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Hop Against Homphobia Article #2 BL and Michael Mandrake

Okay then, welcome to our next blogpost for the hop! I'm happy to welcome in my wicked sister muse, BLMorticia as we have a conversation about homoerotic images!

MM: Greetings friends! We’re happy to be here for the hop, combating homophobia and transphobia with valuable information. I’m Michael Mandrake and with me is my fellow muse, BLMorticia.

BL: *smiles* Hey all. I'm happy to be here today joining in. 

MM: So, what BL and I want to talk about is the love of homoerotic pictures. The one we’re showing on the left is a photo-shopped job of Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Now, as some of you know, they’re brothers in the show.

BL: Very hot brothers. *licks lips*

MM: Yes, and many fans have wrote stories called slash about these two despite the fact they aren’t in love. Some get rather upset about it too!

BL: Yeah, people need to get a grip! Slash has been around a long time, going all the way back to Star Trek with Spock and Kirk. This is nothing new. If you surf the web, you’ll find drawings of slash or same sex pairing pics with those two as well as plenty other so called characters on shows together in sexy poses. It’s all make believe, no harm is it?

MM: No, it’s a hobby and perfectly normal. The homoerotic pictures and or stories is how Sharita got her start in writing m/m. If she hadn’t done that, she’d probably still be doing het stories and I or Rawiya wouldn’t have been created.

BL: Yes, that’s true but I was around so we would’ve caught on. The fact that Sharita is curious about sex and loves to write about it would’ve eventually made her look into it. You know Michael, some people think there’s a problem with these pics and or stories. Sharita actually wrote some slash in the pop music fandoms, RPF, Real Person Fanfic. A lot of the m/m writers start in some part of fanfiction and because of the comments they receive on their writing it gives them confidence to move on and write for a living if the passion is there. Pictures like the one below…

BL: Of Simon Lebon and John Taylor from Duran Duran spur on writers to make their imaginations go. We gain a lot of inspiration from what we see and hear. Sharita got her start looking at pics of her faves and putting them in a romantic situation. No harm in this, it isn’t sold for profit. Only for fun. Why do you think people have an issue with this?

MM: Not sure, BL. Creativity breeds imagination. You need things to feed that. No one has made the assumptions that the two men are gay. Blasphemy *laughs* It’s all in the author’s mind, totally harmless. Certainly, the picture can spark an idea by just looking at it. It didn’t have to be them either, it could’ve been any photo of any two men.

BL: Yeah and people are up in arms about it, not sure why. We need something to fuel that fire. What about a single picture of a man in a sexy pose?

MM: Ooh and we still have no clue who this man is. Yes, it is lovely. Can we do a search on him, maybe put an APB out for his arrest for being too hot? *laughs*

BL: *laughs* Mike, I didn’t know you had it in you.

MM: Oh yeah, I do. The sight of a beautiful man makes this old man go wonky. Anyway, it invokes an emotion a feeling and I love looking his body, only being partially covered. However, if it were just out there and has been on our Google page, people have an issue with it, why?

BL: because he’s half naked and we all know that half nude men cause a problem. *laughs* I honestly don’t get it. It’s the human body. His cock isn’t showing, only a small amount of pubic hair, oh and guess what folks, this is an ad for the necklace he’s wearing. *grins* Even in advertising, people know that a little “homoerotic” *raises fingers in quotes* may catch people’s attention. OMG, isn’t that awful? Let’s lock up our children! I don’t have any thank God!

MM: Many do though and they find this offensive. Even the Sam and Dean one may be considered to be an issue because of their relationship in the show.

BL: Hey compared to some I’ve seen that’s tame.

MM: Oh yeah, I’m in agreement. We’ll close this discussion by saying we love the pictures because they get the juices flowing.

BL: *BL smacks MM* Hey that’s my line!

MM: Ow, but really. *rubs shoulder* It does, in a creators mind, it gets the imagination going and that single pic might turn into a masterpiece on paper regardless if its FF or a real story. No one is harmed, burned, no offense really.

BL: If you don’t like it move on!

MM: Exactly. The internet and media in general are powerful tools. Pictures of homoerotic nature have been around forever and will be as long as the world stands. Get over your dislike for it because it’s here to stay.

BL: And we’re so glad they are. Lord knows I don’t wanna write about het relationships all the time. *laughs*

MM: I know I don’t. Thanks to the creators of the hop for allowing us to ramble. 

BL: Yeah thanks readers and keep buying our books!

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Debby said...

What a great post with wonderful pics. Thanks so much
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Urb said...

I am surprised at the SMOKIN homoerotic images I find on sites such as Deviant Art. I think I'll go there now. Thanks, y'all, for reminding us of the power of visual culture!
brendurbanist @gmail. com

Penumbra said...

Yes, who is that hottie in that bed? :)


Jbst said...

Great looking photos. Thanks for the fun posting.

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Carolyn said...

I am not as visual as it seems most people are, BUT I saw an image one day, and it gave me an immediate idea for a story. So, yeah, I may not always go looking for a visual prompt, but it's great that they're out there. Plus, it's always fun to read other people going ga-ga over photos. ;-D

caroaz [at] ymail [dot] com