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Wednesday Briefs #23

Greetings readers.

Here I am with another episode of Wednesday Briefs. 

Lately, I've been writing a lot of paranormal but I finally take a break with the last two briefs.

Here again is my characters Kaitlin and Lacey from my WIP Kat and Lacey which I hope to be writing in a month or so!

Prompt – Are you Crazy, you could have… (Kat and Lacey M/M)

Kaitlin led Lacey into his apartment with his bag of leftovers in hand, clutching it tightly. Just what does Lacey have to say? His eyes darted and shoulders tensed, Kaitlin Harris was scared to death to hear what his potential man had to tell him. What kind of secret was he holding on to? Kaitlin was sure it wasn’t anything as horrific as what he’d been through. That almost made him want to commit suicide but knowing he had a daughter to take care of, it stopped him from finishing the job.  

“Come on, man have a seat. Sounds like Shanna’s gone for the night…again…” he sighed. He hated when she left Larita in the apartment alone once she fell asleep. “Let me go check on her to make sure she’s okay.”

Lacey shook his head. “Damnit man, I don’t know why you don’t call DCFS on that girl. I know she’s like family but…”

“Save it, Lacey,” he snapped again and clicked his teeth knowing he hurt the man’s feelings once more. “Fuck, I’m…”

“Go check on your kid, man.” Lacey pushed passed him and went to the bathroom, slamming the door hard and making Kat jolt.


Disgusted by his and Lacey’s actions, Kat stomped to his daughter’s room and opened the door quietly so he wouldn’t wake her up. When he noticed her sleeping soundly, he tiptoed to the miniature bed and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. The moment he saw Larita’s face, all the tension and anger in him withered away. The more he looked at her, the more she favored DeMario instead of Shanna. Good thing too. He wanted to be reminded of his lover, the baby’s father he loved more than anything.

“Damn, DeMario. She looks more like you with each passing day.” Kat slowly stroked the girl’s back and patted her, remembering when Shanna was about to deliver. She and Larita almost didn’t make it but by the grace of God, they we’re saved.

Too bad, DeMario wasn’t around to see his daughter grow up.

“Jesus, Mario…” Kat rubbed the top of his scalp and dragged his hand to the back of his neck. “Listen man. I know you may not like it but, I gotta move on, man. I can’t keep living this straight boy lie, taking care of your baby momma and the baby. Tired of being lonely man. I gotta take a chance with Lacey. He's good people.” Kat nibbled on his bottom lip and closed his eyes tightly, remembering that awful day.

Immediately, the joy of seeing Larita’s lovely angelic expression dissipated and his mind replayed the worst time in his life as if on a DVD.

“No, damn…” Kat held himself tightly and the tears started to flow. He gulped hard and his heart started to race. “I… shi… no DeMario, you bastard… are you crazy, you could have been killed. And…” Kat sniffed and shook his head in disbelief… and you were, you stupid asshole!”
* * * *
It was a dark and stormy night with the rain coming down in buckets. Kat and DeMario quickly ran across the street, away from their chasers who seemed to have a bone to pick with DeMario and desired to settle the score. Their black clothes were soaked from head to toe after running almost three blocks when they stepped into a club just to have a beer.
Demario sucked in two breaths and wiped his forehead. “Think we lost them, dude.”
“Man, what did you do all those years ago,” Kat asked, huffing and trying to catch his breath.

DeMario laughed heartily and wrapped his arms around Kat. “Man, I played a practical joke on one of them in high school. They’ve never forgotten, I guess.”

Kat cocked and eyebrow while he shrugged away. No question even out in the rain, he wouldn’t want to be caught hugging his lover, especially on the south side of Chicago where faggots were as good as dead if they showed themselves. “What kind of joke?” Kat was afraid to hear it but DeMario was always the court jester in all their classes so he wasn’t surprised.

“Man, back in the day, I put a whoopee cushion on the football team captain’s seat,” he laughed.

“No you didn’t, jerk off!” Kat shoved him hard to the ground until DeMario fell over in a heap. While he laughed, he tripped Kat, causing him to fall right next to him on the sidewalk. “You ass, that’s not why they’re chasing us right now. What the hell did you do, De?”

DeMario stopped laughing a little and cleared his throat. “Okay, okay. I put a couple of firecrackers by his car that sounded like gunshots. When he started his engine, I ignited them and they went off. Man it was hilarious!”

“Fuck DeMario, you crazy, you know? You could’ve gotten hurt or killed yourself, man. Playing around with that kind of shit when you don’t know much about firecrackers. And that shits illegal here in Illinois.”

