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Welcome to the Backlist Bloghop - CONTEST!

Good morning! Welcome to the Backlist Bloghop! So glad you could join us for this weekend event! This is the 2nd one we've done and they've been successful. Hope you enjoy all the links everyone has to offer!

Why did I write True Meaning of Love in the first place? Well, I wanted a different story involving to characters from very different worlds are different stages in their life. London is an older man already successful, rich, and looking for that special someone to fall in love with while Brandon has unfortunately had some trials and tribulations and lives through his art. He says in the book that his painting saved him. He was able to convey all his feelings on the canvas. I feel the same. To me, this book is like my canvas to share with the world what I feel is the True Meaning of Love.

Never discriminates, it doesn’t pick and choose the perfect person for you to fall in love with. Also, when you find that person, what do you do to satisfy them and make them happy? Do you compromise or does one have more of a say so than the other.

In the first book, Brandon and London have a disagreement and when something occurs that migt separate them for good, they reconcile and learn what love truly means. Now, this one tells the more complete story if how they got together and the trials they went through to get to that point in their relationship. As it says, it’s a complete portrait whereas the first one is just a snippet into their lives.

I feel it fits in with your theme perfectly. A younger man who is almost two decades London’s junior who falls in love with him from the start. I love this book and these characters because they are so vastly different; two worlds coming together through a sweet and simple love story.

Blurb: Over fifty doesn’t mean too old to find love

London Davies desires a man to take care of and despite the advances of his former lover and partner James, he pushes on to search for another to make him turn in his bachelor badge.

Brandon McFerry has been abused and scarred for the duration of his life. His only saving grace is his talent with the paintbrush. Although he hasn’t made his big break in the industry, he pushes on in hopes that one of his paintings will capture the attention of his obsession: London Davies

This is a romance. The kind that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside with some hot smexy sex thrown in. An emotional story between two men of different backgrounds searching for the same happy ever after ending!

Here is an Excerpt!

Brandon and London sat on the couch together as the artist spoke at length about the methods he’d used during the creation of the painting. To Brandon, the object of his desire seemed very interested in everything he’d said. He hoped he didn’t bore him with his babbling. The last thing he wanted to do was make the man tire of him too quickly.
London poured some more of the Cristal into both glasses. He handed the flute back to Brandon. They’d finished half the bottle but for whatever reason, Brandon still felt nervous. He took it and tried his best not to spill it, his hand trembling slightly. “Um thank you.” He sipped a little from the glass.
“You’re welcome.” London lightly smacked Brandon on his kneecap. “Love, chill out, yeah? We’re here just having drinks. Relax.”
Brandon nodded and lay back against the cushions. How could he relax knowing he sat beside the man of his dreams? He took a whiff of London’s manly scent. A mixture of cologne and after-shave, as strong as he’d expected. When it infiltrated his nostrils, he felt himself hardening under the slacks. The goose bumps became rocks on his flesh. He was perspiring a little; he hoped his desired one wouldn’t notice. “I’m tryin’, it’s just...” Brandon bit his lip and set the glass on the coffee table in front of him. “Well, I’ve admired you for such a long time, London, and I... This is really a thrill for me.”
London chuckled and moved closer to Brandon. He took the artist’s palm into his. “I get that, but I’m just a man, like any other. I don’t walk on water. No second coming here, love.”
To Brandon McFerry, he did. London had captivated him for years and now his dreams about being on this sofa with him in private had come true. Deep down he wished he could take London into his arms and kiss him feverishly. He’d envisioned a moment like that too, but he refrained. They had just met. “I know,” he sighed and placed a hand on top of London’s. “Tell me. You really like the painting?”
“I do.” London placed an arm around the younger man’s shoulder. “In fact, it resembles a work of art I have at home. I’d love to take you there to see it tonight.”
Brandon looked at the owner with widened eyes.
Did he just say...?
Brandon thought he just heard London say he wanted him to see a painting he had back at his house.
Could it be? Could the man he’d seemingly desired forever be in possession of a work of art that belonged to him? “I… um.” He swallowed hard. “You want me to accompany you home, tonight?”
London held onto him a little tighter. “Yes, I, I hope that isn’t too forward, it’s just... I really do like you and I’d love to see if that painting is yours. Forgive me for moving too quickly but...”
“No, no, not at all I’m just a bit taken aback by this. I’d love to go, though.”
“Good. Then, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to be my date for the rest of the evening. If it weren’t opening night, I’d certainly just ask James to take over but, since it’s a big event…”
“Yes, yes, I understand. I have no issue with staying here late with you.”
He really didn’t. There was nowhere he’d rather be than here with London and to him, the owner wasn’t moving too fast at all. Just right in his eyes.
“Great, now.” London poured the last two glasses of the expensive beverage. “Let’s finish this off, shall we? Then we’ll go out amongst the people.”
Seeing London pour yet another glass of the champagne made Brandon wince. Truthfully, he’d already felt the effects after two glasses coming on quickly and he wished he didn’t have to drink anymore. However, he wondered if he refused London would that upset him. He took the glass. “Thank you very much.”
“And thank you again for the painting as well as your presence this night.” London toasted with Brandon, clinking their glasses together, before he drank the contents.
The painter nodded and did the same, hoping he’d be able to stay up for the duration of this evening.
I have to make a good impression on him if I want a chance at being part of his life.
Once they’d finished drinking the expensive bubbly, London led Brandon by the hand, back out to the main area. The hold London had on Brandon made his head swim, along with the wine.
He just couldn’t believe this. Him, Brandon McFerry, on the arm of London Davies, powerful businessman and owner of the new club, Fantasia. Many of his friends, especially Tyler, had told him to not get so wrapped up in this man, but how could he not? Even though he didn’t know much about the man, he’d long ago fallen in love with him from afar, and the fact that London expressed some interest in him made him happier that he’d never given up his dream of meeting him. 

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