Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free Story Demon Be Mine Paranormal M/M

Good morning! Today I'm doing something a little different. I'm featuring a free story for my readers to enjoy, published or unpublished. Today. I'm showing my tale, Demon Be Mine an m/m paranormal romance.

This story will be intertwined with N'awlins Exotica the story with my twins Ryland and Ryder Durand. 

One solitary light shone from the ceiling in an otherwise dark filled room in a fancy penthouse above a busy street. Cool breezes flowed through the window, making the space chilly but still comfortable on this late summer night in Chicago.
“Another night, another soul I’ve enjoyed draining the life from,” Valios smirked to himself, wiping his mouth of the excess spirit he’d drunk from this human he’d had his eyes on for the better part of a week. “You’ve been a good man, Marcus, very good. You tasted even better!” While he buttoned his black shirt, he enjoyed the sight of the human’s frail frame. Gone were the colorful tattooed muscles this young bodybuilder possessed; the very thing that attracted Valios to him in the first place. Instead, a pale, lifeless, torso lay on the bed, amidst blood red sheets strewn about the mattress. Marcus’s tight brown curls were plastered to his head from sweat after their wild romp. His blue eyes bulged out of his skull and his mouth gaped wide open. He appeared to have enjoyed his last kiss although it was one that ultimately cost him his life.
“Lovely.” In his mind, Valios believed his method of killing was a work of art, only to be appreciated by those who loved the darker sides of life. Death and sickness. They could be so beautiful, leaving behind a picture perfect sight of suffering only the demons of death could understand. Oh and those wretched humans who called themselves goths. Yes those, who embraced the seedier sides of human existence and embraced the ideals of pestilence, looking forward to their last days on earth. Such posers, who only wanted to be part of something when it was nothing more than pretending. True believers in the beauty of death didn’t wear all black clothing and visit graveyards for fun! Valios found these people to be most annoying and vowed to rid the earth of them when he received the ultimate gift from his maker.
For now, however, he’d go on enjoying the life his father Death had set out for him to do. Taking pleasure in his existence, doing the work of a vampire but with oh so much more flair. No melting in the sun for Valios and others like him. They combed the world, far and wide, seeking out humans whose souls begged to be taken. How could they tell? Soul catchers, the group that Valios belonged to, had the distinct power to recognize a crying soul of a human who wished for happiness on the other side. Perhaps something ailed them, they might’ve been terminally ill, or they had a deep secret that couldn’t be told to loved ones. Whatever it was, Valios and his companions found it. And when they did, they gave the human what they asked for. Death. In peace. Silence. Leaving them completely lifeless and without soul. For the most part, these individuals went to the maker to be eternal slaves in his army. In other cases, the soul catchers or other demons would take those men and or women for their own personal gratification.
Valios found himself in this predicament right now; wanting a soul, a human he could call his very own. His time on earth for the past three centuries proved to be most taxing on him. A bore. He needed someone to give him the zest and the inspiration he’d once had. 
Continuing to dress, he recalled the last few prospects he’d entertained to be his eternal mate. One man was a gay CEO of a large company with everything to hide, all the money in the world, but too full of himself. Valios figured only one man in this relationship would be able to carry on in that manner. So instead of making him his eternal lover, he enjoyed the night with him and took his soul with no remorse.
Another one was a painter, someone Valios just knew he could appreciate but the man was too moody and even though Valios had powers, he wouldn’t be able to change the attitude of the man he decided to settle down with.
I’m a demon not a miracle worker!
“Pah!” After finishing his task, he slipped his bare feet into his loafers and slid his jacket over his shoulders. To admire himself, he turned to the mirror just across from the human’s bed, noticing his own reflection in the glass. Another thing he could do that vampires couldn’t. Seeing himself through the cut clear glass and venerate the being looking back. Valios did this on a regular basis, enjoying his long brown curls, his muscular body which everyone held in high regard and desired to covet.
Remembering the past war between heaven and hell, he ran his fingertip lightly across the scar beneath his eye and scowled at the memory knowing it was the only blemish on his otherwise perfect flesh. While adjusting the lapels on his jacket, his lips curled into a wry smile. “You are still lovely, Valios. Any man or woman would want to have you regardless.” He blew a kiss at his reflection and then to the lifeless body he’d leave behind. With a wave of his hands, he turned the scene in Marcus’s room into something less gruesome to the human eye. When the authorities found Marcus Light, he’d be dead, giving off the notion he’d died in his sleep.
Only soul catchers could appreciate the true beauty of a blood-drained frame. Most humans wouldn’t accept that as a work of art for it was against the very laws of sensibility the Creator instilled in his followers.
“Farewell, Marcus Light. It was my distinct pleasure knowing you and owning you for these past few days. I shall see you on the other side as I promised before you took your last breath!” After plopping the black top hat onto the messy mop on top of his head, he winked and waved goodbye to his latest victim. And in a flash, he disappeared into the dark night air.
