Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Briefs #22

Good morning! I haven't done the Wednesday briefs in a while and since I have a new plot bunny budding, I thought I'd go on and participate this time around. The story is called Kat and Lacey, no not Cagney and Lacey from the old TV show. *laughs* It's a story about two young black men who've endured a tragedy and looking to move on. Two wayward heats that need one another!

This weeks prompt, Red Light

After a long night of prodding Katlin to come out the house and mingle amongst the people, Lacey finally convinced him to leave his daughter at home in Shanna’s capable arms and join him for a quiet dinner.

At Barracco’s pizza, they enjoyed good conversation, a pizza made for five, and a side order of bread sticks while making eyes at one another and exchanging subtle flirts. Lacey knew Katlin desired him but was too afraid to admit how he felt. After all, falling in love with a man was what caused him heartache not that long ago. Lacey understood his paranoia but wouldn’t allow that to be an excuse to hold them back from happiness.

“Kat?” Lacey stopped his car at a red light only blocks away from Katlin's Chicago South Loop apartment. “Listen, I know we been over this several times but…” he moistened his lips and looked down Kat’s large hands. Without a second thought, he grabbed one and put it to his lips, placing small pecks on his knuckles.

“Hey man, stop that! You want someone to catch us and beat us up? Cut it out!” Kat yanked his palm away and clicked his teeth. “Wait 'til we get home to be all sappy on me okay?”

Lacey sighed deeply and turned his attention back to the road. He was hurt by Kat’s refusal to listen or hold his hand especially after footing the bill for the evening. When the car behind him honked, he sped through the intersection like a bat out of hell to hurry to their destination. 

Hopefully Shanna and the baby would be tucked away in bed and they’d be ready to talk. They had so much to discuss and get out in the open after months of gestures and sexual tension. Despite all that, still no real action which upset Lacey more than anything.

“Hey slow down, man. I know you in a hurry but damn!” Katlin gripped his thigh, he gasped, and his eyes widened when Lacey narrowly missed hitting the car on his right. “Dude, come on, alright? I know you’re pissed. I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to snap but you know I got reasons!”

Lacey slowed down as he asked. “I get it, Kat, I really do but…” To calm himself, he inhaled the smell of Katlin’s cologne, taking pleasure in the strong scent. He hoped to be closer to Kat tonight. The back and forth between them was getting really old.

Once they arrived in front of Kat’s building, Lacey pulled the car over to the curb and pulled the gear shift to park. He leaned back in the seat and chose the words carefully, knowing he could set this man off at any time. I would have to be attracted to a hothead like me! 

"When we’re alone together, you’re fine, you let go of your fears and let me in just a little and then once we step out in the streets, you become a totally different person. I know it’s scary but we both know how we feel. I wanna be here for you, man, be close to you.” Lacey wrapped his fingers around Kat’s and slid them both out of plain sight. “You been hurting for too long, Kat. It’s time to move on.”

Kat laughed nervously and scratched his head with his freehand. “Easy for you to say, Lace. You haven’t suffered the hurt I have. You don’t know what it’s like to lose someone you loved more than anything and watch them die!”

“Bullshit! I do know, okay?” Lacey didn’t like that Kat made that assumption. They’d been talking for months but he hadn’t revealed that part of his past to Katlin just yet.

“How huh? How?” Katlin glared at him and snatched his hand away again, leaning in the other direction to get out the car. 

Lacey shook his head, not wanting to go through his own bit of tragedy just yet. Of course, it might bring the two of them closer but it had been a long time since he discussed his mother’s death with anyone.

Although years ago, Lacey recalled like it was yesterday and still cringed when he relived the events. However, if it meant making Katlin understand that he did actually know where he was coming from, he'd share his story and release a few tears. Anything at all to break down the wall Kaitlin Harris built around himself.

Lacey shrugged and turn the key on his ignition. “I’ll tell you once we get inside and I’m gonna say this now, if  shed a few tears, don’t you dare tell anyone because I will deny it!”

 Hope you liked that little bit. Enjoy the other authors flashing this week!

Nephylim m/m

Elyzabeth VaLey m/f

Chris T. Kat m/m

Cia Nordwell m/m

MA Church m/m

Victoria Adams m/f

Tali Spencer m/m

MC Houle m/m

Lily Sawyer m/m

Michael Mandrake m/m

Julie Lynn Hayes m/m


Nephylim Author said...

Hmmm. Interesting. Cute characters. I am ashamed to admit that I tend to drive like a crazy person when mad at whoever is in the car with me. Although... there are those who say i simply drive like a crazy person period. this has the potential to be a really nice story. i await developments

Elyzabeth M. VaLey said...

Quite a few questions there... Katlin lost someone, but how? He's reluctant to being seen with another man...why? will this change? And he also has a daughter...will she be important?
I feel sorry for Lacey... I hope Katlin can sort his problems and they can move on and be more open about their relationship. I'm looking forward to see where this goes.

lily sawyer said...

wonderful installment can't wait for more

Tali Spencer said...

I curious as a cat about these guys and their painful pasts. What happened to Katlin? And what happened to Lacey's mom? Perhaps they can find a way to share the pain and be open with each other.