“Yeah yeah.” DeMario got up and grabbed Kaitlin’s hand. “Let’s go home, babe. It’s getting late and um… before we go our separate ways, I wanna make sweet love to you.”

Kat nodded and smiled sweetly at his man. When DeMario tried to kiss him, he backed away and shrugged, “Not now, De. Wait until we get out the streets.”

“Damn you drive a hard bargain. Alright then…” DeMario bowed his head once and turned around. The moment he did, he was tackled from behind by someone and driven to the ground.

“No!” Kat was grabbed by another man. He yelled loudly and screamed, watching in horror as two masked men beat Demario savagely and kicked him while he was still down. Kat grit his teeth and struggled against the tight grips of this gorilla’s hold but he could do nothing else but cry after each blow they’d given his lover. “No! God, no…leave him alone!”

“Shut up, you faggot!” The voice sounded familiar but before Kat could say or do anything more, he felt a blow to the back of his head and everything went black.

* * * *

Kat dropped to his knees and covered his face with his hands. He continued to cry and rock forward as he recalled his lover being beaten to death mercilessly by two men with a lead pole and baseball bat. They left both of them to die and never were found or charged for the crimes. Violently, he shuddered and clenched his fists tightly. “Oh God, DeMario… I swear to God if I ever cross paths with them again…”

“You’ll do what, Kat?” Lacey stepped in the room with a bottle of water in his hand for himself and Kat.

“I’ll kill them, Lacey. They got away with it once, but Lord help me they won’t get away again.” Kat struggled to get up but when he did, he scampered out the room away from Lacey, not taking the drink offered to him. He could’ve used it but right now, he was so upset about reliving the horrible nightmare, he might’ve vomited anything he attempted to eat or drink.

“Kat, Kat… come here.” Lacey closed the door to Larita’s room and hurried to Kat’s side. He placed the water on the side table. “Hey man.” Lacey bear hugged him and stroked the back of his neck to calm Kat.

“Oh God, Lacey! I can’t do this! I just…” Kat’s face full of moisture, he accepted the hug and reciprocated it but used Lacey’s back as his own punching bag. Lacey knew he was strong and could take it better than anyone. After all, Lacey was a bodyguard and a master in Taekwondo.

“Shhh…easy man, easy. Yeah you can, man. He’d want you to stand up for yourself but you can’t make those kind of threats, Kat. You’re not prepared to fight anyone.”

Kat leaned on Lacey’s shoulder and stopped jabbing him momentarily. Right now, the strongest emotion was his anger but arousal was a close second. How could he resist Lacey being this close, comforting him, dressed so well in his fitted black slacks and shirt. He looked so handsome and damn if Kat didn’t want to take him to bed right now to make love until the wee hours of the morning. 

Instead of acting on that, Kat only bowed once and peered into Lacey’s wild brown eyes. “I’m prepared, Lacey. I got a gun in my name so the next motha…”

Lacey’s brows furrowed. “Whoa, whoa, man… hold up. You got a gun? Are you crazy?”

“Yeah man…” he sniffed and wiped his nose and eyes with the back of his sleeve. “I’m not playing no games, Lacey. “If anyone steps to me, I promise you, they will be good as dead when I pop their ass.”

Seemingly stunned by Kat’s declaration, “Lacey stepped back, put his hands out in front of him, and shook his head. “Kat, that ain’t no way to solve a dispute.”

“Lacey, this ain’t a dispute anymore, okay? This was my life, destroyed in minutes. This was my man, getting beat to death, and these fucks not getting caught. If they or anyone else tries to touch me or my daughter, it’s over, man.”

“And how will that bring him back, Kat? Will that solve anything?” Lacey crossed his arms over his strong chest.

“No, but I’ll feel a hell of a lot better when I get my revenge!” Kat wrinkled his lips into a sly smile.

“And you’ll get caught, most likely get twenty or more in prison. You’ll be almost in the same predicament as DeMario. Not able to see your daughter grow up. Do you really want to take that chance for some random act of violence?”

“It’s not random, Lacey. This is for DeMario, Larita, and hell, for Shanna too as well as me. Because of their foolishness, my daughter doesn’t have her father! They gotta pay for that!”

“Only three men assaulted you guys that night, Kat. No one else. You can’t fault everyone.”

“Yeah I can, Lacey. This is society’s fault for teaching people that gay or bisexual men don’t matter. Telling them it’s okay to beat someone to death because they’re gay. I’m mad at the world, Lacey and goddamnit so help me, I’m gonna take my anger out on anyone who gives me shit!”

* * * *

Hope you liked, here are the rest of the briefers!

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