* * * *
Shrouded by darkness and kneeling in a deserted alley below, Calisto retched repeatedly after taking pleasure in too much of the earthly libations he was given. Despite his perfections which had dwindled since he was kicked out the heavens, Calisto could not handle the amounts nor the mixes of liquors he’d partaken of this evening and now he was paying the price, much like any normal human would when consuming too much.
“Ugh…I…” he wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve, attempting not to hurl once again. The bile settled in his stomach, causing him much discomfort in his abdomen, and his head spun as if he’d been on a ride that would not cease. “God…you…” Calisto held onto his midsection, cursing his maker with every sharp tinge. “I’ll…I shall become…great once again…” In seconds, his wings disappeared, melding in with his skin underneath the large overcoat. The feelings subsided slightly, giving Calisto little relief as the change from higher angel to fallen servant began. Calisto breathed a deep sigh and curled up in the fetal position, leaning against the cold wall. His eyes widened and a stray tear fell from his eyelid. “Thank you for having mercy on me…somewhat. I suppose the archangel takes great pleasure in my demise but…” Calisto moistened his chapped lips and swallowed hard, still fighting the boiling liquid in his stomach. “As I said, I shall rise again. Not as one of yours but perhaps one of his?”
The moment he finished his statement, the white clouds in the dark night sky turned grey, and the air quickly transformed from modestly cold to bitterly chilly. Small raindrops fell from up above, pelting the ground and creating puddles on the pavement.
Calisto flashed a sly grin and blew hot air on his cold fingertips. “You don’t like that do you? Well…” Calisto chuckled to himself and rubbed his hands together. “Too bad, my dear Creator. We have come to an impasse that cannot be solved any other way. If you wish to kill me, strike me down now but know this. In this life or the next, I shall be mighty again!” Calisto shook his fist at the sky as if he were mocking God. Knowing this kind of action could be penalized by eternal death, Calisto closed his eyes and braced himself for God’s wrath to come upon him. He wrapped his arms tightly around himself and lowered his head between his knees, teeth clenched, preparing for the swift blow the creator could have in store for him. Instead, nothing happened. Only flashes of lightning bolts above his head, causing the earth to shake slightly below him. A rumble obviously felt by human passerby, sending them into small panic.
Surprised, Calisto slowly lifted his head and nibbled on his bottom lip. “So you are giving me another chance? May I ask for what oh great one?”
He waited for the answer to come telepathically into his mind and when he heard it, he only nodded and immediately hopped to his feet. “You really do care don’t you?”  The strength of his maker returning to him, adrenaline flowed through his veins, and all hurt was taken away in just that small span of time. “I thank you for this. You are indeed the most forgiving,” Calisto bowed his head and made the sign of the cross over his chest. “And now I shall attempt to find what is missing in my existence but I cannot do this in my current state.”
Once again, Calisto lowered his lids and breathed in deeply, transforming himself from angel to human within seconds. His body shuddered and Calisto’s muscled shoulders hunched over invoking much pain in his biceps. His chiseled jaw and otherwise clean shaven face became fleshy with a full-fledged beard and mustache above his lips. The bags under his eyes doubled and the well-defined frame changed to a somewhat bulkier one. A body he was never accustomed to.
When he finished, he looked down at himself, shaking his head in disgust. A burly bear, hmm? I’ve never been attracted to men of this sort but perhaps this special someone will be.
Calisto pulled the jacket tighter around him and cleared his throat to begin his journey across town. Exactly where he didn’t know but in his heart of hearts, he was following a certain individual. A being from his past he’d always had affection for but could never bring himself to love.
That being was the soul catcher. Valios. The one he fought in the last war between heaven and hell. This was what caused the argument between him and the Creator.
Calisto desired to have one night with one of the deadliest beings to ever roam the earth.
* * * *
Once Valios left the penthouse, he headed to the place he’d taken up residency in for the last twenty earthly years. This was his sanctuary, the environment he felt most comfortable in as well as finding any and all capable victims for himself and his fellow soul catchers.  Lost souls made this their haven, their nightly destination to enjoy drugs, lewd sex acts, and a wide array of liquors that claimed to cause anyone to forget their problems. Here, Valios set up shop, hiding himself behind the guise of wealthy club owner instead of demon looking to drain the blood of men and women for his own pleasure. This place, the Depths, was something he himself created and could be proud of.
Due to the aura and the mystery of the old haunted house it replaced, very little trouble occurred here. Humans were afraid of waking the spirits that once roamed old Priestly manor in Bucktown. No one wished to witness the ghosts that claimed this mansion almost two hundred years before.
Admiring the place he called home, he turned the key, opening the back door and was immediately greeted with bowed heads by his security guards he’d personally employed. No one was to enter through the back, only through the front by password, not even others who worked for him. In Valios’s mind, this was how he kept un-desirables out of his place of business.
“Good evening. A rather stormy night outside, gentlemen.” Valios grinned and shook hands with one before doing so with the other. He tipped his top hat, and marched on to his private quarters.
Valios removed his leather gloves as he strolled down the long hallway, only lit with wall sconces filled with red tea light candles. Like a vampire, Valios appreciated the dark more so than the light, only part of the reason he named the club, the Depths.
