Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wind Down Wednesday

Good Morning!

So, you might've read Shar's blog post the other day about a new story she and I thought about.

It was a gay romance with a man in the military who falls in love at first sight with a young man he assisted while in Afghanistan. Upon seeing this gentleman, the officer is smitten immediately but their backgrounds and the circumstances force them apart.

Later on in the story, the guys get a second chance but the situation has changed and my protagonist isn't ready to give my secondary character what he wants.

Yep, that's all i'll say for now. 

How does it relate to this song? Well, the song is In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

The words just spoke to me. My main character falls in love as soon as he sees this man's eyes. The words that Peter talks about embody hope and since the story takes place during modern day war, I thought it appropriate to use it. The song I believe was performed during the South African struggles with Apartheid. And even though the song is not truly a love song, it fit my characters state of mind.

I'm really excited about it. Not sure when we'll write it but I can guarantee it will be written in 2013!

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