Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winners for the HAHAT and I Like Em Pretty Blogtour!

Greetings readers,

I'd like to thank everyone who visited my blog for the HAHAT the past few days

So sorry I'm late announcing but I have a bunch of prizes to send out and wanted to announce them all at once so I could send them all at once.

Here are our winners from the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Day #1 Kimberly FDR Jewelry from ILEP

Day #2 Penumbra 5GC from Starbucks or Amazon

Day #3 Carolyn A GC with Swag

Day #4 Debby ILEP Jewelry

Day #5 Laurie Peterson Swag and book from backlist

Also the winner of the grand prize from the ILEP tour this month 

Meghan! Woot
She wins a box full of prizes including:

A New Orleans Tee from Kenina
A coffee cup from Frankie
A necklace from Vance
Copy of Magic Mike From Kajika & Naomi
15 Starbucks GC from Orrin
Beads from Shar and Michael

Also, the winning blog for a jewelry item is

Melissa Kendall

Thanks so much to all who commented! 

I'll be doing another big giveaway for ILEP at the end of June with a similar prize to the blogtour. 

Stay tuned!

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