Smells of marijuana and cigars filled the air, bringing a small smile to his lips. He knew this was a place for humans to unwind, to let their hair down and forget all their cares, unafraid of the outside authorities and what they might do. The Depths provided its own set of rules that Valios himself put in place; simply to enjoy oneself and take pleasure in the finer things of life not so highly regarded by the so called Christian hierarchy. In other words, anything to piss off those who called themselves religious.
When thinking of the past, he released a deep breath and admired his work on the old house, changing it from unwanted and rundown abomination to a welcoming home for those who enjoyed the dark side. He’d worked hard to build the reputation for himself and this place. He knew for years to come he’d be able to look back on this as one of the finer moments of his existence.
Still, a part of him was missing; a special someone to inspire the dark soul within. As he came to the large black doors with gold handles, he gripped them tightly until his knuckles turned white. “Where is he? Where is the one to make this dark soul sing?” One hand released the knob and removed the hat from atop his head. Valios wiped his brow with the back of his sleeve and shook out his hair. “Something tells me tonight I shall find him. He’ll come into this club and ask for the strongest drink behind my bar. I will oblige him and I’ll know right away he is the one I seek.”  Satisfied with his affirmation, Valios pushed the doors open and walked inside his office. He removed his coat and clapped his hands, lighting the small candles on his desk and inside the wall sconces. The fireplace flames came up immediately, making the cold room he called his personal quarters a lot warmer in the span of a couple of short minutes.
Scents of fine Italian leather filled his nostrils as he gazed upon the black chair behind his cherry wood desk. On top of it, a few folders he’d yet to file away, containing his personal log of souls he’d collected as well as potentials. None of them piqued his interest as of yet but he still kept them close by to have another look.
Settling in, he sat on the leather recliner and sank into the cushions. The feel of fine leather to his hot skin soothed him. He leaned back and laid his arms on the covered rests. Comfortable and content, he gazed at the ceiling, admiring colorful pictures of various humans in states of unrest and gruesome depictions of death. Stabbings, mauling by dogs, beheadings, all things he enjoyed witnessing in person as the child of death and a lover of chaos. While he continued to behold the artwork, he snapped his fingers once, starting the sound system in his quarters. In seconds, a somber piano and cello sounded through the overhead speakers; a far cry from the loud racket played by the deejays in the main parts of the club. Valios enjoyed it all because he just loved music. Art in pretty much any form pleased him, as long as the mood carried a dark theme.
“Ah, classical music at its finest.” Valios waved his finger to the slow beat and softly tapped his foot in rhythm. He glanced at the clock which read two seventeen a.m. Almost time to meet the minions. The Depths remained open until dusk and every evening, Valios himself would go out amongst the revilers and have a drink or two while seeking out his next victim. He’d also spend time behind the bar, serving customers just about anything they could possibly ask for. Valios spent a fortune making sure he had the finest wines, liquors, and whiskeys from all over the world. Top shelf, not cheap nor well drinks. Everything in his place was top notch and Valios remained committed to keeping it that way.
Once the song ended, he grinned to himself and sat upright, looking over the folder lying on top of the pile. He opened it, perusing over the lists and crossing off the name of Marcus Light, his last victim to date.
“Who’s next in line for me to enjoy or better yet, take as my own?” Valios had no clue but was almost positive the gentleman would show his handsome face tonight before dawn.
* * * *
With the soul catcher Valios on his mind, Calisto stalked the busy streets of Chicago’s near north side alone. On this late Friday evening, many of the city’s residents enjoyed what was the human’s favorite day called payday, going in and out of bars, hopping out of cabs or their cars in search for the next party. Due to the impromptu rain shower caused by the Creator and Mother Nature, many of the town’s inhabitants were underdressed for the night. No jackets, head wear, and shoes either open toed or of the summer variety. It was late August after all and no one expected the temperature to drop as sharply as it did. This time of year, the temps stayed in the low eighties or high seventies but now, with the brisk air and downpour it felt about twenty degrees colder.
“Mhmm…good evening.” Calisto nodded to passerby some of the female variety who gave him more than a look. Although he himself wasn’t very enamored with his own appearance, the women seemed to give him plenty of attention. He hoped for the same to occur when his senses would lead him to Valios for a meeting of minds and bodies. The feelings for Valios ran deep and he desired to explore them further.
Upon reaching the intersection of North Avenue and Damen, Calisto lifted his nose to the air, enjoying the faint smell of burnt flesh. It could only mean one thing; his desired demon was in the area or an out of control fire was raging through a household in the neighborhood.
Calisto licked his lips and removed the umbrella from over his head to glance at the sky. Raindrops pelted his face, leaving a trail of moisture on his forehead and cheeks. Despite this, Calisto folded the accessory, tucking it up under one arm to take pleasure in the shower. The sweet scents of rain whiffed through his nostrils, mixing with the earlier stench he enjoyed. 
This was Mother Nature’s way of cleansing the earth of all that was impure. However, it wouldn’t rid the world of everything considered unseemly. The demons, namely soul catchers, walked about untouched, and because of his admiration for Valios, Calisto was most thankful for the obvious over sight.
