Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Mornin' Muse

Good morning

Once again, I'm using the beautiful Umid is my muse in a story

Right now, he's my twin vampires in the short I'm working on for reader Judie S called 
Mon Frere, My True Love.

I don't have a blurb yet but it's the story of a set of vampire twins, very different from one another who have a very special bond. Neither one knows about their feelings for one another but after almost three hundred years of avoiding the taboo, the two of them want to take their relationship to another level.

Ryland and Ryder Durand's story will be added to the Nola series as a paranormal special later on.

Here's a sneak peek.

Unedited excerpt

“Where is your lovely brother?” Ryder’s female companion leaned across the bar and traced her long red fingernails on the side of Ryder’s face.

Although busy with the numbers from the bar’s earnings for the month, he stopped a moment to savor the soft touch of this woman he’d been courting for the past few weeks. At times, he’d thought about making her the one he’d turn and keep for himself to share with Ryland but because Ryland wasn’t the least bit attracted to women, he refrained. “He’s at home as usual, Kyla.” Ryder set his pencil down and ran his own fingers over the cocoa brown flesh underneath her chin. He swallowed hard as he affixed his gaze upon the pulse in her neck, beating quickly in unison with her heart. It kept calling him to bite her right then and there. Ryland ignored the temptation and moved in closer to her, curling Kyla’s black coiled strands around his free hand while the other made a small mark on her throat to remind him exactly where he wanted to feed on her later on. “Tell me, what fascinates you about my brother, hmm, mon cherie? I am jealous over your feelings for him.”

In response to his question, Kyla laughed heartily and licked her full lips. She moved closer and stood up, revealing more of her chocolate rounded body to Ryder.  Clothed in a low cut and short black dress the accentuated every curve on her torso, Ryder fought with himself not to take her in the back and pleasure her until club’s opening. Instead, he looked away a moment to collect himself even as she pushed herself into him. Her bosom stared him in the face. “Don’t be, mon chere. I think the shyness is what attracts me to him, the mysteriousness,” she pronounced in her southern drawl. “Not only that, he’s talented, Ryder. I assume you’ve read his work.”

Ryder nodded his head in agreement. “Yes of course. My brother has a lot of talent with the proverbial pen and quite a way with words, more so than me,” he chuckled. “He wrote the sign above the back entrance as well. Many have told me how welcoming that paragraph is.” Ryder grinned at himself when he thought of that saying above the door. Venez, venez tous ceux dont les âmes ont été opprimés et battu. Vous êtes toujours les bienvenus ici dans l'obscurité. (Come one, come all whose souls have been downtrodden and trounced. You are always welcome here in the darkness.) Ryland was indeed a wordsmith and had gained quite a following with his stories but he hated the spotlight unlike Ryder who lived for it. “I’m proud of what he has accomplished but at times, you know, we have a rivalry. He doesn’t relish in it but I do.”

Kyla clicked her teeth. “Of course you do, lover.” Lightly, she pecked him on the head and smoothed the stray black strands on his scalp. “Ryder is a perfect name for the wilder soul as yourself Mr. Durand. Don’t be envious of him. You are a talent in your own right but I won’t lie to you and tell you I’m not interested in your brother.”

You wouldn’t be the only one.

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