hells yeah, babe,” he mouthed, making sure no one else heard him. He didn’t want to engage in any further conversation with the mature women so he kept his thoughts to himself. Anticipation rising, he gulped a good portion of his beer and held on to it while leaning on his knees.
The lights went down and the crowd clapped loudly when the curtain opened to a tall white gentleman dressed in a tuxedo came out from behind.
“Thank you friends. So, are you ready for our next to last act?”
The crowd’s reaction was yeah’s and loud claps. Frankie wondered did anyone know that Kajika was the next to last performance. Most likely not since they didn’t seem to thrilled. When they talked, Kajika boasted of his popularity at this place and how he was usually the headliner.
Perhaps it’s a surprise.

*** Hope you enjoyed. Yes, I gave you the buildup to the dance scene. Well, I can't show you everything! You won't want to read it. *sulks* Maybe I'll share a small part this coming Saturday on the sip. Until then...

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