“You must be near to me, Valios. I can feel you but you can’t feel me.” Calisto ran his hand over his scalp, now soaked with rainwater. He pulled the strands in back to squeeze out the excess liquid. He tugged at his lapels and continued the walk across the street, following the faint smell of flesh, and the trail of footsteps only he himself could see. When in search of a demon, those with supernatural powers could detect them by the red glowing prints on the pavement. The closer he got to the end of the block, the warmer the air had gotten.
Hear me Valios, I’m coming for you now! In reality, Calisto didn’t want to send the signals to the soul catcher to inform him of his arrival but he desired to see his one-time foe yet again.
The trail led him down a narrow alley to a black set of doors in the rear of a huge house sitting on the end of a cul-de-sac. Cars of all types and sizes lined the streets and the other homes were more than ten feet away from this establishment.
Calisto peered at the sign above that read in bold letters, ‘Priestly Manor, come home all wayward souls.’
“Valios,” he smiled to himself and removed his gloves. “You have made this way too easy for me to find you. A house you’re staying in asking for wayward souls? Of course, just so you can catch them in your filthy little hands and suck the life out of them. Quite clever,” he chuckled and leaned against the back door. He heard nothing which made him all the more anxious to hurry to the inside. Anticipation rising within him, he rubbed his hands together before sprinting to the other side of the grey stone building. When he arrived, he saw another set of doors, same black color with door knockers towards the top made of pure gold in the shape of monster’s heads.
By this time, the heat increased around Calisto, so much so he was able to remove his long coat and carry it on his arm along with the parasol. The rain also subsided, leaving behind a thick fog over the city streets, making visibility nearly impossible. Good thing he’d made it to his destination in enough time since Valios’s prints would’ve been harder to spot. Calisto might’ve needed his supernatural abilities to pick up his trail which also would’ve made it easier for Valios to sense him.
After clearing his throat and saying a couple of words to the man above, he grasped the door knocker, hitting the fine wood twice. The moment he finished, a small stout gentleman slightly opened it, just enough to stick his head out. “And who might you be?”
Calisto collected himself and changed his facial expression to moody. “Cal Daniels,” he said in an alto tone. “I am told this is the place all wayward souls are welcome.” He hoped his words would suffice as he searched the man’s mind for additional information.
“Yes indeed it is. And tonight’s word?”
Calisto sighed deeply and cocked an eyebrow. “Potential.”
The gentleman smiled slyly and opened it wider. “Welcome to the Depths. Please, watch your step.” He waved his hand in and welcomed Calisto into the club.
Relieved he’d found the right answer he breathed out silently and sauntered into the dark hallway, only lit with small candles on the walls. The gentleman walked in front of him and clicked his heels once. “Please make your way to the main area where all potentials go,” he grinned. “Perhaps you’ll get lucky and find the woman or man of your dreams.”
“Yes, I hope so, thank you my good man. And your name is?” Calisto was curious to know if he also were human or demon. He didn’t wish to use any more power this evening.
“Geoff is my name sir, but don’t repeat it to anyone outside of the club. It is top secret.”
“Yes sir, I shall respect your wishes.” Calisto bowed in his direction and made his way down the long winding hall until he arrived at a downward slope. There, the floor turned from grey tile to pure black. In this portion of the hall, the lighting was nonexistent with only spotlights shining from the room ahead.
Calisto took a deep breath and headed for those glass doors, anxious to see the interesting world behind them. Knowing Valios wasn’t too far away, he quickened his pace and yanked on the bars. Instantly, his eyes roamed about the rooms grey marble walls and large white pillars throughout. A long bar stretching from one side to the other and a dance floor, so large he was sure it could accommodate a large gathering of people. Surrounding it, rows of small tables with tiny tea light candles in all different colors sitting on black cloths lined in gold trim. Sitting at those tables, people of all colors and creeds, enjoying various libations and talking loudly to one another. Clouds of smoke from cigars, marijuana, and cigarettes filled the air, leaving behind a mix of stench that made Calisto’s eyes water. “Ugh. Obviously the recent smoke laws aren’t practiced in here?” He choked and covered his mouth. Just as he collected himself and stopped coughing, a hand whacked him on his back and rubbed his muscles. The touch of this individual sent electric shocks to his brain that traveled to his nipples as well as his groin.
Calisto shifted his body to behold the individual in front of him and it was indeed his desired man.
“My friend, are you all right? You look like you could use a drink,” he grinned. His pearly whites blinded Calisto but also warmed his heart. Who would’ve thought a demon could flash such a beautiful grin? Valios’ brown hair just kissed his bare shoulders. His hazel eyes, speckled green, blue, and a tinge of yellow, almost glowed in this dimly lit room. The perfect face, oh that face, only marred by the scar Calisto himself inflicted on him all those decades ago and yet, Calisto wasn’t deterred, nor was he intimidated by the long scratch underneath his right eye. Instead, it aroused Calisto, knowing they’d once been that close to one another in the heat of battle. Before he could apologize, his desired flew away in rage. 
