Friday, January 11, 2013

Updates: I Like Em Pretty and...

Greetings friends! Here's an update on I Like Em Pretty M/M.

It will be later than anticipated. We thought we could have it out by Jan 31st but that's not feasible at this time. Right now, the timetable has changed to Mid to late Feb, early March. Why? Shar and I want to bring out the best possible book, well edited which you will enjoy a lot more than something that's rushed. 

I will however, be doing a short story for the paranormal side of this series which I still won't name until close to release day. Recall, my friend Judie S who wanted a story about twins who fell for a human? Well, we're going to push that up to be released on Feb 1st! The twins will be involved with the series of stories I'm doing with BL and Rawiya so stay tuned for all the details.

In the meantime, thanks for all the support and patience. Make sure to vote for BL at LRC for best contemporary and best GLBT author. and we're also running a contest on this link to win Candyman. No one knows who that man on the left sidebar is? I'm sure you will once you think about it further. Also, BL has some news about a short she's doing along with the Wretched. 

Busy, busy, muses. We refuse to let Shar rest! 

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