Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Briefs #30

Good morning and welcome back for the Wednesday Briefs

Since BL is really enjoying this story, I'll let her continue it. 

Right now it has no title but from what I can tell we have a sexy, hotheaded firefighter, an entrepreneur and a small town country boy with a baby to look after. Talk about complicated!

Anyways, here are the prompts and her story

"I'd promise you ... if I could..." or "What did you just call me?" or use a cream pie in a creative way or "He touched me in a way nobody ever had..." or "Don't make me laugh," she sneered" or use: princess, heart, bank or write about different kinds of knots or have your story take place at a sporting event

He touched me in a way nobody ever had

“Yes I am aware but, oh Bryant!” Immediately I got up, needing to get away from this man before we ended up horizontal on my old hand me down paisley couch. Trying not to show the man how flustered I was, I quickly made my way to the window, not bothering to turn around and face him. In an instant the heat went from my cheeks to my groin, aching for him to fill me. Damn I wish he hadn’t come back now, not now when my fucking mind was so jumbled.

“Nicholas…” Bryant called out to me, then I heard footsteps making their way in my direction.

I braced myself for those large hands to grab my body and pull me in close to his own. Before I could prepare myself, my breath hitched from his touch and my cock leapt from underneath my trousers. God I wanted this man so badly right now. As long as we were quiet we wouldn’t wake Macy.

“Nicholas…” Bryant nuzzled the crook of my neck with the tip of his nose. His breath hot on my skin sent surges of heat down my spine. “You know you want me, babe. That’s why you can’t look at me right now.”

“Yeah…I… doesn’t your nose hurt from doing that,” I chuckled trying to make light of the situation and change the subject.

“Not as much as what’s between my thighs, babe. I’m hurting for you Nicholas. I need you so damn badly right now,” he breathed and lightly kissed my shoulder blade.

The moment his lips touched the fabric, a jolt of electricity shot through me like a ping pong ball. “Shit, Bryant, oh God…” I pressed my hands against the glass. If I were any hotter right now, I’m sure I would’ve literally melted on the spot. This man, Bryant was to me like Kryptonite to fucking Superman. Damn. I could hardly resist his soft, gentle touches. Make that couldn’t resist. He touched me in a way nobody ever had. Any moment now and I’d implode right here on the spot. Better yet, spontaneously combust. “Bryant…oh God, not now… not when Macy’s in the other room.”

“We’ll be quiet, I promise.” Bryant wrapped his long arms around my waist, pulling me close.

When he did, my buttocks lined up with his crotch. The head of his dick poked through the material of his designer slacks and my denim fabric. “Jesus…Bryant, no not now. I swear to you once we get going, we won’t wanna stop. And you know when we get started, Jonas will come back.”

“So we’ll lock him out,” he laughed. In one full swoop, he spun me around to face him. 
“C’mon, Nicholas, I know you want me. You want this relationship again with me. I won’t force you to move to the city. I’ll move back here and we can start the family we’ve always wanted with Macy. C’mon, love what do you say, hmm?” Bryant planted a light kiss on my forehead.

Although a very tempting offer no way would I leave Jonas. Despite the fact my firefighter was a hothead, I wouldn’t leave him for an old lover, not even Bryant who was my first true love from so many years ago. “I can’t, Bryant. I… just can’t. We’ll always be friends and yes I’ll never stop loving you but, I love Jonas.” I shrugged and got away from him before I drop tackled him to the floor just for old times sake.

I heard him release a deep sigh. “Damnit Nicholas. We could have it so good, the three of us, you know? Macy needs another daddy. I can’t raise her alone.”

“I know you can’t and I’ll help you as much as I can but I won’t leave Jonas. Not for you, not for anyone.”

No matter how much I want you!

* * * *
Oh BL very sexy and angsty!

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Victoria Adams said...

oh what a muddled mess. Good post.

Nephylim Author said...

Lovely. Do i feel a threesome coming on? why choose when you can have both?

A.R. Von said...

I do hope it will be continued! A threesome would be great!