Love. Oh my love.
“Would you like something from the bar? And please, tell me your name? I haven’t seen you around here before.” Valios laid a hand on Calisto’s shoulder, gripping it tightly under his strong hand
Once again, the man’s touch sent chills up Calisto’s spine. He shuddered slightly and bit his lower lip until he winced. “I…yeah, I could. The name’s Cali… Cal Daniels.” Calisto had to stop himself from saying his real name.
“Cal, what a wonderful name and you must be new to my establishment. I am Val. That rhymes doesn’t it? It’s short for Valios,” he laughed in a giddy manner. “Cal and Val. So tell me, what would you like to drink?”
Calisto looked up as he tried to compose himself and contain the excitement within. He was once again meeting the man he’d desired for the better part of a century. His nemesis as well as his eternal love whom he never sought to hurt but was forced to in the heat of battle between heaven and hell. His eyes roamed the muscled body through the black clothing Valios donned. A wife beater, his broad, tattooed shoulders peeking from the sides. Valios’s nipples poked from underneath the spandex and an obvious erection was standing at attention under his black trousers. Gazing at the handsome man in his midst, Calisto’s mouth watered and he wished to feel that taut, hard body underneath his fingers. He swallowed hard, finding it almost impossible to speak due to the pressure on his lower extremities. “Give me the strongest drink you have, my good man. The stress has gotten to me and I need something to coat my throat as well as heal my soul.”
* * * *
Valios cocked an eyebrow and could barely contain the excitement within. Yes this is him, this is him. He couldn’t recall the last time he’d encountered an individual that made him feel the electricity, the energy that lit a fire this strong underneath him.
Cal, the perfect name for a drifter and the face and frame fit the bill. Well dressed, about six feet in height with wild brown hair just past the back of his neck. Right then, Val desired to run his fingers through the loose curls that framed his perfectly round face. Ah, and the stubble. Oh the hair on his jaws, chin, and right under his nose, the same color but a tinge of grey underneath his bottom lip. Chocolate brown eyes, wide as saucers. He’d do anything to get lost in them.
A beautiful man, bulky in all the right places, clothed in a perfect suit and Valios could only wonder what surprises lay under that fine Armani suit.
Valios nodded in agreement and didn’t remove his hand from the man’s back. “My good man, you’ve come to the right place. This is where all wayward souls come to unwind and relax. Come and follow me to my bar and I shall serve you the strongest concoction money can buy.”
Cal bowed his head in appreciation. “Lead the way, sir.” Cal adjusted his grey tie and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a small amount of tanned flesh just below his Adam’s apple. He shifted his coat and umbrella to the other arm and nodded at Valios when he was ready to go with him.
“Allow me to take your coat and umbrella.” Valios almost never took anyone’s coat because he felt it was beneath him. However, something told him Cal was just that special. Someone he wouldn’t mind bending his own rules for. This surprised even him. Who is this man that causes me to act in this manner? His mind frantically searched for answers as he carried his belongings underneath his arm.
In moments, Valios had all the information he needed on Cal Daniels in his brain. He went over it carefully while leading his potential lover to the bar for the drink he’d promised. Details about the man didn’t really thrill him but it didn’t matter, the electricity occurring between them did.
Cal Daniels, age thirty-six, independent contractor, builds houses, a carpenter, good with his hands, newly divorced, and recently coming to grips with the fact he is gay.
“Thank you, Val. Much appreciated. It’s been a long one and I only want to sit back and relax for the rest of the evening.”
When they arrived to Val’s desired destination, he turned to Cal and pulled out a stool for him to sit. Again, his willingness to serve this human shocked him.
“You are most welcome. Please, have a seat and let me place your belongings in a safe place.”
He pushed the door to go behind the bar and hung up Cal’s coat on a rack behind the glass. Once he did, he inhaled the scent of his strong cologne, enjoying the manly smell of perspiration and aftershave. “Mhmm, all human and all mine,” he whispered to himself and wrapped the string from the parasol around the top of the hanger. Before he headed back out, he lifted his phone from his side pants pocket and dialed one number. “My dearest Geoff. My potential has arrived. Please get the main quarters prepared for me and my guest for the duration of this evening. Thank you kindly.” A small smile crossed his lips when he thought of the next couple of hours getting to know Cal before he drained him of all his life’s energy.
“Oh yes, my dear Cal, you shall relax tonight, you should sleep well once I take your soul and spirit to keep for my very own.” Valios blinked twice and left the back, grabbing the bottle of the strongest whiskey he only served to special clients; a top shelf Scotch with a tinge of his own magic potion inside. This he’d hardly given to on anyone but he felt Cal to be the correct individual to serve this one of a kind drink to.
“And here we are.” He reappeared behind the bar with crystal tumblers in hand for both him and his guest.
“Good. I was starting to get worried that you’d deserted me,” Cal retorted with a wry smile. “So this is the strongest you have to offer?” Cal took the glass and placed it underneath his nostrils.
