Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Cover Reveal! I Love it Rough N'awlins Exotica Series Book Two

I love the cover for my new book. Thanks to Sara York for this once again, a great job for my next story. 

Here is a temporary blurb.

Livin’ in N’awlins ain’t all that easy…

Kajika Fortier loves his job, the attention he gets from onlookers, and Frankie Choteau. However, his new partner’s jealousy, mood swings, and over protectiveness drives Kajika to the brink but at the same time, excites him to no end.

To complicate things further, a murderer is on the loose looking for new blood outside the N’awlins Exotica Entertainment complex. When the first victim is claimed, cryptic messages are left behind about his love for the Native American man with hair that blows in the wind, keeping everyone at the club and NOPD on high alert.

Will the new couple survive these new issues that impede on their nearly perfect union? Or will the relationship fail, thus leaving Kajika alone and a target for New Orleans latest serial killer?

I haven't even started writing but Sara is done with the cover! Woot. Look for it late Summer????

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