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Wednesday Briefs #24

Good morning.

Well, I'm taking a much needed rest, we somewhat. Edits to do on Closely Guarded and Under the Gun two are next but UTG wont be out until late June. 

Despite the fact I want to edit, this story still continues to haunt me. Grr...

Kat and Lacey, my two young African American  friends from Chicago want their story. And tehyw ant it now.


So how I appease them is by doing the briefs with them until I'm ready to write. 

Here is another snippet off the cuff with a prompt, You Can't Hurry Love.

You can’t hurry love (Kat and Lacey m/m)

Still fuming from this disagreement, Kat pulled away from Lacey and stomped towards the window of his living room. He glanced at the tall buildings across the street watching the neighbor’s dog who ran lose on their front yard, appearing to be doing his business.

Damn, I wish they’d control that mutt.

Seemingly, his neighbors didn’t care about getting fined from the management of this small housing area. He guessed they had money to burn. Kat knew he didn’t but couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t make sure the dog stayed on a leash. “Damn dog. I should go out and use him for target practice,” he chuckled. Kat tried his best to calm down and not let his foul mood completely ruin this night with Lacey.

“The hell you are, Kat. Listen to me!” Lacey yanked his arm and spun him around. The anger showed in his handsome features; it did nothing but arouse Kat even more.

Kat shook his head and grabbed Lacey’s biceps. “Calm down, baby. I’m only joking…about the dog anyway. Look man, you gotta understand where I’m coming from, right? My lover was killed by three men. Those fools left me and him to die, neither of them got caught. You have to understand my point, Lace.”

Lacey softened and moistened his lips. “I get it but what I’m telling you is that won’t solve a damn thing! Violence doesn’t solve violence. You going for revenge won’t bring DeMario back to life!”

“I know…” Kat focused on Lacey’s full mouth, the body that had been roaming his dreams for weeks. Damn, he wanted to kiss him right now but what was the use? He didn’t want to rush into bed with him. You can’t hurry love. Especially not true love but they’d been going back and forth for months and did nothing. Kat knew this was mostly due to his own insecurities. He just wasn’t ready to take that next step.

Despite that feeling, he still wanted to bed Lacey tonight. With Shanna out with her girlfriends and Larita still in bed, the two of them could enjoy a nice romp right there in the living room. What better way to get the aggression out other than sex.

Sex makes everything better. 

Lacey shook Kat from his lust filled haze. “You know, what, Kat? You say these things but sometimes you’re so serious, I dunno whether you’re joking er not.”

“I know DeMario won’t come back but like I said, I gotta protect mine. I gotta protect Larita, Shanna, and myself. And you for that matter. Carrying a weapon makes me feel safer.”

Lacey cocked an eyebrow, he didn’t look convinced. “Have you learned how to use the thing?”

“I mean,” Kat looked down at his feet. “I remember some of the things De told me about the gun. He had one back in the day too. Just so happens that night with me, he wasn’t carrying it. Dumb bastard!”

Lacey only blinked twice and sighed heavily. “Maybe he felt he didn’t need it with you.”

“Running around our ol' hood, yeah we did. Staying on the south side of Chi and being in the closet wadn’t no joke, Lace. It’s not like around here where we’re living close to downtown in a mixed area where a call to the police means they’ll be there in minutes as opposed to hours.” Kat ran his hand over his scalp. “He was silly that night by not having it with him, Lacey. Perhaps if he had it to defend us, he might still be here today.”

“And in jail for shooting someone…”

“It was self-defense,” he countered. “Better than being unarmed and beaten to death with lead poles and baseball bats. Don’t matter though, it won’t happen to me. I can tell you that now.”

“Again, you don’t know what you’re doing. You need training…”

“Can you show me?” Kat stepped closer to Lacey, so close he felt the hot breath from his mouth tickling his lips. The smell of his cologne infiltrated his nostrils, sending jolts of electricity straight to his groin. “Please?” Kat turned on the charm and showed his nearly perfect teeth.”

“I…” Obviously distracted, Lacey stuttered and turned his attention elsewhere. “Maybe man but you gotta promise me you’ll be careful. I get what you’re saying, right? You wanna protect your own. I don’t need it by the way.”

“How you figure, Lace. Just ‘cause you know that martial arts, bs, you think you can beat someone up?”

“Yeah…I do,” Lacey retorted. “That martial arts bs has gotten me out of some tough situations. I know how to fight with my hands and my mind. I use it to my advantage.”

“Yeah?” Kat smiled wryly and inched closer to Lacey. Wanting him, he dragged a finger down the front of Lacey’s tight black t-shirt and stopped right before he got to the button on the front of his trousers. “Maybe…you can show me a few moves sometime… huh? I mean, I’m not trying to be no expert but, just something so I can defend myself if I need to.”

“Not that simple, man. Takes months and years of training. Anyway…um…” Lacey rubbed the back of his own neck. “I still want you to rethink carrying that gun, Kat. You can get in a lot of trouble for toting it around, licensed or not.”

Kat nodded in agreement and wrapped his arms around Lacey’s waist. He leaned in close to his ear and caressed his back through the thin material. “I don’t plan on toting it, Lacey. Only using it when absolutely necessary.”

Ugh, damn muses! Hope you enjoyed. Check out the other briefers this week.

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