“It is my dear friend. It is the best Scotch money can buy, rare vintage from the late 1950’s,” he lied. Actually it was the highest priced Scotch imported from Europe and made in the late 1990’s. Still top shelf and highly regarded.
“Ah. I love Scotch. The smell is rich, intoxicating.” Cal held up the glass in a toast. “This calls for celebration, Val, my new friend. To new friendships and possibly more!”
“Here here…” Valios nodded and clanked glasses with Cal immediately. He loved Cal’s affirmation and wished to make his statement more of a reality. Valios was sure within the next few hours, he would make Cal Daniels his eternal partner to recreate the spark he’d lost several years ago. His potential list had worn thin anyway and it was about time to wind up his lifelong search.
* * * *
Calisto swallowed a bit of the Scotch and winced when he finished. The slow burn hurt like hell going down his throat and into his stomach. Sort of like a fireball or a meteor blazing through space. Still, he had to keep up the act and pretend he enjoyed it, even though he could barely think about drinking another glass. “Ahhh…good,” he sighed and attempted to clear his throat. He wished he could ask for a chaser like cola, ginger ale, or even some kind of seltzer water, anything to make this drink a bit easier to swallow. He hit his own chest with his palm and coughed. “Whew, that’s real good stuff, Val. It’s strong indeed. Been around for over half a century you say?”
“Yes Sir,” he grinned in response and poured Cal and himself another glass much to his chagrin. “The best in the world, my friend. Only that for a good looking gentleman as yourself.”
Calisto tried hard not to blush. Real manly men don’t do such a thing! Calisto realized Val desired a man much like himself. Not pretty or dainty but instead a macho man, burly, husky, whom he could roughhouse with. He recalled that Valios chastised him about his femme looking appearance when they last met. That was what caused their personal battle in the first place and yet Calisto was convinced Valios did feel something deep down for him but didn’t want to admit it. When they argued back and forth, they drew their swords and Calisto was tormented by fellow angels to kill the demon by beheading him. Instead, he sliced his face leaving an indelible scar and caused Valios, the most beautiful of the soul catchers to wither away never to be seen close to heaven again. Calisto truly felt sorry for what he’d done to him and now he was looking to make amends.
Valios brought Calisto out of his trance by touching the back of his hand and urging him to take another drink of the lethal concoction. “Have another on me, Cal. Once you finish, I’d like to invite you to my private quarters so we can talk more freely.” Valios flashed a wicked smile and picked up his glass with the other hand that wasn’t covering Calisto’s.
Calisto’s cock stirred in his trousers. Now he knew why his heavenly father didn’t want him to be with this man.
With bated breath, Calisto did as asked and gulped hard, knowing this second drink might be just as bad or worse than the first. Just let me be coherent when we make love! “That would be wonderful, Val. And just what are we toasting this time?” Calisto collected himself to endure the burn once more. 
“Nothing in particular, Cal. Just to us, hmm?” Valios traced his knuckle with the nail tip and raised the glass in his direction. “You’re my guest tonight, by the way, so keep your money.”
Calisto’s breath hitched and he leaned in closer to Valios. “Thank you for your hospitality.” Calisto tried his best to keep the alto tone he’d used with Geoff earlier but it was becoming harder and harder by the minute to stay focused. The scents of Valios’s flesh filled his nostrils along with the strong smelling cologne he was wearing. If they didn’t make love soon he’d spontaneously combust. Literally and figuratively.
Time to move this along.
In a rush, Calisto threw the contents down his throat and gulped it down as quickly as he could. He wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve and winced only slightly. “I’m ready to accompany you now, Val. The stool is getting a tad uncomfortable.”
Valios grinned after drinking his Scotch. “Of course it is, my friend. I assure you my private room is a lot more cozy.”
Calisto nodded once and got up from the stool, pulling his hand from underneath Valios’s. He stayed in his same position, hiding the tent arising in his black trousers. “Good then, take me there. I’d like to kick off my shoes and put my feet up if that’s all right.”
Valios flashed his wicked smile once more. “Not a problem. We’ll chat and turn on some soothing music so you can relax. Would you like more of the scotch?” He held up the bottle.
“No, no, not at all. That won’t be necessary. Perhaps just some brandy would be good?” Calisto wouldn’t be able to handle another glass the strong liquor.
“All right then. I have some top shelf brandy in my room. It is a wee bit strong, huh,” he laughed heartily and grabbed Calisto’s hand again.
“It is strong but good. Thank you for the kind gesture.” He allowed Valios to lead him from in front of the bar.
“You’re welcome.” Valios pulled him in and kissed his hand lightly. “Is it all right if I leave your coat and umbrella here?”
“Yes that’s fine. I won’t be needing them now will I?” Calisto stepped closer to him.
“No you won’t my friend. The clothes aren’t necessary either,” he added with a wink.
Good Lord!
Calisto drew up his lips and gripped Valios’s hand tightly. He couldn’t even come up with a clever response to Valios’s subtle flirtation.
What he did know was, he needed to be in this man’s bed right now; the pressure on his groin mounted by the minute. He yearned to feel Valios’s body on top of his.
