Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Briefs #26

Good morning folks.

Here is more of Kat and Lacey who have demanded I write their story soon. 

I might have too before I end up writing the whole book on this blog. Grr...

It's a little saucy this week!


Don’t Stop Until I tell You To (Kat and Lacey M/M)

In moments, Kat and Lacey made their way to Kaitlin’s bedroom, fumbling with each other’s clothes, tongues tangling, and breathing hard. Kat actually tripped trying to get rid of his jeans, making Lacey burst out in laughter.

Katlin joined him in the chuckle. “Yeah, don’t tell nobody I did that, bay.” He threw the jeans in the neat pile in the corner of his room. Once he did, he yanked Lacey’s shirt over his head and tossed in the other direction while nipping on Lacey’s bottom lip. Kat enjoyed the fullness of them and sucked on it until Lacey whined and pulled away.

“Shit man…” Seemingly just as aroused as Kaitlin, Lacey reached down between them and jerked Kat’s cock through his cotton boxer briefs. “You packing down there, aren’t cha?”

Lacey’s jerks brought Kaitlin’s dick to life immediately. If he wasn’t already hard as rock, he definitely stiffened up now. “Mhmm… you know this, Lace. Damn, look at that!” Katlin smoothed the flat of his palms against Lacey’s strong, chocolate colored chest. His nipples resembled chops on top of a cookie he’d love to lick. And he did, leaning down and taking the left one into his mouth, sucking hungrily as if it were his last meal.

“Oh God, Kat!” Lacey unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them down his lean torso until they pooled around his ankles. He held Kat’s head in his big hands and planted a light kiss on his scalp. “Shit, Kat. Now, damnit now!”

“Uh huh!” Mixed emotions filled Kat while he went from one nipple on the other. He hadn’t been with any man since DeMario died. Not even a down low fuck had crossed Kaitlin’s mind over the past year and a half. He’d resorted himself to jacking off to porn as the only means for a release, thinking he’d never meet Mr. Right nor deserving to meet another caring person. But now, the man he desired even when his boyfriend was alive stood in front of him with a nice sized package of his own. He’d always been into Lacey ever since they met and now he wanted nothing more than to be in his arms tonight. They’d worry about forever later. Sex, hard, rough, and real is what he needed. Hell what both of them needed and wanted. No more games for Katlin and Lacey, he thought. The cat and mouse play was getting tiring.

Ready to do more, Kaitlin made a trail with his tongue down the center of Lacey’s body, tasting the mixture of salty sweet goodness that was all Lacey. When he reached his navel, he traced the rim and tugged his boxer’s from his waist revealing that beautiful brown vessel between Lacey’s muscled thighs. The mushroom head beaded with pre-come, bobbed against Kat’s chin, making Lacey grin wide.

“Sorry.” Lacey sounded embarrassed and steadied himself on Katlin’s shoulders. His brown gaze meeting Katlin’s.

"Don’t be sorry, babe. If I want anybody’s dick to hit me in the face, it’s definitely yours.” Kaitlin lick along the edge of Lacey’s shaft until he got to his nut sack. Immediately, he took one into his mouth, enjoying more of the wonderful mixture along with Lacey’s musky essence and body soap. “You smell so good, baby.” Kat pulled his underwear down until his own cock spring free. While palming it, Katlin went from one ball to the other and back up to the tip of Lacey’s dick. He sipped the pre-come from the slit as if it were tea from a teacup, lavishing it on his tongue. “Mhmm…” Katlin glanced back up at Lacey and used his free hand to tweak Lacey’s right nipple. He squeezed, then turned it counter clockwise, making Lacey yelp like a dog.

Lacey bit his own lip and threw his head back. Once he met Katlin’s eyes again, he gnashed his teeth and gripped the sides of Katlin’s face. “Jesus, Katlin! You’re killing me here, man. Gotta get inside you or you into me!”

Kat loved the reaction and continued on with his task of making Lacey miserable. In truth, he was doing the same to himself, waiting so long to get one of them prepped and into bed but hell, they’d waited this long. Why not a little longer just so they’d enjoy themselves fully? Foreplay was the best way to keep a man interested and even though Kat wasn’t quite ready to talk about future, he wanted to leave something on Lacey’s mind. A permanent reminder of the man he could have if he played his cards right.

With his groin aching for release and Lacey expanding between his lips, he decided it was time to take things a step further. When he let go of his own dick, he felt the loss of warmth but gratefully traded it to prep Lacey for what was to come later. Kat reached around Lacey’s body, finding the crevice of Lacey’s ass. Slightly, he parted his hips and forced one of the fingers in between until he got to Lacey’s tight ring. While he continued to suck Lacey’s cock, he forced a finger inside as far as it would go, breaking the seal he was sure hadn’t been opened in a while.

“Oh fuck, Kat!” Lacey frantically bucked into Katlin’s mouth and moved his hands to Kat’s head. “Don’t stop, oh shit, farther in baby and don’t stop until I tell you to.”

Katlin smiled and went on, doing as he was commanded. He pressed another finger in, much to Lacey’s delight who he could feel was on the verge of explosion. Kat let go of Lacey’s shaft and went back to wildly jerking his own. He hummed and tightened his mouth around Lacey’s dick, taking more of him down his throat. In seconds, he shuddered and almost gagged when Lacey thrust further into his mouth. Thick ropes of come spurted from Kat’s dick onto the hardwood floors beneath him, making a small puddle that he was sure had been the most he’d seen in quite a while.

“God, ooh shit!” Lacey yelled at the top of his lungs, shooting his own seed in between Kaitlin’s lips. He trembled and almost lost his balance but Kaitlin quickly let go of his own to steady Lacey.

Once he finished drinking every drop of Lacey’s release, Kaitlin watched the ecstasy on his face. The pleasure of being blown and filled with fingers he knew was the best way to get any gay man off and even some straight men too. Nothing better than feeling that pressure from both places.

While Kaitlin’s breathing turned back to normal, he licked Lacey’s dick clean, leaving no trace of his climax. When he finished, he also licked the remnants of his own come of his hand while gazing up at the man he desired.

“Let me have some of that, huh? I wanna taste you.” Lacey pulled Kat up to his feet and took Kat’s thumb into his mouth, sucking it until it was clean. When done, he pressed his lips on top of Katlin’s, forcing his tongue deep inside of Kat’s mouth.

With that kind of mind blowing embrace, Kat almost lost his balance too and Lacey caught him before he toppled over. He could’ve sworn he saw fireworks and stars in from of his eyes with this last kiss and his flaccid cock jolted just from Lacey’s mouth on top of his. “Oh shit, Lace. God, I want you inside me as soon as you can get it up again.”

Lacey held onto Kat’s arms. “Not sure when I’ll be able to babe ‘cause you just did me in when you fingered my ass.”

Kaitlin laughed and gripped Lacey’s naked thighs. “Then I’ll wait. We got all night, Lace as long as the baby stays asleep.”

“Yeah. That’s a big if but I guess I’ll have to take what I can get!”
Hope you enjoyed that. Here are the other flashers this week


Cia said...

Babies rarely stay asleep, lol. I really liked this chapter, though you had some misspelled words here and there, they didn't distract from the really hot men having really hot nookie. I liked the way you interspersed some emotional bits regarding their 'relationship' and the future, too.

Nephylim Author said...

I enjoyed this. It was hot but, like Cia said, not just about the rocking sex. I bet that baby wakes at the worst possible moment. They always do :)

Victoria Adams said...

Hot read, but I bet the next moment is about to be interrupted by a crying baby :-)

Tali Spencer said...

Ah, the life of the young couple with a baby...grab the gusto and run while you can. :)