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Wednesday Briefs #37


I know its been so long since I did the briefs and not wicked sis, BLMorticia but since Rawiya is writing now and BL is next in line with hers, Shar is giving me the chance to write some for the briefs.

Today, and most likely in weeks to come, I'll be revisiting the story Demon Be Mine from the 
Only That Night Anthology. 

The story is a angel/demon tale with a soul catcher by the name of Valios and his adversary, Calisto. Its a tale of forbidden love and deceit. 

Demon Be Mine Blurb: Valios, the soul catcher demon, is searching for his longtime companion and meets him at his club that same evening. This someone isn’t a complete stranger. What will happen when he finds out who his newfound friend is?

Read the full story here to get a sense of the tale.

For today's prompt, I'm doing One is the Loneliest Number

Calisto, second in line to the Archangel Michael, sat at the foot of Valios’s bed, sobbing about his eternal mate’s departure. Although it was wrong for angels and demons to have relations, Calisto still desired to be with the deadly soul catcher and make him part of his existence. But would the Creator understand his plight? Would he see that Calisto was suffering from being alone? Due to his magnificent efforts in the heavens and on earth, he’d been lauded with much praise for his work. Being on top of the heap and celebrated by angels was great to an extent, still, he was only one immortal, one with no partner, no one to call his very own.

One is the loneliest number.

His heart thudded against his ribs and he nibbled on his bottom lip, thinking of the lengths he’d gone to just to be with Valios and how this might cause trouble for him and his relationship with the creator in the near future. Still, he wasn’t deterred by this and intended to keep his obligation to find the soul catcher, trap him, and make him his eternal partner. But how would be able to turn a soul so evil, with such a lust for pain and despair into the life loving, kind individual Calisto was?

“You already know the answer, Calisto.” A deep voice rumbled from overhead, jilting him from his own thoughts. The bed trembled from the small quake, crossing from one end of the room to the next. Obviously from the tone, it was the Creator speaking to him.

“I…” Calisto slightly lifted his head from between his knees. His white wings fluttered behind him and speckles of gold dust fell upon the floor boards. “I know I can change him, Father. Just give me a chance.”

“You had the chance to be with him, Calisto, You only asked for one night, not to make him your eternal mate! He is dangerous, Calisto. He sucks the life from humans and has little regard for life in general. He's been around way too long to suddenly make a transformation. You know the human saying, you cannot teach an old dog, new tricks. Well this, my son, is one of those instances.”

Calisto shuddered and the tears continued to fall from his lids. He wanted Valios, needed him, so badly he could taste him. When faced with the decision to kill him all those years ago, he couldn’t bring himself to do it and slashed his face instead, making Valios very angry, never to return to the realm between heaven and earth again. It was the only place angels and demons could meet on equal footing and when the war raged on between heaven and hell, the Angels were given a choice; to slaughter every demon in sight or to spare some of them for future existence. The latter was chosen by Michael and the other angels as a peace offering between the deities. The Creator and Michael still thought humans and beings of all kinds should be given a choice of who or what they wanted to serve.

Through this transition, Calisto built a longing for Death’s wayward son but dismissed it for centuries, saying it was only lust and nothing more. However over the past few decades, his desires for Valios had grown. He observed the demon from above, taking souls and giving them to his maker, not taking any of them for his personal enjoyment. Calisto thought this was Valios way of keeping a space for them to be together. When the worlds of angels and demons would coexist and accept one another completely. Calisto saw this day coming but it would only work if both makers agreed on some kind of truce.

“Calisto? You are dreaming again, my angel. Why? Why do you wish to take this evil being as your mate?” At the end of the Creator’s sentence, a cloud of smoke appeared over his head, swirling in a circular motion. Flashes of light beamed from above, shining on him and the floor, illuminating the entire space.

Calisto gulped hard, wiping his face of the moisture. Was his father sending someone to talk to him or was he preparing him for punishment for his answer? “I…um…” Calisto glanced down at his naked feet, wigging his toes. “What will happen to me if I answer truthfully? Will you thrust me into the depths of hell and make me suffer? Will I lose my wings or my ability to walk or fly?”

“Nothing my dear, son. That is why I gave you the opportunity to be with the evil Valios in the first place. I could’ve struck you down when you cursed me back in the alley but I love you, Calisto. You are my star angel, right behind Michael. You are needed to lead us into the next century and beyond. I value all your strengths and do whatever it takes to make you happy.”

A loud rumble and a small quake shook the floor underneath Calisto’s feet. Frightened, he clenched his teeth and bed covers up under his nails. “My dearest Creator… I love him. I love Valios and I want the chance to be with him. Perhaps you are right that he can’t be changed but…” Knowing that his response could come with dire consequences, he dropped his head and closed his eyes tightly. “I still want him, father. And if he doesn’t change, I ask for a meeting of the deities to build a bridge for the two of us to be together.”

“Ah, Calisto, you have such high hopes of the nether world and the heavens being able to coexist.”

“But we do now, father. We just aren't allowed to copulate with one another. Surely there are many angels and demons who are in the same situation. I cannot be the only one plagued by this binding rule.” Calisto straightened, putting his feet on the floor. He had to make the Creator understand where he was coming from and exactly what he was asking. Calisto’s wings flopped behind him, spreading. He stood to let them fan out. Missing Vailos, he walked away from the bed in which he made love to his desired. “Please father, give me the chance to show you how this can be changed for future angels and demons like myself. You have always been such a forgiving and loving god, able to see the good in everyone, including the demons.”

“Yes, but Valios is one of those I have yet to see anything good in, Calisto. He has no love in his heart.”

“No, father. He does. I witnessed it tonight while in bed with him. He is hardened because he is not inspired to love but with me as his partner, he might soften his ways and let his light shine through."

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed. Here are the other authors for next week!

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