Within moments, Valios pulled him along and they were out of sight from onlookers. The hallway here looked much like the one he walked through when he entered the club. “Wonderful design of this place, Valios. Did you come up with it yourself?”
“Yes I did. Wait until you see my quarters though. The club itself is lovely, but my personal haven is a paradise.”
“I’m sure it is.” Calisto picked up the pace and kept his eyes on the object of his desire.
Valios pressed his lips on the back of his hand once again. “You are amazingly beautiful, Cal. Why hadn’t you stopped in my club any sooner?”
“Not sure but at least I’m here now, right?”
“Yes and a good thing you are, too.” Valios let go of his hand and opened another set of black doors with gold handles. He waved Calisto into the room.
“Wow.” Calisto’s eyes roamed around the room enjoying the d├ęcor of Valios’s quarters. Italian leather furniture, a fireplace with grey marble in front, high ceilings with very gruesome artwork but still lovely in detail. “Fascinating.”
“You like?” Valios lit the candles in the room and picked up a small remote.
When he did, a soft cello and piano sounded from the speakers.
“I do. Magnificent art on the ceilings, Valios. Who painted them for you?”
“Oh…a friend…” he stepped closer and dragged his finger against Calisto’s lapel. “We can talk more about that later, Cal. As much as I’d like to chat with you about interior design, I’d much rather enjoy feeling your flesh underneath mine. Are you still in need of that drink?” Valios slid the jacket from Calisto’s shoulders.
Calisto allowed it to fall to the floor. Again, his breath caught in his chest and he wrapped his arms around Valios muscled torso. “No that won’t be necessary.” Calisto lowered his lids. “Valios, please, do… do what you will with me,” he stuttered. Calisto’s cock throbbed and his body ached to be filled by Valios.
“That I shall, lover.” Once he finished his statement, he crushed his mouth on top of Calisto’s, tangling tongues with him leaving Calisto breathless, wanting more.
“Mmmphh…” Calisto yanked the tank top from over Valios’s head and reciprocated the kiss.
In response, Valios pulled his tie from around his neck before prying his shirt open, breaking the buttons apart.
Feverishly, the two of them fought for position in each other’s mouths while they worked on removing one another’s trousers.
“Valios, oohhh…” Calisto broke the embrace and pushed Valios’s pants down his legs, revealing his shaft, beautifully uncut, surrounded by a patch of black curls on top and underneath his balls. The helmet head swollen pink and purple, and leaking pre-cum from the slit. Calisto fought every urge to drop to his knees and suck him off. “Lovely.” He’d never wished to make love to anyone more than he wanted to now.
Valios nodded in agreement and tore the pants off Calisto. “Sorry, I’m a little anxious. I suppose I could loan you one.” He removed his trousers from around his ankles and slipped out of his shoes.
Calisto did the same. “I’m not thinking of later, Valios. Make love to me! I want to feel you inside me,” he offered, breathing hard. He reeled him in and covered Valios’s lips with his own.
Calisto only wanted to focus on his desired lover right now. If he waited any longer, Valios might find out his true identity. 
* * * *
“Mhmm, Cal…” Valios reluctantly pulled away and grabbed his hand again to lead him into his bedroom.
Without a sound, Cal followed him into the boudoir. Once there, Valios kissed him once again before pushing him lightly on top of the mattress. His eyes feasted on the beautiful body before him. Cal’s nipples perked on his chest and the treasure trail leading down to his dick, nestled in a bed of fine brown hairs. Valios hissed silently at the sight, wanting to bury his head into Cal’s crotch. “You are so gorgeous.” He hovered over him, rubbing his own erection against Cal’s. “I want to be inside you, Cal. Right now!” And he did, but something prevented him from doing it.
Conscience? Since when?
No way was he letting something interrupt his moment with the man he wanted. What it was he didn’t know but he shrugged it off as indecision. “I’m clean, Cal, tested regularly. No barriers between us, lover. I want to feel you around my cock!”
“And I want the same,” Cal breathed and leaned into him. He arched off the mattress and opened his legs wide giving Valios easy access.
Valios pressed his lips against Cal’s while shifting his body directly over Cal’s. With the head of his dick right at Cal’s entry, he grabbed the lube from underneath the pillow and rubbed some on his fingertips. Even as he prepared Cal, something continued to eat away at him and he wasn’t sure what it was.
Leave me be! He is the one, I know it!
Valios ignored his inner feelings and slicked his erection with the lube. Once finished, he slowly slid into Cal’s canal, penetrating him as he wanted. “Yes, Ohhh…” The adrenaline flowed through his veins and excitement burned like a live flame within him. “Cal… ohh…”
“Yes, Valios. Ugh, yes… more…faster…” Cal met his rhythms and dug his fingers into Valios’s back.
Valios pressed on and with each thrust fell deeper into the abyss of love. He’d said the man he ultimately wanted would walk into his place of business tonight and he couldn’t have been more right. He nuzzled the side of Cal’s neck and licked a spot on his throat in which to claim him later on. He inhaled his manly scent, enjoying the ardor and taste that was his new man, Cal Daniels. He was definitely the one; the missing piece in his life. Deep down he wanted to continue making love at the slow pace but it was becoming harder not to come.
Cal met his thrusts and licked the side of his ear. “Yes Valios, please. Come for me, make me yours,” he whispered.
The soft words urged Valios to do exactly as his new lover commanded. In moments, he quickened his movements and clenched the bedsheets underneath his fingers. Again, he kissed him passionately, wrestling Cal’s tongue with his own. “Mhmpphh, Cal, I want to come inside you.”
“Do it, Valios. Make me yours, damnit I want you so badly!” Cal tightened his buttocks around Valios’ cock.
Valios enjoyed that affirmation and pressed harder into Cal. Bracing himself for the explosion, he closed his eyes tightly and covered his lips with his once again. Spurts of hot liquid spurted from his dick into Cal’s ass and Valios broke their kiss.
I have to have him, I must take him.
Valios wanted to suck the life out of his man right now and not wait until dusk. While he tried to collect himself, he opened one eye, and glanced at the window and then the clock on the wall. Not dusk yet, no matter. Valios attempted to regulate his breathing and moved slightly to claim his lover’s mouth once again. Lightly, he ran his hand over Cal’s head, tousling the brown curls underneath his fingers. However, for some reason, they seemed a lot silkier than he’d felt earlier. He kissed him again and met his gaze.
What in the?
Valios’ eyes widened as he watched a transformation take place in his bed. The man who was underneath him wasn’t the beautiful Cal he’d brought to his quarters, instead, a being he noticed from his past, someone he had not expected to be in his club.
Gone was the stubble on his jaws and chin, well-muscled body, and brown eyes the size of chocolate pools. Instead, they were replaced with a well-toned, lithe frame, long brown, curly hair that reached the middle of his back. Eyes, oh his eyes so blue like the color of the oceans. A clean shaven face, chiseled features. “Who…what…”
“Valios,” Cal said silently. “My dearest friend…”
“No…I…” Valios interrupted him, hopped out the bed, and stared in shock at the man he’d brought inside his quarters. “No…no, not you…not…” Valios pointed at him, his brows furrowed and his shoulders squared. “No, not you… I couldn’t have, how could I…”
“You did,” he grinned and patted the seat next to him. “Come to me, Valios.” His blue eyes turned a shade of crimson and his flesh flushed red from Valios’s touches. “I want you, Valios. Need you…” Billows of smoke came from his mouth as if he were standing out in the cold. He held his arms out, welcoming Valios back to bed.
“No…no… how did you get in here? How did Geoff allow you in?” Valios cursed him while the other held onto his midsection. Surely this would be grounds for extinction when his father found out about his faux pas. Sleep with an angel? The one angel he despised almost as much as the Archangel Michael? The one who lifted his sword and scarred his beautiful face?
Valios dropped to his knees and tears streamed from his eyes. “How could I have been so careless?”
“No Valios, not careless. You wanted someone to love and I gave you that, Valios. I want to be your lover and your friend. Please…come here, let me…”
“No,” he snarled, his nostrils flared. “In no way, shape, or form will we be together, Calisto! You tricked me into bed! There must be a law against that in the Creator’s large book of rules, isn’t there? I won’t, I will not…no…no…” Valios stood quickly and raised his hands to the sky. Instantly, he was shrouded in darkness and the black wings sprung from his back.
“No, Valios, please don’t leave!” Calisto jumped from the bed, in all his naked glory, obviously not caring about his current state of undress. “I want to be yours, Valios. You want me, I know it!”
“No…” Valios stood still, waiting for the powers to consume him. Despite his inner feelings, he needed to leave, right now before he did anything rash. Flames rose around his feet and in moments, a hole opened in the ceiling. He looked up and allowed the opening to suck him in, taking him away from this wayward angel.
Please…please father, forgive me!
Silently, he cried to himself, hoping Death would have mercy on him for cavorting with an angel, namely Calisto whom he fought with nearly a century before.
If only I hadn’t been so careless this never would’ve occurred!
* * * *
Calisto watched his desired leave the room. “Father, please…I love him, I…” Calisto’s own white wings appeared from his back and fluttered behind him. “I must find him, father. He is the one for me… I am sure you don’t approve!”
In the Book, angels mating with demons was strictly prohibited but the Father allowed Calisto to do it most likely thinking it would be a one-time occurrence.
Instead, Calisto wanted more, craved a lot more than the Father could understand and at this juncture, he no longer cared about the consequences. He only wanted Varios to be his eternal lover, and it didn’t matter if they were on opposite sides of the spectrum.
But how would that work? Surely the Father wouldn’t allow this to happen without either of the men submitting to the same side.
Somehow Calisto had to find a way to make this a reality, but first he had to find the love of his life.

With his wings spread and arms outstretched, Calisto closed his eyes tightly and released a deep sigh. Now would begin the long search for his lover to be.  “Valios, I’m coming for you and when I find you, you will not leave my side ever again!” 

**** Check in tomorrow for the Wednesday Briefs where I continue this story of Valios and Calisto.

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